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Great News!  All my Ready To Ship Pinwheels in my shop are on SALE!  Snag a deal before the sale ends and add as set of fun and colorful summer pinwheels to your spring and summer celebration or outdoor event.

Before I show you how you can display your pinwheels at your next party, stop by and browse my new shop on MERCARI!

 I am now offering lots of cute stamps, exclusive dies, like this swan die below that you could make so many beautiful cards and gifts with in your cutting machine, plus exclusive shaker card kits, embellishment boxes, and many other crafting supplies!  Keep coming back too – I will be adding tons more for the coming holidays for 4th of July, Halloween, and Christmas.

Now for some stunning parties featuring PINWHEELS!

Pinwheels are perfect at any event, celebration or party and these Summer Designs coordinate to any themed birthday or baby shower.

This year I am only offering a limited supply of each set of designs in my shop- HERE

Pinwheels are perfect hanging on the wall behind the party table wall or draped across the front of the party table.

 Pinwheels were cleverly incorporated as favors but still as part of the party table background at this butterflies and pinwheels party.  How fun and easy to create!

Pinwheels are also ideal as table centerpieces – add them to vases or recycled bottles.

Pinwheels are also perfect as wedding decorations- use them as table numbers or signs at a wedding or large event.  Give one to each of your guests at the reception check-in with their table number in the center of each pinwheel and then each guest can take a pinwheel home as a memorable keepsake from your wedding day. 

Pinwheels are so fun on cakes and cupcakes too as toppers!

Cupcakes, polka dots and pinwheels go together perfectly!

Pinwheels and the beach are a great pair too for fun in the sun.

Tons of bright spinning pinwheels in all sizes are available in my shop – PINWHEEL PRETTIES

Be sure to visit my other shop for all other party decorations – THE PARTY FETTI SHOP

Thanks for stopping by the blog today for party inspiration!

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Paper Dahlia Flower Cone Wreath Tutorial


These decorative wall flowers really make a stunning statement in the home- or make several and use them behind your party table as a backdrop. They are often called Dahlia flower wreaths or chrysanthemum flower wreaths.  They look great hanging on the door or on the wall.  If done in all red, they also resemble Poinsettia flowers and look great with some red or gold glitter added to the tips for Christmas.  I love that they can me made in all one color-

Or in a mix of bright or soft pastel colors-

The prep on these can take some time, you will need to set aside a few hours to complete one wreath, as they do require many paper cones.  However, once the cones are all rolled and glued together- the assembly is quick.   These really do look stunning on the wall, because they are a three-dimensional piece of art.  Let’s gather your supplies and get started!

10 to 15 sheets – 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock paper in any one solid color or a mix of colors
Hot glue gun / Super glue or tacky glue (optional)
Hot glue sticks
15-inch diameter cardboard circle (cut from a box or chipboard)
Scissors or straight cutter


  1. Select your colors of card stock.  It’s a good idea to plan out your design- are you going to make your cone wreath in all one color or a mix of colors?  Pull several sheets of your selected colors of card stock.
  2. With scissors or a straight cutter (generally the straight cutter will make the process go much faster)- cut (30) 7-by-7 -inch squares, (12) 5-by-5 -inch squares, (9) 3-by-3 -inch squares, and (7) 1-by-1 -inch squares out of your pieces of craft paper. Measure the sizes with a ruler and mark lightly with a pencil
  3. Now that all your squares are cut, to make the cones-take one of the squares and roll it into a cone shape. Hold the cone together by applying hot glue to the first side of your curl and then curl the other corner over it, pressing it onto the glue. Try to keep your cones as uniform as possible.  You do not need much hot glue- using your glue gun tip, smear it so it is a flat line, rather than a blob of glue as this will help your seam of your cone to lay flat.  If you prefer a more permanent glue, you can use a tacky craft glue and some clothespins to secure each cone until they dry.  Super glue is an option too I personally prefer the hot glue as it goes much faster.  Refer to the illustrations below to help form your cones.

Constructing The Cones & Assembling The Wreath

  1. Place the 15-inch circular card board circle or chipboard circle (I cut mine with a flipped over round Tupperware container by tracing around it onto a cardboard box but you can even use a a woven place mat, as shown below- place it on a flat surface. You will be using the hot glue gun to glue the cones to the circle. The cones should have the thinnest point facing in towards the center of the place mat.  I like to also trace a few different sizes of circles on my cardboard circle – just to help line up the cone tips and keep everything nice and even- but if you have a good eye, this is not necessary.
  2. To start, glue four 7-inch cones to the place mat letting the end of each cone overhang the place mat by 3 inches. One should be placed on the top, one on the bottom, one on the left, and one on the right. It should look like a compass and will allow you to evenly distribute your cone.

