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Superbowl Party Snack Recipe Roundup


Now that New Year’s Eve 2015 is almost upon us, we can start planning ahead for the next big event in 2015!

We almost always either host or attend a Superbowl party every year, even if we are not big fans of either team playing. I remeber last year my friend won big money at our party after betting on the game at FanDuel so they’ll be hoping for that again this year! But hosting these big Superbowl parties can be hardwork so here is a roundup of Superbowl party recipes for easy snacks to prepare for your guests!



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We are always happy to custom make anything you need for your upcoming Superbowl Party! Anything you see in our shop can be tailored to your football team colors!

Christmas Gift Ideas – Shop Unique


Shop Unique

As many of you know I run a small business from my home.  I am a vendor for  around 30 event and wedding planners all over the world.  I specialize in making custom party favors and decorations and of course my top seller is pinwheels– in just about any color or design you can think of! I often laugh because people ask me all the time, “You can make a living from making pinwheels?”  I usually respond with, “Of course not! But I do make an income from the 10 to 12 monthly larger wedding orders, the additional sales in my four unique Etsy shops, and I make around 350 other handmade items, so its not just pinwheels.”

This year I am encouraging all my blog readers and visitors to visit Etsy online and to purchase at least one item that is designed and made by an actual individual.


 This year, I am participating in a collective market called SHOP UNIQUE sponsored by Handmadeology– which is a wonderful website for selling resources, tips and articles for handmade sellers.  You can read more about the holiday program, sign up as a handmade seller, and find many shops participating and organized into categories by clicking on the link here-


While I love to shop at Target, HomeGoods, World Market and a few other trendy large national retailers- I myself purchase many of my Christmas gifts from small business owners and part-time sellers on Etsy.  After all, Etsy sellers are generally the biggest supporters of handmade.   Sure, I can buy that yummy smelling soap, I especially  love Zum Bar Soap, that is made right here in Kansas City, but they are big now and distributed in every local grocery store- so any of my family or friends can now pick that up.

 If I am going to buy handmade soap- the first place I shop is on Etsy.  Check out all the options below-

 And don’t be put off by shipping costs- many sellers offer free shipping during the holidays or coupon discount codes to offset the cost.  However if you are like me- I tend to think of shipping fees as just part of shopping online.  Most people don’t realize that often retailers mark up their goods anywhere from 200% to 400%, depending on what it is, because they have to add in their distribution and delivery cost as well.  Essentially, you are still paying for shipping at the big retail stores- its just spread over the thousands of that one item seen in every retail location, all over the country.

I’ll be showcasing some wonderful handmade items and Etsy shops here on my blog over the next few weeks to help you with your holiday decorating and gift giving.


Starting with a good artisan friend of mine, Jenny Tucker, who often features her own designs on her blog,

 The Seeds of Inspiration

The Seeds of Inspiration

My favorite handmade item is her

mod trendy coaster sets

Coasters Christmas Holiday Festive Drink Coaster

and she also makes beautiful wool felted goods, which can all be found in the


Home Decor & Christmas Gifts
Home Decor & Christmas Gifts

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The Party Fetti Shop 

as well for all your holiday decorating this coming Christmas and New Year’s Eve for decking your halls with some


Vintage Tea Party Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower In Vintage Tea Party Theme

If you are planning a bridal shower in the near future- I have the perfect shower theme to inspire you.  The vintage tea party theme is trending right now for bridal showers.  It’s classic and sophisticated.  Plus all the ladies can dress up and you can encourage all the guests to wear a big hat for the shower. Make it a true soiree with requested dress attire – you could even provide a box of vintage found hats for the guests to wear.  Today, I am featuring some amazing tea party tablescapes.

This is a fairly easy bridal shower theme to put together.  To keep it under budget- ask around to see if you can borrow a family member’s vintage china or visit a thrift store and buy a mash up of old tea cups and saucers.  Yep, a mix and match of china is absolutely fine for this set up and would even look stunning. Add in some vintage mason jars and vintage or new decorative tea pots for your flower vases.

To get the look of the vintage tea party you will want plenty of flowers and most set ups feature fresh roses in light pink and white and accents of baby’s breath.

