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Fall Baby Shower


Fall Baby Shower

Baby Shower Inspiration

Who says flowers are just for spring and summer!? This baby shower incorporates flowers in a winter baby shower and by using trendy accents of gold too.
So many vintage details too!  The ruffled rosette banner in gold and soft pink is so sweet.
More soft tissue flowers as cupcake toppers and these are handmade too.
Cookies, candies and sweets all with a touch of gold really ties in the overall theme of the baby shower.

These oversized flowers are truly stunning!
If you are planning a baby shower, I hope these ideas have inspired you.  For many more baby shower ideas, click here to visit my Pinterest board – BABY SHOWER

Baby Shower DIY




  • 4 onesies (most come in a pack of 4)
  • 4 receiving blankets (most also come in a pack of 4)
  • 4 regular size coffee filters (base diameter 3.25″)
  • 4 rubber bands
  • 4 pieces of ribbon
  • 1 cupcake box (Wilton’s offers these as window treat boxes in a pack of 3 at size 4″ x 8″ x 8″)


  1. Fold your receiving blanket lengthwise into thirds. This will be the base of your cupcake.
  2. Gather your onesie as best as you can (hold with one hand and poke into your fist).  This will be the “frosting” of the cupcake. I made sure the applique shape was at the top so that there was a pop of color.
  3. Wrap your receiving blanket around and around your onesie, starting at the bottom. Secure with a rubber band.
  4. Place it inside of a coffee filter (the “wrapper” of the cupcake) and tie a ribbon around it.
  5. Repeat four times to make all four of your onesie cupcakes.  Or make as many as you want for shower decor or more gifts for the guest of honor.


These are deliciously cute laid out on a table at the baby shower or in a basket.


Or add them inside your window treat box and give them as a gift to the mother-to-be at the shower.


Decorate your window treat box with some fun colorful washi tape (polka dots are fun as shown on these) and by finishing up  your box by tying it up a bow with some added ribbon and a gift tag.


They almost look good enough to EAT! Huzzah!


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Baby Shower Favors & Easy DIY Project


Need a baby shower table centerpiece that does double duty as a gift for the mom-to-be and that is practical, economical, and adorable?

Diaper Babies are an easy go to craft project for your baby shower!


Check out all the different styles and colors for inspiration to make your adorable and easy little Diaper Babies.

8c802fdc14912621f321411587a65a17 Start by picking up a pretty tin or plastic bucket, basket, or even a baby bather would be ideal.


Then, head over to the baby section of your local retail store and pick up an assortment of baby lotions, baby wipes, and other newborn necessities for your mom-to-be.  Put all your store bought accessories together in your container and cradle in a few handmade “diaper babies” for a fun and practical gift!

The kicker is, this gift also looks perfect as a table centerpiece at the baby shower!

Here’s What You’ll Need for Each Baby:

  • Disposable Diaper
  • Baby Washcloth
  • Baby Sock
  • Permanent Marker or googly eyes
  • Tape
  • Baby Headband or Pacifier Clip (optional)

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Roll the diaper into a cylinder. Top with a baby sock to hold closed.
  2. Fold a baby washcloth in half, then wrap around the diaper. Use a piece of tape to secure in place.
  3. Wrap the “baby” with a baby headband or decorate with a pacifier clip (optional).
  4. Use a permanent marker to draw a little face on the diaper.
  5. Create a gift basket with the remaining diapers from the package and other baby items, such as lotion, powder, diaper ointment, baby wash, etc.

Remember if you just don’t have the time to make your own baby shower favors or shower decorations- come visit us at

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Brews & Bowling Baby Shower

I recently found out that another group of my friends are pregnant all at the same time. Seems like it happens that way, in groups. When we had our LO, there was a group preggo with me as well. So, in the spirit of things, I started looking for Baby Shower ideas. I came across this awesome theme on Hostess with the Mostess, she’s been right up my alley lately.

You can’t forget about Dad! Either throw him his own party, or get everyone together and have a mixer. I know a few people that have done “Brews and Diapers” parties for the men-only crowd – keeps things simple and the guys don’t have to wade through aisles of overwhelming baby stuff to buy a gift. “Dad-chelor” parties are a pretty big deal lately, so join in on the fun!

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood

The main goal of a party is of course to celebrate the guest of honor, but it’s also important to make sure your guests are having fun as well. Which is why I love this Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood, which was beautifully photographed by Angela Bartunek of Aster & Olive Photography and put together by the couples’ family & friends! The laid back vibe combined with retro decor creates the perfect atmosphere for everyone to have a total blast catching up, bowling & eating some delicious, non-fussy food (who doesn’t love sliders + beer?!). The competitive folks among us really got into the bowling. A friend of mine insisted on using his own bowling balls and spent half the night explaining How to Clean A Bowling Ball With DIY & Commercial Cleaners!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Teal tissue paper pinwheel welcome sign backdrop, paper chain links & polka dot garlands
– Baby blue painted bowling trophy food stand centerpieces + a retro teal & red tablescape
– Old school treats like Cracker Jacks & swirl lollipops + simple cupcakes & soda pop
– A retro bowling alley invitation, chalkboard signs + candy bag party favors

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood


Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood

Brews & Bowling Baby Shower: A Celebration into Parenthood


PARTY DETAILS as told by Angela

As an afternoon celebration for parents-to-be, Charity & Ben, many of their family and friends came together at Mahall’s 20 Lane Bowling Alley in Lakewood (Cleveland) Ohio. The couples’ shower included open bowling to keep guests engaged and entertained, a few heart felt well-wishes from some of their stellar parent friends, lots of wonderful food, sweets and an open bar for everyone but Charity! Best part of all? Charity and Ben decided to open their baby gifts at home and let their guests truly just enjoy the party; everyone was so thankful.