Saint Patrick’s Day DIY Burlap Art



I host a Wine & Crafting Ladies Night at my home, once a month during the winter months.  Before Christmas, it is usually a great project that some of my friends can do together to make a quick handmade gift for friends and family for the holidays.  I’ve been hosting this for about two years now and my girlfriends seem to really enjoy it.  Plus, did I mention we drink WINE!

I think the wine helps take the stress off any unskilled crafter.  I try to pick projects that are super easy and fast that really require no artistic training, so that all of us have great time and just enjoy each other’s company, while feeling like we accomplished a project.

So this was a tutorial that I found on Pinterest.  First type a word in Microsoft Word and print from a home printer (everyone picked a different word) and then simply lay your cut square burlap piece over the printed word on paper and trace with a sharpie marker. A fine tip in black works best but I used green on mine, since I was adding a shamrock.  Super easy!


I felt like I needed a little art in my home for Saint Patrick’s Day.  

Being the hostess for the night, it was a little rushed.  It did not come out as neat and nice as some of the other’s designs.  Actually, mine was the most messy!  I think if we had a light box, it would have made the tracing much easier- but who the heck has one of those fancy tools! I would love to give this DIY project another try but with tracing the letters with a piece of chalk and then actually painting them on with acrylic paint.  Here are the other’s great burlap art designs-


My friend has two little adorable Doxie dogs, so of course she did DOXIE with a paw print for hers- I think it was my favorite one!


We all had a great time.  If you have some close girlfriends, I highly recommend hosting a Ladies Night too.  Of course, wine is optional.


Thanks for stopping by Party Fetti.  Come back soon for more creative DIY projects!