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Curio Makeover Into Craft Storage

Curio Makeover Into A Craft Storage Cabinet

Today I am so excited to share this quick makeover project I worked on last weekend. I picked up this mini curio with a door and drawers at a local thrift store for under $5.00 and transformed it into a fresh and bright craft storage desk organizer.  I also love the idea of using this as a space saver for a smaller party or get-together for displaying your party decorations and tableware.  Check it out-

Let’s get started. You really only need two items for this project – a thrift found wood cabinet and spray paint.  I love the [easyazon_link identifier=”B002BWOS3K” locale=”US” tag=”ymazonffiliac-20″]Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover[/easyazon_link] (its paint and primer in one can) and I’m partial to high gloss as it really makes your bright colors pop.  Plus this paint bonds to plastic and metal as well.   It is my absolute favorite brand of spray paint for all my projects for my home shop- ONCE UPON A HOME DESIGNS, and any diy projects for my own home . . . and no, I am not being paid by Rust-Oleum for this blog post – I just love their product!

Let’s get started with the tutorial for the makeover.  First, I removed all the small hardware and screws.

  I love this little wood curio because it has a black metal scroll decorative design on the front door, so I want to keep that as original and add it back on the cabinet, unpainted, once I finish the makeover.  I left the door on because I want to go ahead and paint over the metal hinges the same color, since they were originally painted in the outdated same hunter green color.  Generally, this is not recommended.  I found some nice [easyazon_link identifier=”B00V2JIQFE” locale=”US” tag=”ymazonffiliac-20″]small black decorative hinges[/easyazon_link], that I may order and replace, to match the black scroll front.

Next, I washed everything in my kitchen sink, since it was a thrift store find – I wanted to get all the dirt and dust off of it and sanitize it.  I let it dry for about an hour before painting.

Finally, I moved everything into my garage and used a big assembled cardboard box to spray paint the mini curio. Remember to open your garage doors for good ventilation.

I’m not the world’s best spray painter and normally I recruit my husband to help me out with this part of any makeover project but this paint is so wonderful, it’s hard to apply, without it looking perfect.  I sprayed the top of everything first, applying light coats about 6 to 8 inches from the top of the surface working in quick, short horizontal rows of painting.

Then, I flipped everything over and painted each side. I applied several light coats (don’t worry about getting perfect coverage on your first pass of spray painting, since a few light coats are recommended) on each side and let it dry about 20 to 30 minutes, after each coat, before applying a new coat of paint.  Several light coats helps to prevent getting too much paint in globs in any one area and to prevent dripping.

I also didn’t worry about getting complete, perfect coverage on the bottom of the drawers and inside the drawer insert areas, since they would never been seen once the drawers are inserted.  After I painted each side a few times, I allowed it dry over-night in my garage. There were quite a few imperfections in the wood on this little cabinet, so keep in mind lighter brighter colors will show those imperfections more than a darker paint color.  Still I think this contemporary makeover of the mini cabinet is fresh and way more fun in this bright key lime green.

Now, I have a bright and colorful addition to my work studio!

Oh, you know I have enough craft supplies to fill it up!  I love it too because it is small and does not take up too much space on my work desk but it also has deep drawers.

A small curio cabinet like this one would be great anywhere in the home, I could see it in the kitchen for keeping your favorite spices near the oven, in the garage for storing bolts and nails, or even on display on your party table for housing all your serving utensils and sweets at your next celebration.

Feel free to stop by my Etsy shop, THE PARTY FETTI SHOP for all your party decorations.  Everything shown in my photo above is available in my shop from party hats, straws, candy cups, and custom made to order pinwheels available in my other shop – PINWHEEL PRETTIES.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you are inspired to makeover a small decorative piece for your home or next party!


Throwback Thursday & More Party Table Backgrounds


I could not resist sharing some more amazing party table backgrounds- some of which are even handpainted or at least handmade-


Very nicely painted wall for this Little Mermaid birthday party.

Frozen-Dessert-TableAnd check out these elaborately painted backgrounds for these Disney Frozen themed party tables.


And LOVE is all you need . . . along with a giant black chalkboard, for this easy table backdrop.

Bridal ShowerAnd this bride and groom took it to a whole oversized level with this stunning photo backdrop. This is original to say the least and the chalk doodling is stunning.

chalboard-paint-11This is a more down to earth, rustic and whimsical backdrop with block painted letters assembled all together to create a unique table background.


And now for


Some of you may know that I was once a painter- or actually a tole painter, which is essentially a dead art or craft these days. Much of this style of painting is now considered Kitsch.


Not to offend any current and active tole painters- I am sure there a few still out there doing it, but it has become a bit dated now for home decor.  Back in the day (early 1990’s), I painted everything, from home decor, holiday decorations-mostly Christmas ornaments, and I painted on just about anything, but wood was my preference.  It was called Bauernmalerei, Rosemaling, and Hindeloopen.  It is a painting style that came over to the United States from Germany and Austria.  We had so much of this painted stuff by me in our home.


I sold most of it off but by 2004 and I could hardly give it away by that time.  Oh, all those hours and hours of painting little teardrops, dots, swirls, and flourishes.  It was relaxing to say the least.

Shortly after moving to Kansas City,  I was asked by a local Mexican restaurant owner, of  The Salty Iguana, to paint an iguana.  Nope, I did not get paid for it- he has a chain of restaurants in the area and everytime he opens a new location, he calls upon local residents to participate in the interior decorating of the restaurants.  Its kind of brilliant, really – free interior design mostly done by the locals and each resturant has about a hundred or more of these painted or decorated iguanas.  It was certainly fun doing it and reminded me of my old tole painting days.  My iquana was a replica of the famous painting –

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh




If you are a local and happen to like The Salty Iguana- you can see my Van Gogh hack at the 8420 W 135th St, Overland Park, KS location. Its way in the back on the West side.

Thanks for stopping by The Party Fetti Blog today.