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If you are under the gun to get your home or venue space decorated for a New Year’s Eve party- I’m here to help. Here is a roundup of decorating ideas for your 2016 celebration to help you ring in the New Year. Get to decorating!

1. Balloon wall from Winter Party. Such an easy idea, just tape up gold and silver balloons as a backdrop!

New Years Party Balloon Wall

2. DIY Garland from Brightnest DIY New Years Eve You can use left over wrapping paper or any shimmery craft paper and a large hole puncher. If you do not have one of these YOU SHOULD. Great for cutting outprintable gift tags, making confetti and garland.  Get a 2″ Punch Here from Amazon or you can get this martha stewar circle cutter that cuts 4″ to 12″ circles from Amazon.

DIY New Years Garland

3. Tinsel sign from Ruffled Blog   Wrap Cardboard numbers with tinsel for an easy hanging sign!

New Years Party Tinsel Sign

4. Glitter DIY party hats from StudioDIY These look easy to make and you can use your garland left over from Christmas!

New Years Glitter Party Hat

5.  Glitter Painted Champagne Glasses from Something Turquoise So this is the second time I have referenced a tutorial from Something Turquoise blog and it is because they have so many amazing ideas! This glittery glass is super easy to make, all you need is martha stewart glitter paint (amazon) and glasses

DIY Glitter New Years Champagne glass

6. Sequin Backdrop from Ohhappyday If you have a circle puncher (see above #2 for amazon link) then this is really easy to do! Just punch out of gold wrapping paper and glue, tape or tie up the circles to craft paper or gold wrapping paper, or even silver wrapping paper!

6Sequin Circle Backdrop

7.  Thumbtack Gold Candles from SparkandChemistry I love this, super super easy way to make candle decorations for your New Years table!

New Years Thumbtack Candle

8. Pipe cleaner Cake Topper from SayyestoHoboken  Easy way to turn a simple cake into a fun New Years Eve dessert!

Pipe Cleaner Cake Topper New Years Eve

9. Glitter Champagne Bottles from Ideas.evite If you love glitter then you will want to make your Champagne Bottles extra sparkly with this easy tutorial

Glitter Champagne Bottles

10. Ball Drop Cupcake Topper from OleanderandPalm  The tutorial has little foam balls that are already glittery but I think it would be easy to take small foam floral craft balls and cover them with glue and glitter, sequins or metallic paint!

New Years Ball Drop Cupcake Topper

 I hope you enjoyed these 10 Easy New Years Decorating Ideas for your New Years Eve Party or DIY home decorating!

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Thanks for stopping by the PARTY FETTI website.  We’ll be back in 2016 with many amazing party ideas and inspiration!



Free 2016 Printable Calendar



We are absolutely loving this great idea from Ashley’s fun blog post! With the new year right around the corner, this is a creative way to remember events throughout the year. There is a FREE downloadable monthly calendar to use too for your monthly TO DO reminders or projects.  Or use it as a monthly birthday reminder.  Record all your friends and family member’s birthdays for the entire year and keep it handy to reference every month- so you never forget a birthday, anniversary, or other important event!

Celebrate each day of 2016 by capturing favorite moments from every day!  Enjoy this free printable!

Click the link below to download –

Best of My Days 2016


New Year’s Eve DIY Decoration



These are a quick and easy DIY New Year’s Eve decoration for ringing in 2016! So easy!  Grab some gold balloons and your paint brush and let’s get started!


  • A dozen helium-filled gold or white latex balloons with gold string – SOLD HERE: GOLD BALLOONS 
  • 1 jar gold enamel paint or “liquid gold leaf”  or white paint
  • 1″ chip brush
  • Latex gloves

*These can be white or gold balloons painted with either gold or white paint- either way works, you decide!


1. Mix paint well.

2. While wearing gloves, hold balloon by the tied end.

3. Apply paint in quick, upward strokes toward the top of balloon. Continue until you go all the way around the balloon. Don’t fuss over perfectly even brush strokes – the hand-painted look is the goal here. And keep in mind, you only want to paint the bottom one third of each balloon.

4. Allow to dry, then add some extra ribbon or a tassel for decoration.

Tip: Hi-Float is a great product for making your balloons stay up longer.


These painted balloons are also stunning at a wedding as a table centerpiece.  Or prefect at any celebration!  Thanks for stopping by the Party Fetti website today!