Baby Shower Favors & Easy DIY Project


Need a baby shower table centerpiece that does double duty as a gift for the mom-to-be and that is practical, economical, and adorable?

Diaper Babies are an easy go to craft project for your baby shower!


Check out all the different styles and colors for inspiration to make your adorable and easy little Diaper Babies.

8c802fdc14912621f321411587a65a17 Start by picking up a pretty tin or plastic bucket, basket, or even a baby bather would be ideal.


Then, head over to the baby section of your local retail store and pick up an assortment of baby lotions, baby wipes, and other newborn necessities for your mom-to-be.  Put all your store bought accessories together in your container and cradle in a few handmade “diaper babies” for a fun and practical gift!

The kicker is, this gift also looks perfect as a table centerpiece at the baby shower!

Here’s What You’ll Need for Each Baby:

  • Disposable Diaper
  • Baby Washcloth
  • Baby Sock
  • Permanent Marker or googly eyes
  • Tape
  • Baby Headband or Pacifier Clip (optional)

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Roll the diaper into a cylinder. Top with a baby sock to hold closed.
  2. Fold a baby washcloth in half, then wrap around the diaper. Use a piece of tape to secure in place.
  3. Wrap the “baby” with a baby headband or decorate with a pacifier clip (optional).
  4. Use a permanent marker to draw a little face on the diaper.
  5. Create a gift basket with the remaining diapers from the package and other baby items, such as lotion, powder, diaper ointment, baby wash, etc.

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