It’s a Grand Old Flag – Day!

Flag Day 2014 is coming up on Saturday, June 14th – the day before Father’s Day.  So, in preparation for the 4th of July celebrations, let’s re-purpose some decorations from the PartyFetti and PinwheelPretties shops!  Here are a few ideas on how to use products in various ways to keep things fresh and lively.


Rocket Streamers are great for any patriotic holiday, space, air, transportation themed party, or just for fun!


You can display them in the yard, on tables, or in the air just for starters!

flower wall

This Flower Wall would look awesome, regardless of color theme.  Head over to Meaningful Mama to learn how to make it.

BB Collage

A few more fun things to do with Rosettes.

Rosette Collage

Some examples of the Rosettes available at PartyFetti.

AB Collage

A few imaginative ways to get the most use out of your Pinwheels.

PW Collage

A little taste of what PinwheelPretties has to offer.


These 3D Stars come in standing and giant sizes, and can be used for patriotic holidays, winter holidays, personal holidays or for every day decor.  Hang ’em, display ’em, use ’em with a candle for a luminary!

Several items are available for shipping prior to our hiatus, so get shopping now!  Please be sure to check shipping estimates prior to ordering so you can anticipate delivery times.