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Party Decorating Ideas

A New Year & New Party Inspiration!

 Christmas has been packed away and the kids are back in school.  It’s a new year and it’s time for party planning for 2018, organizing the home, and crafting new projects to keep you busy during the cold weather hibernation and to keep the winter blues away.  Today, I’m back to sharing some amazing party setups, like the one above- and by the way- all fans are on SALE in my party shop, The Party Fetti ShopHERE.

Time to get you thinking about birthdays in 2018 (yep, its a good idea to start planning now) – even if those birthdays are months away.

This January, I will help motivate you to organize several areas of your home and share some diy craft tutorials like this one –

Yay! Who could not love making a little vintage thrift store figure into a fabulous party prop. This would look great on the party table at a little girl’s birthday or in a girl’s bedroom.  There is not much to this crafting project –  grab your hot glue gun and embellish your vintage figurine with a paper made mini party hat and pinwheel, add some fringe crepe paper, a ribbon bow, and top it off with a flower and pom pom.  So adorable! I picked up several different vintage figurines at my local thrift store and I can’t wait to start decorating them to sell as room decor and party props in my Etsy shops.

Since all hanging fans are on sale in my shop right now – I thought I would inspire you with several party table backdrops created with fans.  They are the easiest way to decorate at a party and make a big statement.

A mix of pinks and gold would be perfect for this coming Valentine’s Day celebration.

How about flower themed decor for a celebration in spring like a first communion, a baptism, baby shower, bridal shower or your Easter brunch.

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Party Decorations & 4th of July Ideas


A quick reminder that 4th of July is just around the corner!  If you are planning your celebration and plan to decorate for a barbecue, party, or a public or corporate event- NOW is the time to start ordering in all your red white and blue July 4th decor!

How about some fun pinwheels and other decorations for your upcoming patriotic celebration on the Fourth of July!  Just click on any of the links below to be taken to any of my Etsy shops for some red white and blue decor for your upcoming Independence Day event!





Also, I have added lots of new hanging paper fans over in The Party Fetti Shop, so be sure to stop by and check them out!

Here is a sneak peek (click on any of the photos below to be taken directly to my shop listings) –

Red White & Blue or Nautical Beach Hanging Paper Fans!

Picnic or Summer Party Decorations!

Primary colors- great for a boy’s party or a Crayola or Art themed party!

Bright rainbow and neon colors – perfect for a unicorn party or a rainbow party!

Glitter fans, rosettes or pinwheels in so many color options!  Make your own mixed color scheme!

Polka Dots and chevrons in many more color options too. And these are so AFFORDABLE!  I’m selling these fans above individually, so you can buy just a few, add on to another larger set of fans from my shop –  or use them at your party anywhere. So cheerful and fun!

To see all my previous blog posts for inspiration and creating your own designs with fans, be sure to click here –  TABLE BACKDROPS & BACKGROUNDS

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Party Table Backdrops & Backgrounds


Today is a roundup of inspiration for party table backdrops and backgrounds.  These tablescapes should give you some ideas for setting up your dessert or food table at your next party. Let’s get started with this adorable ladybug party.  How creative are those honeycomb balls with added punched black paper circles made into the ladybug head and antennae and the ladybug spots.  So cute!  Ladybugs are a perfect theme for a summer party too!

This background is a giant printed graphic poster just added to an even larger fabric covered board. I love this idea, but the printing cost may get a little pricey.  Another alternative that would cost less is the fabric covered board below with a small framed birthday sign or letter banner centered in the middle.

I love that they used part of the green vinyl tablecloth as a valance topper at the top of the fabric background. The polka dot balloons in a small bouquet create a balanced height at each side too.

Confetti balloons are all the rage- and just two flanking the back sides of each end of the table create a stunning background with height!  The added floor length balloon tissue tassel garland add a finishing touch.

This bride has simple giant white balloons arranged in an arch with added greenery and florals for a beautiful, yet neutral, photo background.

Paper fans on the wall are always an easy go-to for a party table background- but they can be dressed up with custom cut designs available in The Party Fetti Shop.

A mix of all sizes of pinwheels are so whimsical and super easy to create a party table background.  So easy to create this random arrangement on the wall. Create your own with pinwheels from Pinwheel Pretties.

