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Paper Dahlia Flower Cone Wreath Tutorial


These decorative wall flowers really make a stunning statement in the home- or make several and use them behind your party table as a backdrop. They are often called Dahlia flower wreaths or chrysanthemum flower wreaths.  They look great hanging on the door or on the wall.  If done in all red, they also resemble Poinsettia flowers and look great with some red or gold glitter added to the tips for Christmas.  I love that they can me made in all one color-

Or in a mix of bright or soft pastel colors-

The prep on these can take some time, you will need to set aside a few hours to complete one wreath, as they do require many paper cones.  However, once the cones are all rolled and glued together- the assembly is quick.   These really do look stunning on the wall, because they are a three-dimensional piece of art.  Let’s gather your supplies and get started!

10 to 15 sheets – 8 1/2″ x 11″ card stock paper in any one solid color or a mix of colors
Hot glue gun / Super glue or tacky glue (optional)
Hot glue sticks
15-inch diameter cardboard circle (cut from a box or chipboard)
Scissors or straight cutter


  1. Select your colors of card stock.  It’s a good idea to plan out your design- are you going to make your cone wreath in all one color or a mix of colors?  Pull several sheets of your selected colors of card stock.
  2. With scissors or a straight cutter (generally the straight cutter will make the process go much faster)- cut (30) 7-by-7 -inch squares, (12) 5-by-5 -inch squares, (9) 3-by-3 -inch squares, and (7) 1-by-1 -inch squares out of your pieces of craft paper. Measure the sizes with a ruler and mark lightly with a pencil
  3. Now that all your squares are cut, to make the cones-take one of the squares and roll it into a cone shape. Hold the cone together by applying hot glue to the first side of your curl and then curl the other corner over it, pressing it onto the glue. Try to keep your cones as uniform as possible.  You do not need much hot glue- using your glue gun tip, smear it so it is a flat line, rather than a blob of glue as this will help your seam of your cone to lay flat.  If you prefer a more permanent glue, you can use a tacky craft glue and some clothespins to secure each cone until they dry.  Super glue is an option too I personally prefer the hot glue as it goes much faster.  Refer to the illustrations below to help form your cones.

Constructing The Cones & Assembling The Wreath

  1. Place the 15-inch circular card board circle or chipboard circle (I cut mine with a flipped over round Tupperware container by tracing around it onto a cardboard box but you can even use a a woven place mat, as shown below- place it on a flat surface. You will be using the hot glue gun to glue the cones to the circle. The cones should have the thinnest point facing in towards the center of the place mat.  I like to also trace a few different sizes of circles on my cardboard circle – just to help line up the cone tips and keep everything nice and even- but if you have a good eye, this is not necessary.
  2. To start, glue four 7-inch cones to the place mat letting the end of each cone overhang the place mat by 3 inches. One should be placed on the top, one on the bottom, one on the left, and one on the right. It should look like a compass and will allow you to evenly distribute your cone.

  1. Fill in the spaces between your four cones with more 7-inch cones remembering to let them all go past the edge of the placemat by 3 inches
  2. Next, hot glue another row of 7-inch cones on top of the existing row of 7-inch cones. Place them in the grooves created by the first row of cones. All of the pointed cone tips will meet in the center of the place mat.

  1. Hot glue a circular row of 5-inch cones within the grooves of the 7-inch cones followed by a row of 3-inch cones on the grooves of the 5-inch cones
  2. With the remaining (7) 1-inch cones hot glue (6) on top of the 3-inch cones and with the last 1-inch cone, glue it into the center
  3. To hang your wreath on the wall, simply add a ribbon loop on the back or you can Super glue a professional nail bracket to the back.

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DIY Flower Wreath Or Bouquet



A bouquet of fresh flowers is a beautiful sight; however after a few days in a vase they wither away. Why pay a fortune for fresh flowers when you can create a gorgeous paper bouquet or a flower wreath that lasts a lifetime, by using pages from a book! And don’t feel guilty about ripping up expensive books… get one from a thrift store for cheap! The flowers create a beautiful, timeless pattern that’s perfect for home décor or gifts. Use these flowers to embellish a wreath, decorate a book-themed party, scatter as a table arrangement, add as gift toppers, or gather together to form a lasting floral arrangement in a vase or on a wreath.


