Halloween Ghost Lollipops

How to Make Halloween Ghost Lollipops – Quick & Easy Tutorial

I am sure you have seen these Halloween ghost lollipops on Pinterest and other websites but I wanted to share my sparkly version and the easy instructions for making these little adorable Halloween lollipop ghost treats!  Let’s get started! Gather your supplies.


  • Scissors
  • Dum Dums suckers (or any brand of round suckers)
  • White Tissue Paper
  • Tulle Fabric (or any white fabric)
  • Baker’s Twine (or thin ribbon)
  • Stickles Glitter Glue (Black Diamond)


Once you have all your supplies, this project only takes about 15 minutes to make 12 or so of these cute ghosts.  I promise, this project goes fast!  Which makes it a great treat if you are under the wire to get some favors or treats made for a Halloween classroom party!

Step 1:  Cut all your fabric and tissue paper into small rectangles, or you can cut them into perfect squares- I preferred mine to be a little uneven so they would look more like ghost sheets. Also, if you don’t have any white fabric or tulle, you can actually use white paper towels to make these as well.  Since I used a sheer sparkly tulle fabric, I wanted to cover the colorful Dum Dum wrappers, so I used two layers of tissue paper wrapped around my suckers first.  Also, cut your ribbon or baker’s twine into about 6 inch long strips.

Step 2:  Hold your sucker upright and lay your piece of cut fabric/tulle on top of the sucker. Once you have wrapped your Dum Dum top, cinch the fabric around the base of the sucker, where it meets the stick and hold firmly and lay your sucker flat and tie up the base with your ribbon or twine and tie tightly with a bow. I used a baker’s twine with a metallic silver ply, for an extra shimmer in the bow- but you can certainly use thin ribbon in any design or solid color.

I tied up all my suckers all at once to make the process go faster, before I started adding the faces.  You can actually give these little ghosts without faces too-

Step 3:  Next, uncap your Stickles glitter and add your two eyes and mouth to the front of each tied up sucker.

TIP:  I created my long faces of my ghosts by adding a large dot and then using the end of my Stickles tip, I pulled the glob of glue downward.  This gives your ghost faces a droopy and ghostlike appearance.

That’s it!  Three steps and you are done.  Let your Halloween ghost favors dry overnight and they are ready to go.  I love this project because there is no baking and no sewing and kids love them too.

These would look great poked into a Styrofoam block and displayed standing up, as cupcake toppers or fill up a Halloween decorated basket with these adorable ghosts.

If you need more Halloween inspiration, click – HERE for all my previous Halloween ideas here on the blog.

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Easy & Fast Easter Garland Tutorial


Decorate your Easter celebration or your next party or event with a cheerful,  easy and fast ribbon garland to match your theme.  It will only take you about 20 to 30 minutes at the most to cut all your ribbon and tie them up since minimal assembly is needed, this garland is made from simple loop knots — no glue or sewing needed!  Let’s get started-

Here’s What You’ll Need:

– Twine or Jute String (length depends on how long you want your garland)

30-35 ft. of Ribbon (different designs/several rolls)

– Scissors

How to Step-by-Step Directions:

Step 1. – Measure a strand of twine to the desired length of your garland.

Step 2. – Cut each piece of ribbon to measure 16-20″ depending on your desired length. Use different color ribbons to match the décor of your event or space.

Step 3. – Fold each piece of ribbon in half, lay it around the twine, and pull the cut strands through the loop to create a loose knot (see image #1 and #2).

Step 4.- Repeat step three for all remaining ribbons, alternating colors to create a pattern (see image #3).

Step 5. – Once all ribbons are tied, trim the ends if needed with scissors. Hang the garland to decorate a party table or kid’s room!

You can even keep this garland and reuse it for future parties or room décor.   If you make one in plain pastel colors with no Easter text printed on your ribbon, these would look stunning in a nursery, hanging across the front of a baby’s crib or in a little girls room hanging across her bed headboard. If you want to get your home ready for spring or need some favor boxes, a banner or anything for your Easter celebration- stop by any of my shops by clicking the links below.

The last day to order with first class shipping for receipt by Easter is Wednesday, April 5th and with priority shipping the last day to order is next Tuesday, April 11th.







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How To Create A Party Backdrop


Today I am going to show you three easy ways to create a party table backdrop using paper or tissue hanging fans or what many like to call “pinwheels”. . . which I will correctly define right now-

These spinning fun designs above are actually PINWHEELS

And these circular paper or tissue designs are actually HANGING FANS

I just had to clear that up. . . whatever you call them is fine but the one question I am asked often is what do you do with them or how do you display paper and tissue fans at a party? Today I am going to offer some instruction and inspire you to create a party table background or a photo backdrop with your hanging fans.

Oh look- here are some pinwheels and hanging fans displayed together!

While there are plenty of DIY tutorials on how to make these hanging fans –

There is not much available instruction on social media explaining how to actually get them on the wall to display.

There are a few different ways to put them up that are super easy.  So grab a cup of coffee- or tea – or wine and let’s get started!

The easiest way to display them is to simply hang them- they are technically called, “hanging fans” so this is the most common way to display them. You can hang them directly from the ceiling or you can use a curtain rod or tension rod to hang them.  Generally just using tacks and pinning them to the wall is easiest way to get them stationary on the wall- if you don’t need them floating out from the wall.   However, if you prefer not to add holes directly to your wall you can use the Command pee-able strips.  If using the Command strips, your fans will probably not be reusable though, as they will most likely be damaged and ripped when you pull them off the wall- so keep that in mind.   I prefer the method shown below of using a freestanding background board.

There are lots of different materials to use- if you are only doing a very small area, a large cardboard or white foam board backing would be okay, as long as you are not adding too many fans like this one below-

When using some type of board backing, weather it be wood, a sheet of drywall, or foam board- it is the easiest way to put your display together because you can actually assemble it on a table or floor.  You can either use sewing pins or flat tacks if using cardboard or foam board but if you are using wood or a heavier material, you’ll need to use a glue gun and hot glue your fans.  See how this larger wood backed fan display was all laid out on the floor and all the fans were hot glued down before putting it up-

And here it is installed-

I definitely recommend a heavy wood or drywall board if you are creating a large display background like this or your are going to layer it with many fans.

However, if your area is small enough, you can also use a large picture frame

You can see the corners of the black picture frame in the set up above.   You can even go to your local thrift store and buy the largest picture or painting, no mater how ugly it is, as long as it is large and framed and just cover it with fabric by wrapping it around the front and stapling the fabric to the back or spray paint the whole thing one color- pick a color that matches your dominate color of fans. If it has glass- you can either paint right over the glass, with a glass paint or remove the glass and replace it with cardboard or foam board- and foam board comes in an array of colors, so you could go with a color that matches your party color scheme.

This is another way to display fans- add them to long wood stick stands or floor poles, shown here in this jewelry company promotional product display, and simply stand your fans up behind or on the back of your party table-

So there you have it- the how to on getting your fans up and displayed at your next party!

If you are not into making your own hanging fans or need me to help you with a party backdrop, feel free to browse all my shops by clicking the links below-

Thanks for stopping by today!

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