What the Angels Eat


To me, summer is watermelons.  Melons in general are wonderful, but there’s something about that heavenly, sweet, melt in your mouth watermelon that is special.  So special, in fact, that I found an overwhelming amount of ideas in my save folder that I had to create a post about it!

The great thing about watermelons is that they are delicious, pretty and fun to work with.  Let’s check out some ideas on how to decorate a watermelon, decorate with watermelons, and some decorative ways to eat a watermelon.

From frogs and monsters to race cars and pirate ships, this is just a taste of the many ways you can carve a watermelon.  A decorative bowl and treat in one?  OK!


From Graduation parties to fun boy birthdays- watermelons are ideal for carving up and serving a salad inside and also displaying them on the table in creative ways.



Watermelon table centerpieces can be designed to coordinate to any party theme- from creatures of the deep to the beach.



The more elaborate, the better! Perfect for an ice cream party or an Alice in Wonderland teaparty.



Love this easy to carve puffer fish or the baby cradle.



How whimsical is this porcupine and the pirate ship.


Now that we’ve carved up all that delicious melon, what interesting ways can we eat it?  The kid friendly (and less messy to eat) way to cut a watermelon!


Use any cookie cutter to decorate!  A variety of pieces stuck on toothpicks and set in the carved rind of a watermelon is a pretty fun idea.

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I never thought of either of these ideas.  Love it!


Watermelon, Feta and mint salad in a rind.  Fun!


I love this idea and want to do it this summer!  Several directions are available using your favorite search engine on the web.  It’s usually called a watermelon keg.

Alcohol not necessary – it’s also a fun way to mold gelatin.


Forget fruit salad, get kids to eat a fruit pizza!

Regardless of your theme or event, THE PARTY FETTI SHOP, is here to help you with a variety of ready to ship and custom made party favors and decorations.  Come visit us soon and feel free to request a custom order for your upcoming birthday party, baby shower, or summer BBQ.

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