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10 Creative Ways to Use Pinwheels At A Party



Need a party theme? Why not pinwheels! Here are 10 creative ways to incorporate pinwheels at your next birthday party, baby shower, or celebration.

1. Add some mini pinwheels on cupcakes as cupcake toppers


2. Pinwheels swinging in the sunshine as a pinwheel garland


3. Pinwheels on a Diaper Cake . . . or on a frosted birthday or wedding cake as Cake Bunting or a Cake Topper





4.  Instead of bows, pinwheels as toppers on gift boxes and presents as favor boxes or guest gifts


5. Pinwheels on party hats


6. Favor bag toppers with pinwheel clips –


7. Pinwheels on a party sign


8. On the party invitations


9. Pinwheels as napkin rings or utensil holders –


10. Create an entire tablescape with extra large pinwheels on the wall or hanging behind the table and pinwheels everywhere else at the party –


Add them to the dessert table for table centerpieces and to add height –


pinwheel (1)

Check out this amazing table backdrop.  The pinwheels are added on top of the graphics for a 3-D effect-


Sprinkle some pinwheels everywhere at the celebration to add some fun and whimsey!


Now, where to get your pinwheels for your next party?? At PINWHEEL PRETTIES of course!

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Bridal Shower in Mint Green & Peach


Check out this beautifully designed bridal shower in mint green and peach, with a touch of pink and grey too!

Peach and Mint Dessert Table

 PAPER FANS OR HANGING ROSETTES always make a stunning table backdrop as shown in many sizes in the color scheme of mint green, pink, cream, and peach.  These colors really come together nicely!
Peach Green Brunch Table
Alongside the peach floral arrangement, succulents were placed in a simple white vase for a stunning TABLE CENTERPIECE statement.

Berry Cocktails

And how creative- berries in spoon boats atop cocktails!

Calligraphy Place Card

 Don’t forget to add in some personalized details, like these custom name TABLE PLACE CARDS.

 Beautiful BUNTING is always a fun and easy way to incorporate some whimsey at any event!

A menu in coordinating prints and colors adds a sophisticated touch.

 Finish off the cocktails with sassy STRIPE STRAWS in colors that coordinate to your event and add some CUSTOM PRINTED STRAW FLAGS to your straws!
 Peach Brunch Flowers
Soften the table with a mix of flowers and greenery in a silver mirror vase. Or consider some PINWHEELS in your color scheme for a stunning TABLE CENTERPIECE.
 Pinwheel Decor
 Once again, a close up of those stunning mixed TISSUE FANS or HANGING PINWHEELS.

Peach Brunch Table

 If you want to recreate a similar party or event with custom designs and details, swing on by all our party shops for all your event decorations-




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Rainbow Party & Pinwheels


Today I want to share a rainbow party I helped put together for an event planner, however, first I want to offer some tips for 2015 party planning.

Warm weather is here to stay in the Midwest and sure to follow in the upper northern and eastern coastal areas, so start planning your outdoor spring and summer parties now!  It may seem a bit early, but I assure you, planning months in advance will help you have a stress free party.   Since my business is very seasonal, with the exception of my home decor and craft supply shop, I get super busy in the warmer months and have a longer production time (14 business days before shipping) for all my custom orders.  This is true for many Etsy shops that offer custom party designs. Keep in mind, handmade often means its a one person operation and sellers online and on Etsy often have many custom orders ahead of your requested custom order.


There is a colorful and cheerful sign in my design studio that reads- “Lack of Party Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency On My Part!”, and I often look at that sign daily to remind myself that I can not meet every Etsy buyer’s deadline if they have not planned well ahead of their party date.  This week already, I have turned down several order requests to receive custom made items by this coming Saturday.  Whoa?!  As much as I would love to help- this is not possible.  Four or five days is not nearly enough time for an Etsy seller to custom make your item and for delivery time, even via Priority mail.

So even if your party is a few months from now, start planning now and get all your custom orders in for all your party decorations and favors.

Especially for 4th of July– maybe you need some pinwheels in patriotic colors for the Fourth of July holiday.  The month of July is always a record breaking month for sales in the Pinwheel Pretties Shop, so it is a good idea to place orders for pinwheels, favors and other patriotic decorations, now.  I’ll be adding more ready to ship patriotic favors and designs in the next few weeks, just to make sure I can meet the demand.



 I can barely keep up with July Fourth custom pinwheel orders – and often have to turn away last minute custom order requests- so don’t wait to order!

Now for the rest of the photos for the Rainbow party with twirling rainbow pinwheels


XL Pinwheels make a stunning statement in a vase or planted in the ground in the yard!


Add a few smaller stationary pinwheels to the tops of glass candy dishes or on top of cupcakes.


Pinwheels draped across the front of a dessert table with a PINWHEEL GARLAND BANNER, or on the wall behind the table, make for colorful festooning   at  the party.



Add pinwheels to different styles and sizes of vases to create varying visual heights at your party table.


Check out the mega cupcake and pinwheel tower created using my mini rainbow pinwheels!

To get your custom set of pinwheels, head to Pinwheel Pretties shop and place your order before we get too busy to help you out with your party!

Also featured in the photos below are hanging paper fans or rosettes and hanging tissue Pom Poms from The Party Fetti Shop.





Don’t have time to spend hours planning and shopping for your upcoming spring or summer party? Did you know that I offer an easy way to shop for your party with a customized party planning Pinterest board.  Find out more about my party planning services by clicking HERE!

