Ring Ring Goes the Bell

Back to school time is here, are you ready?  Take some time off from shopping and organizing all those supplies, and have a little fun crafting!  I have found some easy projects for the kiddo’s to take to their new teacher, their new friends, or just to have at home as a treat for a great day.


Giggles Galore has instructions on making this fun chalkboard planter.  Whether you plant something in it for beauty, learning, or just use it for storage, it can be great for teachers or at home.


More chalk paint fun!  No directions needed for this Chalkboard Notebook.  Just use chalkboard paint and enjoy!


In case you need a refresher on how to make Chalkboard Paint!  You can also buy it in the store, but using left over paint and buying a small container of grout is a TON cheaper than a tiny container of commercial chalkboard paint at the store.


You can find instructions on how to make this super cute Ruler Wreath at Create.Craft.Love.  This is a multipurpose decoration for teachers and the home.


3D Decorative Apples are a fun way to decorate your Back to School party, classroom, or for any other theme (fall is around the corner!).


Speaking of apples, how about a decorative treat?  These Apple Treats are fun for school, or after school, if your Little One has had a great day!


Say Yes has the information on how to create this Notebook Tee.  I am definitely saving this one for my little guy, what a great way to send them off for their first (and/or last) day of the school year!  Regardless of age, this is a fun tradition to start.  Writing their name on it is a good way to introduce them to new friends!

PartyFetti and PinwheelPretties has all sorts of decor and party supplies for any type of occasion, even every day use!  Check out some of the Back to School themes below and head on over to get your order in now!

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