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Winter Party Ideas

5 Wondrous Winter Birthday Parties

Today I am featuring 5 winter party ideas that are perfect for winter birthdays.

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The ‘winter onederland’ party theme for a first birthday, is a bit dated and overdone now, so I wanted to share some unique and more out of the ordinary party ideas. I feel like winter babies get the short straw when it comes to their birthday party – most are indoor parties due to colder weather so these months limit outdoor parties and activities.

However, who says, you can’t draw on the beauty of winter and incorporate the surroundings of the season into a winter birthday party? The nutcracker parties, featured above and below with an emphasis on the color pink, are the perfect example for a girl’s birthday, especially if she loves dance or ballet.

Incorporating pastel colors will always pair well with a winter theme.  Snowflakes are of course traditional but not necessary to pull off a winter birthday party.

Be sure to get input from the birthday boy or girl- especially if they are older.  Teens usually want to help plan the party and even decorate!  Let them make some big decisions about the theme and decor each year – it’s a great way to teach them to be a great hostess too!

The soft pastels in the sweets and decor on this food table above, at this teen girl’s party, is fun and whimsical. The added cotton candy puffs on top of the cupcakes are so creative too!  Incorporating the sweater stockings adds an unusual table backdrop as well.

This narwhal party above is the perfect example of using a creative and trendy theme for a winter party. Narwhals have been gaining popularity as a spin off of the unicorn party theme and since they are winter creatures, they work well for a winter party.

Finally, this snowman themed party is traditional and perfect for a winter birthday. Wow! That snowman cake looks simple to make, yet stunning on the table, and yummy.

Confetti Party Ideas & Background DIY



This is a colorful, easy and inexpensive way to add a large background at your next party.  Scroll down for the three easy steps for this diy tutorial and easy how-to instructions.

The background design here is HOORAY in bright colorful rainbow confetti but I could see this with the birthday guest of honor’s name or maybe BABY, BOY, or GIRL for a baby shower.  I would so make this with a number spelled out, such as for a first birthday, with O-N-E or the actual number “1” as big as you can make it.  I love this diy because it can be personalized to your party!

And create your own color scheme with CONFETTI

Confetti Designs Collage

from The Party Fetti Shop!

Basically all you need is a pencil, poster board sheets, glue, disposable sponge brush . . . and of course CONFETTI!

1.) Start by freehand drawing the letters or number you plan to use for your background with your pencil on the poster board.  Depending on how big you want your background, you can make one letter, giant size, per each sheet of poster board or smaller by just drawing out your whole word on one sheet of  a single poster board, as shown below.


I like that these letters are kind of wonky and not so perfect, but if straight and perfectly even letters are your thing, you could use large letter stencils to trace your letters.  You could even skip the whole drawing freehand process and just use your home printer to print one large letter out per 8 1/2″ x 11″ letterhead size on heavier card stock.  If you decide to print and cut, your letters, I definitely recommend using at least a 65 lb card stock or heavier so your letters will stand up and be stiff once you cut them out.  Printer paper will be too floppy.  Another option is to print your letters on print paper, cut them out and then glue them on top of your poster board.

If you own a Silhouette or Cricut cutting machine you can actually go ahead and cut your letters before adding your confetti too.  This would be the easiest way and will give you perfectly straight letters.  If you are using this at a wedding or other event, you could even get fancy with your cutting machine and create a fancy scroll three letter monogram, like this-

Three Letter Monogram

2.) Once you have your letters worked out, if you are hand drawing them, gather your confetti, glue, and sponge brush.  You may either cut your letters first and then add the confetti, if you don’t mind that your confetti may hang off your letters, or you can glue the confetti on and then cut your letters to get perfect edges, as shown here-

Confetti Letters

Apply a thin layer of glue to the inside of your first letter and then quickly apply your circle tissue confetti in a random pattern of mixed colors.  Do this for all your letters.


 If you cut your letters first, either by hand or with your silhouette, you can also use other styles of smaller and more dense confetti and simply sprinkle it on top of your glue coated letter and shake off any excess.

Confetti Letter

I recommend doing this process outside or on a large cookie sheet to keep your confetti clean up to a minimum.

3.) Once you have coated your entire letters, let them dry, and cut them out, in whichever order you choose to do so, you are ready to hang them up on your wall or you can even tie them with clear fishing string and dangle them from the ceiling too!  If you add them to a wall,  the best way to get them up is with Command or Scott’s brand sticky tabs.

Confetti Party Background

Since it will most likely be a temporary display that you will take down right after the party, you can easily just pull off the letters and wall tabs without damaging your walls.

Photo Backdrop

Whatever phrase or word you add to your party background- this easy diy will look stunning at your next celebration.

Get creative and make a design that fits your party or even as a photo backdrop!  Great idea for photographers for a photo shoot too!  Perfect table backdrop at a baby shower or wedding or perfect for a fiesta!

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