Last are two entirely simple diy backdrops made with crepe paper streamers.  The added tissue fan above, for the sun, is adorable.  The rainbow streamer backdrop below is so easy too! Seven bright strips of crepe streamer taped to the back of the wall and simply run across the top and front of a basic white tablecloth- would take five minutes to make and so inexpensive.  The top could feature small white balloons or use my cloud tutorial from a previous blog post for  making your own cloud topper.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today.  I hope these party backdrops have inspired you to start planning your next party!

Remember to stop by any of my shops for all your diy crafting supplies, party decorations and favors and wedding decor.






10 Creative Ways to Use Pinwheels At A Party



Need a party theme? Why not pinwheels! Here are 10 creative ways to incorporate pinwheels at your next birthday party, baby shower, or celebration.

1. Add some mini pinwheels on cupcakes as cupcake toppers


2. Pinwheels swinging in the sunshine as a pinwheel garland


3. Pinwheels on a Diaper Cake . . . or on a frosted birthday or wedding cake as Cake Bunting or a Cake Topper





4.  Instead of bows, pinwheels as toppers on gift boxes and presents as favor boxes or guest gifts


5. Pinwheels on party hats


6. Favor bag toppers with pinwheel clips –


7. Pinwheels on a party sign


8. On the party invitations


9. Pinwheels as napkin rings or utensil holders –


10. Create an entire tablescape with extra large pinwheels on the wall or hanging behind the table and pinwheels everywhere else at the party –


Add them to the dessert table for table centerpieces and to add height –


pinwheel (1)

Check out this amazing table backdrop.  The pinwheels are added on top of the graphics for a 3-D effect-


Sprinkle some pinwheels everywhere at the celebration to add some fun and whimsey!


Now, where to get your pinwheels for your next party?? At PINWHEEL PRETTIES of course!

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7 Retail Window Display Tips



Customer happiness and service is vital in retail which is why shops do things like aim to have the best retail pos system to speed up customer service, staff greeting them at the door and interesting window displays. In retail, customer satisfaction can be improved in a number of different ways. One of these ways is by ensuring that everything in your retail store is running smoothly as expected. However, with countless factors to take into consideration at all times, it can be hard for workers to keep track of everything That is why many retail stores use things like industrial workstations to make the shopping experience easier for customers. If you have a retail store that is looking for new ways to improve customer happiness, it might be a good idea for you to open this website to have a look at a number of industrial workstations that could prove to be a godsend for your retail store. Anyway, I have helped out numerous retail chains, as well as, mom and pop boutiques with custom requested designs for their storefront windows over the years. Today, I am sharing some of these window displays and 7 tips for creating your own boutique window display. Some of these designs were many years ago and while I can’t take credit for the actual set up and arrangement of the window displays- I did create the 3-D cardstock designs for them. Of course, not the Anthropologie window display- I don’t make balloon shapes! But I could not resist showing that fun and creative display for the clothing retail chain. How can you not laugh at a mannequin with no arms walking around 20 mini balloon poodles! You know this would catch your eye and make you smile if you walked by it . . . which is exactly the point.

While most of the window displays I designed for were displays for spring and summer with pinwheels







Over the years, I have also helped create winter displays with custom hanging fans, giant snowflakes, oversized flowers, large origami birds, and lots of other designs-




4194744427_fe3f806e6dIf you need help with a retail window display, whatever your business may be, I am happy to help create custom designs for your overall storefront window. You can commission a custom order from either of my Etsy shops by clicking here-



And now for seven tips for creating stunning window displays. I am sharing some of what I learned in college about marketing and retail window displays and my experience as a previous interior designer. Your window displays are like billboards for your store. They can be the make-or-break factor in whether a customer enters your shop or walks on by. Yet too often, small retailers create windows that are boring, cluttered or poorly lit. Use some of these tips to create window displays that will make customers want to come into your store.


1. Tell a story. When Christmas season rolls around, you might be tempted to grab every green and red item off your shelves and cram them in your display- or every high dollar gift item. That’s too simplistic and shoppers know when you are trying to push that one item you don’t want in your inventory after the holidays or any season. Start with a theme first and then plug in the pieces.

