May Day Preppers

While we’re hunkering down during the April showers, let’s get ready for May Day!  You will want to keep these ideas handy and use your imagination on how many different ways they can be used.  For example, the Light Bulb Flower Vases would be great for a tea party, Indoor Tulips could be made now in order to prepare for Mother’s Day later this month and Seed Bombs are great for weddings and baby showers (even Memorial Services).  Keep reading to learn how to make these projects and more!

MayDay flower candle

A Flower Pot Candle Holder by Praktic Ideas has a variety of uses.


These May Day Baskets by Crafts ‘n Coffee are great for every day, even decorating the aisle for The Big Day (weddings)!

may day light vulb vase

Light Bulb Vases by the Free People Blog are another versatile decoration that’s great to keep in mind for tea parties, showers and even weddings!