Party Like It’s 2019!

The new year is around the corner.  If you are like me, trying to get through Christmas, planning for another celebration less than a week later, can be stressful.  It seems as though New Year’s Eve always sneaks up on everyone. Just when you have had enough time to recoup from Christmas, its time to get going on the planning again.  Preparing for a New Year’s Eve party, for me at least, ends up being a last minute run to three different retail stores getting all the decorations, tableware, games . . .  and of course the booze! 

Good news! Order your decorations online with less stress and be ready to par-tah! Stop by and click here- 

The Party Fetti Shop 

. . .to get your banners, hanging fans, and tableware delivered right to your front door.

Get your bar ready for guests for classic and contemporary cocktails with fancy stir sticks and more!

Deck out your home or venue with confetti and balloons!

Finally, I love this idea- leave the Christmas tree up and add in some clock faces and countdown numbers for a New Year’s Eve tree! FUN!

Be sure to stop by all my shops after the holidays as I always have a huge


The best time to buy holiday decorations, is when they are clearanced!  Buy on sale and store away until next year! I would rather ship it than pack it and store it- so come on by!  Click on any of my shop links below to browse.

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The Party Fetti Shop