2. Think in visual planes. Before arranging a display, run a line of blue tape across the window to mark eye level from the street. That isn’t something you can simply estimate from inside a window because the floor often isn’t at street level. Concentrate the key pieces where the tape is and at the same time, don’t arrange everything at eye level. As an interior designer, I learned to use the entire space by suspending items from the ceiling or lowering them close to the floor, while maintaining a focal point at eye level.

3. Surprise customers. If you want to get noticed, avoid the predictable. Incorporate unexpected, whimsical objects in your windows. Use large papier-mâché or 3-D cardstock creations that are handmade by you or designed by a professional. Take small everyday objects and blow them up to giant scale- items like flowers in the spring, pinwheels and ladybugs in the summer, acorns and leaves in the Fall, Snowflakes and icicles in the winter- for just a few examples. The idea is to take the normal and make it whimsical or out of context. This will catch customers’ attention. Think about what would make people walking by take a second look and actually stop a second to actually admire your creative window display. If it is really stunning- people may take pictures with their phone cameras and put them on social media. Free advertising! Make sure your shop name is somewhere on the window front so you can get the free marketing for your actual business name. Simple, readable, small, white vinyl lettering across the front at eye level, but off to the side, is recommended.

4. Use bold shapes and colors. You don’t have to be crafty or a fine artist to be good at window design. Nor do you don’t have to break the bank, but if you just don’t have time to make something creative or spend a great deal of money on an interior designer or a professional visual display merchandiser- try purchasing items from a local party retail store or visiting an online Etsy shop for some help. I never intended to create designs for windows, since the bulk of my business is as a vendor for wedding and event planners for wedding designs and children’s parties- but somewhere along the way, my designs caught the eye of a boutique owner or a big P.R. firm and I have designed many custom items for the purpose of visual merchandising. If you are doing it yourself, think in bold colors and shapes. Hang giant tissue paper pom poms or colorful fans, or even battery lighted paper globes or lanterns in the background and be sure to carry this same theme into the inside of the shop- hang a few of these same elements a bit lower, just over table displays or in the corners of the shop – something that customers can see from a distance and will draw them inside your shop. You can also save many of these designs and recreate new displays in the coming years by pulling from this collection of display items- just create a new story or incorporate new designs alongside the items you are using again for a new display.

5. Keep it clean. You don’t want to clutter your windows with an assortment of products. A simple rule is that less product fits with a better quality product, rather than a discount window where you might see a lot of merchandise. This reads as a whole bunch of stuff crammed in a small space. Yet, there is a trick to creating repetition that is visually pleasing. A single or a double of any product is not going to get a passerby’s attention. However, if you put a dozen of something out, in a creative and unusual set up, it will get people to look and look again. A Christmas tree made of rolled up and stacked colorful sweaters, for example, is bound to draw more attention than a single sweater on a mannequin. Use your products in unusual ways to create something new visually but don’t go too far off kilter that you can no longer make out what the actual product is or its intended purpose.

6. Update your displays. You want to change your windows as often as possible, but it doesn’t have to be a costly or a time-consuming effort. At the very least, update your displays every change of season, but this is a bit lax. No one wants to see that same dress all summer as they walk by your shop- stay within trends and switch out new inventory on your mannequins or whatever your focal product may be for the storefront window- every one to two months is what is recommended. The more often you change your windows, the more people will look at your store. If the display is exactly the same week after week, regular and repeat shoppers will tune it out and walk on by to the next store.

7. Use lighting to stand out. Window lighting shouldn’t be an afterthought. Lighting is crucial in every setting, space, and windows are no exception. You can really draw a customer in if you have the correct angle of light on your product. Don’t simply hang lights directly above a product- this will create unflattering shadows. Instead, use spotlighting to highlight focal points. And spend the extra money on the electric bill to keep your lights on after you close and after dark. If your store is the only place with the lights on, it will be the only store people see and your shop will be like a lighthouse, creating a beacon of visual stimulation, drawing people to look in the direction of your window.

I hope these 7 tips for creating eye catching window displays have been helpful! Thanks for stopping by The Party Fetti Blog!