The instructions for the flowers are for the flower style shown above, but there are so many different styles of flowers to make too!  So get creative and make as many different styles of flowers as you want for your bouquet or wreath.


 Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Book
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Craft Sticks, Glass Marbles, Vase, or styrofoam wreath form (optional)

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

1.) To make each flower, rip out six pages from your book. Cut various petal sizes in your desired shape, ranging from 2″ to 3.5″.  Gently roll each book petal around the pencil (see image #1) to create a curved shaped petal.




2.) Starting with your smallest petal, roll it completely into a tunnel shape to make your middle piece (see image #2), and seal it closed at the bottom with hot glue.





3.) Wrap a new petal around the middle piece, and glue in place at the bottom. Layer outward and shape as you go, gluing each new petal in place at the bottom of your flower (see image #3).





Once the flower is finished, it can be mounted on a craft stick or bamboo skewer, and placed into a vase.  Or simply hot glue each flower to a ribbon wrapped styrofoam wreath form.

Make as many flowers as needed for your wreath or bouquet.

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Valentine’s Day Doily Wreath Tutorial


Doily Wreath

I love the trending vintage style and it fits so well with Valentine’s Day decor.  Today I am sharing a DIY tutorial on how to make a vintage style wreath for Valentine’s Day from paper lace doilies.  So easy and inexpensive!  Let’s get started:


  • 1 Styrofoam Wreath Form (any size you want)
  • Lace Paper Doilies (approx. 100 to 150 and in any color)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Ribbon (for hanging)

Where to get your doilies?  READY SET CRAFT KITS shop offers round and heart shape DOILIES

Ready Set Craft Kits

If you want to order them in online or you can pick them up locally this time of year, with Valentine’s Day coming up, they seem to be available at most big retail box stores or your local arts and crafts supply store.


Create Folded Doilies –  Take each doily, fold it in half in the middle, bring one end of the doily to the center of your fold in the front (where your thumb is) and the other end to the middle in the back to create an “S” shape or an accordion fold.  It is best to do all your folding before hot gluing them to your wreath. See the tutorial below for a better visual-

Doily Wreath DIY

While holding your folded doily, add a small dot of hot glue at the bottom point where the folds come together.

Wreath made with doilies

Assemble Wreath – Once you have made all your folds, you are ready to start adding them to your wreath.  Add a small amount of hot glue to the base of each doily and bend the base or pointed end slightly to adhere to your styrofoam wreath.  The folded doilies look best applied at various angles to fill out the wreath.

How To Make A Doily Wreath

Apply your doilies fairly close together so they will appear fluffy and full.  Add in more doilies as your work around your wreath.  Once completely covered, you may fill in holes with more doilies if you notice some open areas on your wreath form.  Add a looped ribbon to the back for hanging, or you can simply loop it around your finished wreath to hang it.

DIY Doily Wreath Tutorial

Now you are all done and ready to display your Vintage Style Valentine’s Day Wreath on your front door!

Doily Wreath

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Its all about red, pink and LOVE for decorating your front door for Valentine’s Day! Here is a roundup of creative wreaths in celebration of love for hanging on your front door this Valentine’s Day!


A stunning dried flower wreath in a heart shape is perfect hanging inside your home.


DIY your own paper wreath by making hearts with strips of cardstock paper and gluing them in a circle with hanging ribbon at the top. Love this DIY!


The ribbon loop wreaths are still trending this year and this stunning wreath features a Valentine’s sentiment in the center with love birds!

Get your home ready for Valentine’s Day with a front door wreath to greet your guests with a little LOVE!


Valentine’s Day Wreath



Here is an easy Valentine’s Day DIY LOVE Wreath– made with clothespins for your front door or hang it up for a Valentine’s Day Party!


Easy to make with just standard size wood clothes pins, a wire wreath frame, and scrapbooking paper.


Simply cover the top of all your wood clothespins with a coordinating mix of designer pattern cardstock or scrapbooking paper and clip all your clothespins to the wire wreath frame.  Add some embellishments in rolled paper flowers or paper hearts would be ideal too and you’re done!

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