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Curio Makeover Into Craft Storage

Curio Makeover Into A Craft Storage Cabinet

Today I am so excited to share this quick makeover project I worked on last weekend. I picked up this mini curio with a door and drawers at a local thrift store for under $5.00 and transformed it into a fresh and bright craft storage desk organizer.  I also love the idea of using this as a space saver for a smaller party or get-together for displaying your party decorations and tableware.  Check it out-

Let’s get started. You really only need two items for this project – a thrift found wood cabinet and spray paint.  I love the [easyazon_link identifier=”B002BWOS3K” locale=”US” tag=”ymazonffiliac-20″]Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover[/easyazon_link] (its paint and primer in one can) and I’m partial to high gloss as it really makes your bright colors pop.  Plus this paint bonds to plastic and metal as well.   It is my absolute favorite brand of spray paint for all my projects for my home shop- ONCE UPON A HOME DESIGNS, and any diy projects for my own home . . . and no, I am not being paid by Rust-Oleum for this blog post – I just love their product!

Let’s get started with the tutorial for the makeover.  First, I removed all the small hardware and screws.

  I love this little wood curio because it has a black metal scroll decorative design on the front door, so I want to keep that as original and add it back on the cabinet, unpainted, once I finish the makeover.  I left the door on because I want to go ahead and paint over the metal hinges the same color, since they were originally painted in the outdated same hunter green color.  Generally, this is not recommended.  I found some nice [easyazon_link identifier=”B00V2JIQFE” locale=”US” tag=”ymazonffiliac-20″]small black decorative hinges[/easyazon_link], that I may order and replace, to match the black scroll front.

Next, I washed everything in my kitchen sink, since it was a thrift store find – I wanted to get all the dirt and dust off of it and sanitize it.  I let it dry for about an hour before painting.

Finally, I moved everything into my garage and used a big assembled cardboard box to spray paint the mini curio. Remember to open your garage doors for good ventilation.

I’m not the world’s best spray painter and normally I recruit my husband to help me out with this part of any makeover project but this paint is so wonderful, it’s hard to apply, without it looking perfect.  I sprayed the top of everything first, applying light coats about 6 to 8 inches from the top of the surface working in quick, short horizontal rows of painting.

Then, I flipped everything over and painted each side. I applied several light coats (don’t worry about getting perfect coverage on your first pass of spray painting, since a few light coats are recommended) on each side and let it dry about 20 to 30 minutes, after each coat, before applying a new coat of paint.  Several light coats helps to prevent getting too much paint in globs in any one area and to prevent dripping.

I also didn’t worry about getting complete, perfect coverage on the bottom of the drawers and inside the drawer insert areas, since they would never been seen once the drawers are inserted.  After I painted each side a few times, I allowed it dry over-night in my garage. There were quite a few imperfections in the wood on this little cabinet, so keep in mind lighter brighter colors will show those imperfections more than a darker paint color.  Still I think this contemporary makeover of the mini cabinet is fresh and way more fun in this bright key lime green.

Now, I have a bright and colorful addition to my work studio!

Oh, you know I have enough craft supplies to fill it up!  I love it too because it is small and does not take up too much space on my work desk but it also has deep drawers.

A small curio cabinet like this one would be great anywhere in the home, I could see it in the kitchen for keeping your favorite spices near the oven, in the garage for storing bolts and nails, or even on display on your party table for housing all your serving utensils and sweets at your next celebration.

Feel free to stop by my Etsy shop, THE PARTY FETTI SHOP for all your party decorations.  Everything shown in my photo above is available in my shop from party hats, straws, candy cups, and custom made to order pinwheels available in my other shop – PINWHEEL PRETTIES.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you are inspired to makeover a small decorative piece for your home or next party!


10 Creative Ways to Use Pinwheels At A Party



Need a party theme? Why not pinwheels! Here are 10 creative ways to incorporate pinwheels at your next birthday party, baby shower, or celebration.

1. Add some mini pinwheels on cupcakes as cupcake toppers


2. Pinwheels swinging in the sunshine as a pinwheel garland


3. Pinwheels on a Diaper Cake . . . or on a frosted birthday or wedding cake as Cake Bunting or a Cake Topper





4.  Instead of bows, pinwheels as toppers on gift boxes and presents as favor boxes or guest gifts


5. Pinwheels on party hats


6. Favor bag toppers with pinwheel clips –


7. Pinwheels on a party sign


8. On the party invitations


9. Pinwheels as napkin rings or utensil holders –


10. Create an entire tablescape with extra large pinwheels on the wall or hanging behind the table and pinwheels everywhere else at the party –


Add them to the dessert table for table centerpieces and to add height –


pinwheel (1)

Check out this amazing table backdrop.  The pinwheels are added on top of the graphics for a 3-D effect-


Sprinkle some pinwheels everywhere at the celebration to add some fun and whimsey!


Now, where to get your pinwheels for your next party?? At PINWHEEL PRETTIES of course!

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Thanks for stopping by The Party Fetti Blog today for some spinning whimsical pinwheel inspiration!


Snap, Crackle, Pop 4th of July

The 4th of July is right around the corner – are you ready?  The Party Fetti Shop has all your patriotic red white and blue decorations and tableware for your 4th of July BBQ or celebration party, but time is running out for on time delivery, so get your orders in now!

