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4th of July Mason Jars


4th of July Mason Jars

Independence Day is several weeks away, but it is always one of those holidays that sneaks up on you.  A busy summer full of outdoor activities means that the holiday arrives before you can plan ahead for your 4th of July barbeque or family gathering.  This year I will be helping to remind you by posting several patriotic themed projects, crafts, and decorating ideas over the next few weeks to help you get ready.  Consider this your first reminder!


I love the idea of housing your plastic utensils or silverware for any party or barbeque in DIY decorated mason jars.

This project is so easy.  All you need is red, white and blue acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and some painter’s tape.

July 4th Mason Jars

You can paint the inside of each jar solid red, white and blue for an easy and quick version of this project! I like the dry sponge painting method for this idea – it gives the jars a more rustic look since you end up with more of a splotchy painted look.

However, to paint them to mimic the American Flag, paint one solid blue, let dry and freehand or use a stencil to paint white stars on top of your dried blue paint.  Next, for the other two mason jars, paint them solid white and let dry. Add painters tape in several straight lines or rows around your white jars and paint red stripes, to create your red and white stripes.


It’s never too early to order in your patriotic decorations for your summer 4th of July celebration and our Etsy shops can help!  This year we have added much of our 4th of July banners, favors, and pinwheels to the shops early to help you start planning ahead!

Visit any of our shops by clicking the links below to make your Independance Day celebration POP!






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Snap, Crackle, Pop 4th of July

The 4th of July is right around the corner – are you ready?  The Party Fetti Shop has all your patriotic red white and blue decorations and tableware for your 4th of July BBQ or celebration party, but time is running out for on time delivery, so get your orders in now!

PicMonkey Collage

Or click on over to the PINWHEEL PRETTIES shop- we have plenty of pinwheels ready to ship that will make it to you in time for your 4th of July celebration or any party!

I’m just going to assume you have your supplies but now just need to know what to do with them and how to make your festivities an event to remember.  Let’s explore some options!


A Rosette Bouquet is a great centerpiece – get your rosettes at The Party Fetti Shop!  Throw some citronella in your Rice Mason Jar Luminary to help keep the bugs away.  Bandanas as napkins AND decorations, yes please!  Plus keep those kids busy making some Paper Ring Garland.


You can also decorate with food, looks yummy!

Drunken Melon

For the adults – the Drunken Melon.  I almost added this to my melon post, but thought I’d wait for a fun holiday, like the 4th.  Cut a hole, add a bottle of your favorite vodka, let it sit overnight and enjoy!  You can also use tequila and dip the slices in sea salt.

Ice Cubes

I like to make a special brew and freeze it for ice cubes.  You can steep herbs and fruit in hot water and freeze as well.  Adding food coloring is another great touch!


Another great summer adult only idea is Sangria.  I always have a batch in the fridge!


Need a way to keep the kids busy while you enjoy those great adult treats?  A bag toss using Frisbees adds an interesting twist.  A squirt gun game is good to have around for a lot of events.  Use sidewalk chalk to set up a fun course.  Lawn Twister will also be great for adults after the kids are done and the liquor kicks in!


A big part of the fun involved in the 4th of July is staying out after dark.  Make sure your decorations are versatile by using a glow stick.  This is also handy to help people walk along path ways, down stairs, avoid poles and your precious plants!  Hang them from trees, umbrellas or lay them on the ground and don’t use helium.

Don’t forget to get stocked up for your next event.  The Party Fetti Shop, Pinwheel Pretties, Once Upon a Home Designs, Ready Set Craft Kits and I DO Wedding & Bridal Designs have plenty to choose from!

4th of July BBQ In Red White & Blue & Stars & Stripes



Are you planning your 4th of July holiday and getting ready to host a BBQ for friends and family?  Do you have all your patriotic decorations?  If not, time to get to it!  Independence Day is right around the corner, just three weeks away.  Let us help you get ready to put on a stunning and memorable 4th of July gathering this year.


We offer everything from pinwheels to bunting and favors to compliment your food table or any patio or deck for the July 4th celebration.

Stop by The Party Fetti Shop for 4th of July Favors  – Our new container PUSH POPS are perfect for 4th of July sweets or fill them with confetti!

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And our newest addition to the shop this year are STAR SPARKLERS in gold and SPARKLER TAGS to add to any sparklers before you light them up to use them as a table display!



Patriotic Bunting & Fans for your backdrop on your food table –

il_570xN.612863544_tlhb il_570xN.599885428_dn05 4th-of-july-party-pinching-table-ideas

Banners in Red White and Blue


Pinwheels from the Pinwheel Pretties shop, twirling in the sunshine or in a vase as a table centerpiece, and pinwheels are a fun and safe alternative to sparklers and fireworks for the little ones too. 6c063985611e34716dde6f0dcf276aa8 7299e35d45a5fe50f223655c8430fc0d 4thofJulyPinwheels il_570xN.599312718_cm8d

Line up some RED WHITE & BLUE glitter stars and popcorn boxes on your table and make a stunning statement –

il_570xN.603941857_r4sc il_570xN.777842333_emgo

 Remember, if ordering custom made decor from The Party Fetti Shop or Pinwheel Pretties, turnaround time can be 2 to 3 weeks.  So, don’t wait – come visit our shops today to get all your stunning patriotic decor and get your home and party ready for the BIG BOOM DAY!

Thanks for stopping by The Party Fetti Blog today!