Viva el Partido!


Hello again, my friends!  It’s great to be back!  Summer time brings lots of fun and too much for one person to keep up with!  I’ll be back with you off and on to share some of my crazy crafty ideas and outrageous decorative finds.

In the meantime, let’s look over some Cinco de Mayo decorations and envision how they can be presented, as well show how they can be used for any gathering, including your every day decorations!

Banners and Bunting 5


Banners and Bunting, or garland, are quite universal and can be used for many types of decorations.  Imagine them floating down from the ceiling or spanning across a room.  They can add color and a festive feeling to any decor, alone or with other pieces!





Pinwheels and Rosettes

1 7

I have to say, Pinwheels and Rosettes are my favorite at the moment, and have been for quite some time!  They are unbelievably universal.  Their classy and whimsical style works for parties, formal gatherings, special events, every day decoration and more.  Stick a pinwheel in a flower pot, turn them into a banner or a wreath, combine them with rosettes for a beautiful display, decorate a photo booth or window and more!


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