  1. Fill in the spaces between your four cones with more 7-inch cones remembering to let them all go past the edge of the placemat by 3 inches
  2. Next, hot glue another row of 7-inch cones on top of the existing row of 7-inch cones. Place them in the grooves created by the first row of cones. All of the pointed cone tips will meet in the center of the place mat.

  1. Hot glue a circular row of 5-inch cones within the grooves of the 7-inch cones followed by a row of 3-inch cones on the grooves of the 5-inch cones
  2. With the remaining (7) 1-inch cones hot glue (6) on top of the 3-inch cones and with the last 1-inch cone, glue it into the center
  3. To hang your wreath on the wall, simply add a ribbon loop on the back or you can Super glue a professional nail bracket to the back.

 Come back soon for more DIY projects for the home and your next party or celebration.

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felt snowflake coasters - creative christmas snowflake crafts-f87996

These festive trendy felt coasters make a fun and simple easy project.   Grab your cup of coffee and gather your supplies! The supply list and instructions to make these stylish felt Christmas coasters are below.  So easy and fast to make!

But first here is a set of FREE printable Christmas gift tags – CLICK HERE to download them.

Free Christmas Gift Tags



  • FREE Snowflake Printable & Traceable Templates-CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • 2 mm Thick Felt (in various bright colors)
  • Sewing Pins
  • Scissors or Exacto Knife
  • Fabri-Tac Glue
  • Chalk


1.) Gather your supplies above. To make the snowflake coasters, print out the downloadable snowflake designs above and cut them out.  For the bottom circles, use a drinking glass or any circular object around the home that is either the same size as your snowflakes or just slightly bigger to trace around on your neutral or contrasting colors of felt.  These will be your coaster bases.

2.) Place printed snowflake designs on your selected colors of felt and trace.  I like to use a piece of sharpened chalk for tracing on any fabric because it is very forgiving and you can simply rub off any remaining traced lines.  After tracing all your snowflakes, cut out each design around the edges.

3.) To cut your interior holes or designs of the snowflakes, fold the felt snowflakes in half and cut each hole or design with either a pair of extremely small and sharp scissors or if you are good with an exacto knife, this may the better tool for getting those smaller lines. Open, refold the other sides together and cut according to pattern until all your interior design pattern holes are cut.

4.) Use the Fabri-Tac Glue (or any quick-setting fabric glue) to adhere the snowflakes to the top of each cut out round felt piece. Use sewing pins to hold them in place.  Let them set up and dry for about an hour and then  . . . Voila!  You’re done!

Grab your cup of coffee or tea and test these out on any table in the home.  These add a festive cheerful holiday touch to your home this season!

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Hope you have a great week!  Come back soon- I’ll be sharing some of my handmade Christmas decorations later in the week.

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Fall Clearance Sale

Fall Clearance Sale- Still Happening!



Just in case you missed some of my last posts here on the blog. . .  a quick reminder that I am still running a huge CLEARANCE SALE in all my Etsy shops.

Everything is HALF OFF / 50% OFF

Pick up some great steals for CHRISTMAS GIFT GIVING, home decor, decorating your next party or wedding, or on craft supplies if you are a DIYer!

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I promise I will be back soon, after the move, with more wonderful party and wedding inspiration!

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Moving Once Again



Yep. It’s happening again.  The Hayes home and my design studio are all moving soon.  Again! Hmmfff. . . and happy dance!

We have outgrown our current remodeled ranch home and my booming business now calls for more space! Not to mention, I am thrilled because we are looking at new construction.


Wha hoo! So excited to be getting a new home soon.  Okay, so that house above is not our new home but I’ve always dreamed of having a Victorian style home with a big wrap around porch.  I’m sure that is not going to happen since we are looking at houses built in the last year or so.  Still, a girl can dream!

Since the move is around the corner, the updates and party inspiration here on the blog will be on a short hiatus.  No worries though- I’ll be back with some great new party ideas to share soon. If time permits, in between packing boxes, I’ll share some great staging tips for selling your home in the future.  I once worked as a designer for a home builder – so I have some wonderful advice to share.

The move is great news for you too if you are planning a party or wedding!


I need to sell most of my inventory in my five Etsy shops – so I don’t have to pack it and move it.


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Enjoy shopping!

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