PicMonkey Collage

Or click on over to the PINWHEEL PRETTIES shop- we have plenty of pinwheels ready to ship that will make it to you in time for your 4th of July celebration or any party!

I’m just going to assume you have your supplies but now just need to know what to do with them and how to make your festivities an event to remember.  Let’s explore some options!


A Rosette Bouquet is a great centerpiece – get your rosettes at The Party Fetti Shop!  Throw some citronella in your Rice Mason Jar Luminary to help keep the bugs away.  Bandanas as napkins AND decorations, yes please!  Plus keep those kids busy making some Paper Ring Garland.


You can also decorate with food, looks yummy!

Drunken Melon

For the adults – the Drunken Melon.  I almost added this to my melon post, but thought I’d wait for a fun holiday, like the 4th.  Cut a hole, add a bottle of your favorite vodka, let it sit overnight and enjoy!  You can also use tequila and dip the slices in sea salt.

Ice Cubes

I like to make a special brew and freeze it for ice cubes.  You can steep herbs and fruit in hot water and freeze as well.  Adding food coloring is another great touch!


Another great summer adult only idea is Sangria.  I always have a batch in the fridge!


Need a way to keep the kids busy while you enjoy those great adult treats?  A bag toss using Frisbees adds an interesting twist.  A squirt gun game is good to have around for a lot of events.  Use sidewalk chalk to set up a fun course.  Lawn Twister will also be great for adults after the kids are done and the liquor kicks in!


A big part of the fun involved in the 4th of July is staying out after dark.  Make sure your decorations are versatile by using a glow stick.  This is also handy to help people walk along path ways, down stairs, avoid poles and your precious plants!  Hang them from trees, umbrellas or lay them on the ground and don’t use helium.

Don’t forget to get stocked up for your next event.  The Party Fetti Shop, Pinwheel Pretties, Once Upon a Home Designs, Ready Set Craft Kits and I DO Wedding & Bridal Designs have plenty to choose from!

What the Angels Eat


To me, summer is watermelons.  Melons in general are wonderful, but there’s something about that heavenly, sweet, melt in your mouth watermelon that is special.  So special, in fact, that I found an overwhelming amount of ideas in my save folder that I had to create a post about it!

The great thing about watermelons is that they are delicious, pretty and fun to work with.  Let’s check out some ideas on how to decorate a watermelon, decorate with watermelons, and some decorative ways to eat a watermelon.

From frogs and monsters to race cars and pirate ships, this is just a taste of the many ways you can carve a watermelon.  A decorative bowl and treat in one?  OK!


From Graduation parties to fun boy birthdays- watermelons are ideal for carving up and serving a salad inside and also displaying them on the table in creative ways.



Watermelon table centerpieces can be designed to coordinate to any party theme- from creatures of the deep to the beach.



The more elaborate, the better! Perfect for an ice cream party or an Alice in Wonderland teaparty.



Love this easy to carve puffer fish or the baby cradle.



How whimsical is this porcupine and the pirate ship.


Now that we’ve carved up all that delicious melon, what interesting ways can we eat it?  The kid friendly (and less messy to eat) way to cut a watermelon!


Use any cookie cutter to decorate!  A variety of pieces stuck on toothpicks and set in the carved rind of a watermelon is a pretty fun idea.

1d 1d1

I never thought of either of these ideas.  Love it!


Watermelon, Feta and mint salad in a rind.  Fun!


I love this idea and want to do it this summer!  Several directions are available using your favorite search engine on the web.  It’s usually called a watermelon keg.

Alcohol not necessary – it’s also a fun way to mold gelatin.


Forget fruit salad, get kids to eat a fruit pizza!

Regardless of your theme or event, THE PARTY FETTI SHOP, is here to help you with a variety of ready to ship and custom made party favors and decorations.  Come visit us soon and feel free to request a custom order for your upcoming birthday party, baby shower, or summer BBQ.

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Day for Memories

Memorial Day is around the corner!  Many decorations for Memorial Day can be reused for the Fourth of July, Labor day, Presidents Day or most national holidays.  Because of their universal appeal, we can explore some more versatile approaches to PartyFetti supplies and decorations.


Paper Fans, or Rosettes, are decorative pieces that have many purposes.

2a   2e

Turn them into a wreath,


or hang them from the trees (or ceiling),


attach them to a hanging lantern


or as an accent to your displays or buffet!


Popcorn Boxes aren’t just for popcorn anymore!


Try using the popcorn box for party favors,


or other snacks,


even to hold and display straws and utensils!


Cupcake Wraps are an easy way to dress up your favorite dessert, but they have other uses!


Dress up and personalize your drink,


or dress up a mess free way of eating a frozen treat,


create a unique party favor


or serve up another treat – like sushi!


Balloons are great for any occasion.  Balloons with confetti and tassels are even better!

Arches and columns are traditional balloon configurations.  These hanging bubble bursts are easy and don’t require helium!

1a 1b

Balloon releases are a fun activity for any reason.  You can even insert a name or message into the balloon when inflating for a personal touch!

Don’t forget, PartyFetti offers many more necessary party items, including complete sets!