Although, you can still pull off the look with silk flowers as well.  This shower above features silks glued around a painted decorative wood picture frame and it looks just as beautiful as fresh flowers.  Add in some elements of gold with gold candlesticks or gold plated utensils and of course don’t forget to drape pearls here and there.

Lace is a must for this theme. Use it as bunting, for your tablecloth and even draped it across frames and as a table backdrop. If you can’t find vintage lace linens- there is no shortage of new table linens in lacy patterns and designs – you can even use curtains in sheer lace fabric.  Paper doilies on all your plates will look so shabby chic too.  Most tea parties feature a sweets table but I recommend offering some healthy options too- such as strawberries and raspberries.

Ask the bride for some old photos of herself and the groom, either growing up as kids or the two of them together, and use them at the event.  Black and white is best (color photos can be professionally transitioned to black and white- or you can even photocopy color photos in black and white) and they can be added to picture frames or even hang them up as a bunting.

One last tip for the shower- bring in a bit of violet color in your flowers or shower decor.  This year’s color pick by Pantone is Ultra Violet and the tea party theme is perfect for adding in this shade of color. Be sure to spend some time asking the bride about her likes and dislikes for food and decor as well.  Add in a personal touch and surprise her.  Maybe she loves daisies or strawberry shortcake and would love that you remembered this and included it at her shower.

Come back next week to the The Party Fetti website – I will be featuring big balloons for weddings and for amazing photo shoot ideas!

Christmas Table Settings


When the spread is this stylish, no one will notice if you overcook the ham on Christmas Day!

Before getting to the top ten trendy styles for setting up your Christmas dining table this year, be sure to stop by my Etsy shops this week for all your Christmas decorations. Don’t forget, as it’s Christmas you might want to treat yourself to a new dining table as well. Why not take a look at this glass dining table and chairs clearance?

Visit any of my shops below for this year’s trends –




Let’s start with Farmhouse– its the big home decor trend right now and of course it is also popular for Christmas decorating.

So, if you don’t have this expensive vintage model red truck with a Christmas tree in the back . . .

. . . don’t worry, there is no need to rush out and pay for this! In fact, I highly recommend passing on it. Why? It is not worth the price tag and will most likely not be in style a few years from now! Some home design trends can be skipped, especially if it is not in your budget.

You should set up your home and your dining table for Christmas in YOUR style not with exactly the same popular cookie cutter item that so many will have in their home. Honestly, this red truck image is a bit redundant – on every pillow, gift bag, not too mention so many popular home decor blogs.

So, let’s get to the trends, that you can put together on a budget and in your own style.


Farmhouse is a mix of vintage items with rustic and woodsy decor, at least for the past few years and is still trending this Christmas and its very easy to create a farmhouse table setting- without that red truck! Visit an antique store for some old ceramic putz houses, smaller Christmas trees, wood candle holders, other vintage decor, and any rustic style painted signs you can find locally. Gather some oldie decorations for your centerpiece, add in some natural wood elements, and give it some height. Place settings for the farmhouse style consist of vintage plates and glasses. Goodwill or your local thrift shop is a great and affordable place to find really nice vintage gold and silver plated tableware.


Next up is traditional Plaid – it is an easy go-to and never goes out of style for Christmas.


The updated version of plaid is Buffalo Check– big black and red squares.


I like to call this next style Wintry – its icy blue and silver with strong elements of white.


Woodsy has been popular the past few years and is still very much in for this year. Pull together sliced tree slabs, natural pine cones, fresh or fake evergreen sprigs, and add in some miniature deer, elk, birds, bears or other forest creatures to get the look.


You can never go wrong with a style of Sophisticated Elegance and the best way to achieve this style at your Christmas table is to keep it simple and in a monotone (one) color scheme. This predominately silver set-up is a good example. All gold works just as well too!


Shabby Chic has been around for a while and is wonderful way to create an atmosphere of comfort and nostalgia. The American version is lots of pinks, light blue, and mint green layered on creme. For a more French style of shabby chic, stick with elements of grey and black layered on stark white. The key decorative elements include – vintage lacy or crochet linens, chandeliers, crystal, and lots of roses.


