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Basement Remodel- Before and After


Happy Friday! Today, I am going off track from my usual party inspiration and sharing our basement remodel with you. It is a very big transformation and I am excited to share photos of the our before and after home remodeling project. My friend recently had her home remodelled and she told me to check out more home design styles. I’m really happy with how ours turned out and I think the design of it looks great! If you are thinking about remodeling your house though, then you might be interested in checking out a website to help you figure out how much this sort of project would cost (you could look at all rooms in the house to get averages here). It took 6 long weeks and I had to live in dust (at least in our basement) for most of that period but we are finally finished and I can’t wait to show you the final results! First, shame on me for not taking more before photos. This is the one and only photo below from our realtor that I had of the basement before the sanding and painting was started-

Oh boy! Check out that 1970’s wood paneling and those stick-on linoleum tiles. Oddly, our house was built in 1994 and one of the previous owners finished the basement sometime in the 1990’s. I remember trying to compare mortgages when I found this house thinking about the basement. I guess this is what you might call, “bachelor man style”!? Not really sure? At least the basement was already finished and has a ton of space, so we had good bones to start with on this remodeling project.

And now for some of the in process sanding photos before the painting process began –

All that paneling is solid wood and it was everywhere! Which was great- it had nice trim work on it and we knew it would look stunning painted. It all had to be sanded down though for the paint and it was quite a process. Dust, dust and more dust everywhere! It took us about three full days to clean up, even after the painting and the new floors went in- it kept settling everywhere and I felt like it was endless.

More before photos –

The built in bar – soon to be painted too!

Now for the big reveal. . . here is the basement all finished, painted and with our new flooring.

We went with a golden beige on the walls to keep things bright and of course a white on all the wood panels. The flooring is a speckled carpet in the den and Pergo in the bar area.

The bar after it has all been painted. I picked a nice deep grey so it would really pop against the white walls and dark floors. It looks a little blue in this photo but it is actually a true grey.

The walls look a little sunny yellow in my photos- but they are actually a golden beige. I took these photos on a very sunny day, so everything looks brighter.

We hung this pool table light fixture too. We found it at an antique shop and I thought the stained glass seemed more appropriate over our pool table- plus it provides much better lighting. We could have gone with something more updated and contemporary – but I actually love the vintage look of this fixture! We also updated the window treatments and purchased all new wood blinds in white.

We have plenty of room for extra seating when we entertain.

This custom built-in was actually to house an old 1990’s big tube TV- but we just kept it and transitioned it into a fireplace. We already had this free standing electric fireplace, so it worked out to fit perfectly inside the opening.

Oh so many pillows – we call this the “pillow pit”!

We even had enough room to fit our air hockey table. I love the built-in bookcases too.

We did not do much with this full bathroom. We just painted the door white and added a new mirror over the sink. We felt it was fine for a downstairs extra bath, even if the tile is starting to look a little dated. We will live with it!

I had to show the shower. Until we bought this house, I think I had only seen one other of these corner style showers. We won’t use it much, but an extra shower is still a nice feature to have in any bathroom.

The extra bar and opening are a nice feature- I love that this makes the two big rooms open to each other and they feel even more spacious. Behind the french doors at the end of the bar – this leads into my husband’s office. He has a big office all to himself. We updated his flooring but he has all cherry wood paneling and we actually thought it looked nice and kept it.

So that is the full before and after of our basement remodel.

We love the new basement and spend every evening downstairs now. I think is was one of the features of the house that we knew we could transform and upgrade on a budget and add home equity to our house. We are so happy it came out so nice.

Thanks for letting me share our home remodeling project with you today. Come back next week for more party ideas for your next celebration!

Winding Down From The Holidays


Hey y’all, I hope you are all enjoying some more down time with the holiday rush over and its all downhill to Valentine’s Day and Easter now.

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Happy Birthday To Me


Birthday Cake

Just a quick Monday post to say Happy Birthday to ME . . .


I am delighted to learn that Chip Gaines from the television show Fixer Upper, shares my same date of birth.   Woo hoo! Happy Birthday, Chip!  I could not think of anyone better to be a bookend with – since he and Joanna are the most adorable couple ever and I just love their show.

Hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines in the Erwin's newly remodeled kitchen, as seen on HGTV's Fixer Upper.
Hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines in the Erwin’s newly remodeled kitchen, as seen on HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

In case you have no idea who they are, you can visit their website here-

Magnolia Market

Stay tuned for some great party inspiration later this week!

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Summer Home Decor


I am all about bright and cheerful in the home during the spring and summer months! I love these fabulous rainbow bright finds from Pillar Box Blue. Put away the blues and greys of winter and bring out some fantastic color in your home with this fabulous roundup of 12 beautiful rainbow themed crafts and home decor ideas!

Claire from Pillar Box Blue rounded these up and shared them on her blog. Check them out below.

First, I wanted to show off a fun and whimsical option for a summer table centerpiece. I am now offering a mix of sizes and lots of different custom rainbow bright prints for creating your own table centerpiece made from pinwheels. . . and they will never wilt! What a fun and unique idea for your home. Or simply add them to a party table as part of your party display! No matter how colourful the inside of your home is, it’s always best to stick to neutrals on the outside and use a professional company like house painting Greensboro.

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Pinwheel Table Centerpiece

See the summery bright rainbow home decor roundup here:

12 Rainbow Home Decor Ideas at Pillar Box Blue

Thanks for stopping by Party Fetti today!


Free Halloween Printables

Free Halloween Bottle Label Covers & Book Covers From Wayfair

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Today Wayfair has asked The Party Fetti Blog to share some of their stunning

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I love these popular wine bottle covers for Halloween.  These make a great last minute gift if you are planning to attend a Halloween party this year.


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They are also offering up these clever Halloween Book Cover Printables for FREE as well!

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I absolutely love and shop their website often!

They offer every style from traditional to retro, modern, and trending contemporary home decor and furniture.

They also have a fantastic shopping feature on their website called


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I don’t know who Wayfair’s in house Interior Designer is- but I want that dream job!

I would love to be putting together complete rooms every day with all that fabulous furniture and home accessories.

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