What do you do with  . . . “a girrrrrrl named Marrrrrriiiiia?”  Oops!  That was a Sound of Music moment.

  What I meant to say is, what do you do with a dry erase board that you accidently wrote on with a permanent marker?  Well, first you kick yourself for picking up the wrong marker and realizing in half way through writing on it (made up a sign to place on our front steps, to help people find our house for a recent baby shower), then you try to clean with everything from finger nail polish to paint thinner.  Wow!  When they claim “permanent” they really mean it! 

Then husband takes ruined board and sets it by the trash cans outside to become a new addition to the local landfill. . .wife sees it from her office, and has a creative PAPER MOMENT of inspiration.  Wife retrieves ruined board and makes it a HAPPY DAY!

OH, HAPPY DAY. . . did I mention it’s MAGNETIC!  Now its a MAGNETIC HAPPY DAY!

Have a HAPPY TuesDAY!


Great News!  I FINALLY opened my Etsy shop!  I’d been talking about it for about a year and just had not had a chance to get it going.  I’m also starting up a local event planning/party design business- PAPER MOMENTS!  I’ll be specializing in party favors and decor handmade from . . . what else- paper!
I’ve had this twig wreath hanging on my office door for a few months now and finally decided it needed a slight upgrade.  It was nice plain, it just needed a little something, something!  Ah-ha. . .I know, LITTLE YELLOW FLOWERS!  Below are the photos from before and after the REDO.
Plain Jane
Pretty Tiny Yellow Flowers with Clear Button and Pearl Centers
Have a great week.