DIY Outdoor Wall Art


Wall Art

This outdoor wall art is trendy and low maintenance – perfect for a covered patio or backyard deck. With a modern geometric shape and faux succulents, that never have to be watered, this piece will look stunning anywhere in your outdoor living space!  Let’s get started with the tutorial. Gather your supplies and read on.

Birch logs (set of 3)
Assortment of faux succulents
Spanish moss
Hot glue gun


How To Instructions:

1.) First lay the logs out on your protected work space in a triangle pattern, so that one end of each is on top and the other end on the bottom of the next log.

2.) Next, grab your twine and wrap and bind each end with the twine, wrapping until you feel they are secure. The first corner you wrap will feel a little loose, but will be more secure once all the corners are wrapped. Knot the twine behind the logs when you’re done wrapping them.

succulent wall art

3.) Determine which side you want to be the bottom and place a line of hot glue across it. Press down a layer of Spanish moss firmly on the hot glue.  Before gluing, arrange your succulents you plan to use precisely where you want them. Trim the stems down to ~1 1/2″. Hot glue the succulents in place on top of the Spanish moss. Turn the logs around to the back and make sure the succulents are securely in place. Add more hot glue to press them to the log as needed.  Add another layer of Spanish moss on top of the succulent stems using more hot glue.

4.) Finally, add a loop of twine to the back of your top wrapped twine so you can hang it.

Wall Art

Now you have a new addition to your outdoor living space.  These succulents look real and this wall art can be hung anywhere.

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