Valentine’s Day Doily Wreath Tutorial


Doily Wreath

I love the trending vintage style and it fits so well with Valentine’s Day decor.  Today I am sharing a DIY tutorial on how to make a vintage style wreath for Valentine’s Day from paper lace doilies.  So easy and inexpensive!  Let’s get started:


  • 1 Styrofoam Wreath Form (any size you want)
  • Lace Paper Doilies (approx. 100 to 150 and in any color)
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue
  • Ribbon (for hanging)

Where to get your doilies?  READY SET CRAFT KITS shop offers round and heart shape DOILIES

Ready Set Craft Kits

If you want to order them in online or you can pick them up locally this time of year, with Valentine’s Day coming up, they seem to be available at most big retail box stores or your local arts and crafts supply store.


Create Folded Doilies –  Take each doily, fold it in half in the middle, bring one end of the doily to the center of your fold in the front (where your thumb is) and the other end to the middle in the back to create an “S” shape or an accordion fold.  It is best to do all your folding before hot gluing them to your wreath. See the tutorial below for a better visual-

Doily Wreath DIY

While holding your folded doily, add a small dot of hot glue at the bottom point where the folds come together.

Wreath made with doilies

Assemble Wreath – Once you have made all your folds, you are ready to start adding them to your wreath.  Add a small amount of hot glue to the base of each doily and bend the base or pointed end slightly to adhere to your styrofoam wreath.  The folded doilies look best applied at various angles to fill out the wreath.

How To Make A Doily Wreath

Apply your doilies fairly close together so they will appear fluffy and full.  Add in more doilies as your work around your wreath.  Once completely covered, you may fill in holes with more doilies if you notice some open areas on your wreath form.  Add a looped ribbon to the back for hanging, or you can simply loop it around your finished wreath to hang it.

DIY Doily Wreath Tutorial

Now you are all done and ready to display your Vintage Style Valentine’s Day Wreath on your front door!

Doily Wreath

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