Scandinavian has its style roots from mid-century (1950’s) and is a reduction of everything. It is simple and clean. Think IKEA- but not as contemporary. This table setting is a good example- pick only one or two decorative pieces (snowflake candles and embroidered hearts shown below) and repeat it without over-doing it. Red is definite must for creating this style, as it is a dominate color in the culture and pairs perfectly for Christmas.


There is not a darn thing wrong with Whimsical. If you pull it off, it can be fun and still classy. It also makes a perfect set up if you plan to sit all the children at your Christmas dinner at a separate table. What defines this style? Any theme that is a bit more childlike- peppermint, Christmas movie themes, more non-traditional colors like neon brights or pastel pinks and blues. Consider your table as Wooville in How the Grinch Stole Christmas and go from there for a whimsical style.


Last is Traditional – basically dominate colors of red and green. No need to spend a lot of money on this one. Use your tableware and add in a solid red and solid green or even white with these two dominate colors layered on top. Go with fabric for your linens in these two solid colors for your tablecloth, place mats, and napkins. Lots of candles are great for the table center. An easy and inexpensive table centerpiece can be created using red and green glass bulb ornaments fill inside a large clear glass bowl or vase.

So, there you have it – 10 Christmas table styles to get you ready of your holiday gathering.

Come back and visit the blog for more holiday inspiration and decorating ideas!

Plan Your Party or Wedding Early


Today, I want to help you start planning your party with a FREE printable party planner that you can print out and start getting ready for this year’s birthday party!  Scroll down for the FREE printable planner.

First, let’s talk about what is trending for birthday parties and baby showers for 2017.  Custom prints and personalized party decor is hot!

Oh sure, you could shop at that big box retail party store, but why? If you are planning ahead by at least 6 to 8 full weeks for an upcoming birthday party, baby shower, wedding, or any celebration- why not order in custom or personalized party decorations to coordinate to your party theme?!

Oh whoa!  Did that planning timeline throw you off? It’s actually smart and less stressful to start planning your children’s birthdays right now.  Why not?  At least start thinking of your theme and/or color scheme and ask them for some input! Even if their birthday is not until August, you can start shopping for custom made to order items on Etsy now.  In fact, you should!  

Sadly, I have to turn so many custom order requests away in the spring and summer months because mothers and brides wait until the last minute to plan and organize their birthday party for their little one’s special day.  I think Etsy shoppers sometimes forget that much of what is offered on Etsy is made to order, after checkout and many seller’s on Etsy have a full-time job.  Mine just happens to be my full-time business as a direct vendor for event planners all over the United States.

Yes, in most cases- I can ship many items from THE PARTY FETTI SHOP right away!  Ready to ship inventory is no problem but for my custom made items, I need my full 14 business day production time, so I can schedule orders out.  During my busiest time of year, spring and summer, I generally have 5 to 8 custom orders a day to get done and shipping out by customer deadlines.

However if you plan ahead, as early as now, custom party decor is the way to go!

Did you know that PINWHEEL PRETTIES offers prints in every party theme to coordinate to your event?

 Every party you can dream up, I’ve got you covered!  Prints in every style are available for a Circus party, Under The Sea, Finding Dora, Rainbow, Polka Dots, and we’ll even help out with Disney themes too!  Some of our top requested design are previewed below –

Personalized Party Decorations

Everything from flowers and birds to . . .

Paper Pinwheels

Rainbow brights and Dr. Seuss prints and more. . .

Summer Birthday Party

And some of my most popular prints for summer are gingham, bumble bees, ladybugs, strawberry and cherry, and of course red, white and blue for 4th of July!

I now offer bunting and banners in custom prints and as easy DIY Pinwheel Kits are new in my craft supply shop- READY SET CRAFT KITS

Or I offer stunning solid pinwheels in a mix of bright or pastel colors in any requested color scheme and size of pinwheels too!

Check out all our available designer custom made pinwheels in both our shops below –



(My wedding shop will be reopen soon)

Yes, I offer pinwheels for brides and their wedding decor too!  Start planning your 2017 wedding now!

Pinwheel Arbor

 And now for the FREE printable party planner!  Snag your party planner by clicking the image below or the highlighted link below.

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Thanks for stopping by and come back soon for more party inspiration.