  I am always happy to help, if you contact me early, I can plan, pin, design and create your party for you!

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Party Backdrops & Tablescapes


Over 15 awesome DIY party backdrops to make your dessert table really pop!

Party tables are an important focal point at any event, whether it be a serving  table at the wedding reception, a table featuring raffle prizes at a fundraiser, or even just the dessert table at a children’s birthday party.  The backdrop of any dessert table or featured party table at an event should be the main attraction and can add the finishing touch to any event.

Below, I have selected over


that you can recreate yourself-even if you party theme is different.

Hack these ideas for your next event or celebration!  These party table backdrops are so easy, you can DIY every single one of them and make them even better!

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This Mary Poppins chalkboard backdrop is free-standing, this one takes a little more artistic skill and time but the outcome is worth it.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

Make an balloon backdrop out of a bunch of styled balloons, this one is super simple in my opinion, you just have to use different length ribbon on the balloons.

Making a paper chain backdrop might take a little time but you could get your kids to work on it and it would take no time at all!

Add some stunning flower or tissue pom poms, to create a backdrop for a more elegant design.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This backdrop is not only cheap but pretty easy, just get a board and some ribbon and Voila! You have a ribbon board backdrop for your party.  Or use Washi Tape!

Adding a handmade or even professionally made banner behind the table will add height to your table backdrop, this banner is made from napkins!

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

Easy and affordable is always nice, just like this one, created with cut up vinyl tablecloths to create this party backdrop.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This circus tent backdrop is most likely purchased, but with a little sewing skill, you could make your own!

So many more circus party ideas over at my

Pinterest Circus Party Board.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

Add ROSETTES or HANGING PAPER FANS and layer them to design something similar to the above backdrop!

These fringe garlands or tissue tassel garlands are trending and easy to make yourself! They add frill and whimsy to any table backdrop.

A great use of an oversized chalkboard as this simple but stunning party table backdrop!

I love this diy party design, made by only using a paper punch – just punch a bunch of circles and then string them up!

Or just buy some circle garlands already made and hang them up!

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

Here is the alternate version of the tissue tassel garland.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This backdrop if ideal for a girl’s party or a bridal shower tablescape- make an easy backdrop from feather boas!

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This Star Wars party features a paint splattered tablecloth hung up to mimic the stars in the galaxy. So easy to do yourself.

I am always a fan of the rainbow party, they are still popular as ever and this one features the newest hot item, the marquee monogram or lighted letters.  These fancy lighted letters are a great way to make the guest of honor feel truly honored!  Here is an easy DIY MARQUEE PROJECT to make with paper mache letters to keep it simple and easy and less costly than the metal letters.  Plus these letters can be passed on as a gift to your guest of honor or birthday girl or boy to add to their bedroom decor later.

Don’t just leave your wall blank behind your serving table or dessert table at your next celebration or event –  I hope I have inspired you with so many easy DIY party ideas here at

 The Party Fetti Blog

to help make your own simple party table backdrop behind your food table at your next bash.

Be sure to stop by any of our shops below for your party needs as well!






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Apple Cider Recipe

As soon as the weather gets cold, I like to snuggle down in my couch and sip on all the hot beverages I can. Hot chocolate, hot tea, hot cider – you name it! There is nothing better than settling down with a big mug of something hot and sweet to warm you up!  Today I am sharing a recipe for Sweet & Spicy Apple Cider that I love.  The added ginger provides a little kick in this recipe.  Feel free to kick it up another notch by adding a bit of brandy or dark rum for the adults.
 Before you snag this recipe below, I wanted to share a few new items we just added to the
Hanging CANDY CANE PAPER FANS & Hanging TISSUE SNOWFLAKES for creating a beautiful holiday backdrop at your Christmas party, company holiday party, or just at home for the food table!
This Natural Burlap MERRY Banner would look so adorable on the fireplace mantle!
And who doesn’t need bling on all their Christmas gifts?  Add these to the top of Christmas presents, on gift tags, or make your own Christmas cards with some GLITTERING SNOWFLAKES!
IMG_0360 IMG_0362
And of course, don’t forget the Christmas Tree!  Snag the most trending item this holiday season –  A DEER HEAD & ANTLERS ORNAMENT to add to your stylish Christmas holiday decor!
Now mix up some hot cider of your own, settle down on the couch and get all your Christmas shopping done online, right from the comfort of your home.
 PJ’s and warm socks encouraged!
PREP TIME: 5 mins
COOK TIME:  3 hours
TOTAL TIME: 3 hours 5 mins
This Recipe Serves: 16
  • 1 gallon apple cider
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 1 orange, cut into 4-6 slices
  • 4 cinnamon sticks (4-inch)
  • 8 cups cranberry juice
  • 1 inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and thinly sliced
  • 10 whole allspice berries
  • 8 whole cloves
  • ¼ tsp fresh grated nutmeg
  1. In a large slow cooker, combine apple cider, ginger, cranberry juice, and brown sugar. place orange slices into the cider mixture.
  2. In a coffee filter or cheesecloth, place the cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg. Carefully bring up the edges and secure spices inside using baker twine. Place spice satchel into the cider mixture.
  3. Cover and heat on low for 3-4 hours or high for 1-2 hours until cider is hot and fragrant. To serve, reduce heat to warm and ladle into mugs. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, if desired
To make adult spiked cider:
  1. Add in 2 tablespoons of brandy or dark rum into each cup.