Photobucket Holding Photos For Ransom

Photobucket Photonapped My Photos & Blog

If you landed on this website last week hoping to find amazing party inspiration but instead found the Photobucket image all over my blog this was because my photos along with thousands of other bloggers and websites were blocked by Photobucket unless we paid Photobucket $400 a year.  Yep, thousands of other bloggers, websites, and even Amazon and other big retail websites that all hosted their photos on Photobucket (a third party service) are now being forced to pay, practically overnight, for what was once a completely free service.  Most of us were either going to face spending hours removing and replacing all the Photobucket images or our hands are tied to pay them.  It was not even the Photobucket images that were the real issue- when they implement the coding across the board on all their stored hosted photos and images- they added a malware type code that would not allow my website to load quickly too.  So one to two minutes for my website to actually come up when someone clicked on a link to it. . . basically meant they would leave or close the browser window before it could load and that meant NO TRAFFIC on my website last week.  No worries- there is a FIX!  Read below for help.

UPDATE– I found a WordPress Pro that fixed my website/blog and got all the images removed and my website loading fast again in a matter of about 15 minutes and charged me less than the one month fee that Photobucket is charging.  If you are in this same mess and need help, you can visit his Facebook page – HERE

Send him a message and he will get back to you fairly quickly.  He is a WordPress Pro, was very professional and yes, I promise he is legit!  I paid him via PayPal and he fixed everything on my website immediately.

More about Photobucket and what is going on – 

The 14-year-old photo hosting site recently stopped letting outside sites display its photos for free, a move that instantly broke images on blogs, home pages, and eBay and Amazon listings, and infuriated longtime users.  Photobucket defines 3rd-party hosting as the action of embedding an image or photo onto another website, such as using the <img> tag to embed or display a JPEG image from your Photobucket account on another website such as a forum, Etsy, eBay auction listings, a blog, etc, is definitively 3rd-party hosting.

Some users are even having trouble downloading their own images, driving home an expensive lesson: Never trust a third-party site to hold onto your data and photos forever.   Which leads me to ask if the CLOUD, where many of us keep much of our data stored, may possibly implement a similar fee in the future as well.

Many bloggers, like me, are calling this act by Photobucket, “extortion”, “ransom” . . . and many are referring to the company by some other colorful names.   Most of us small business owners and bloggers can not afford this 400% increase.  While I certainly understand Photobucket’s fee request for covering their bandwidth bills for serving up images for folks on other websites; on the other hand, it was not necessary to implement a fee almost overnight that is unattainable by most small business owners.  A much smaller monthly fee would have been a reasonable request and most of us would have paid it- most likely begrudgingly, nonetheless- but we would have paid.

An equally EVIL comparison to Photobucket’s actions-

One can only hold out and hope for help and justice . . . remember this guy, Martin Shkreli, who was villainized for his act of drug price gouging- he was later arrested in karma like justice for securities fraud.

Don’t worry- Photobucket is going down, down, DOWN and no one is paying them for hosting.  Everyone is jumping off that sinking ship so justice is swift and Karma does exist! As for me, I am just grateful to have my website looking normal again.