10 DIY Christmas Wrapping Ideas



It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about shopping lists, holiday parties, and wrapping. Oh, all that wrapping! It can be a tough thing. I mean, the wrapping papers you find in stores aren’t always the best. And for your loved ones, you have to have the best, right? So if you are having a hard time finding the perfect wrapping paper, or if you just want to make your wrapping paper a little more special this holiday season, try out some of these awesome DIY ideas! (My favorites are the ones involving confetti. Lots and lots of confetti.) Enjoy, and happy wrapping!

1. Painted Pretty


This would be a great one to do with the kids. Pick a few colors, grab a brush, and go to town!

2. Sports Ball Simply Stamped


These are so fun and unique! My favorite is the golf ball. These would be great for any sports fans in the family. I bet a baseball would look pretty cool too.

3. Add Household Twinkling Trinkets giftwrap4

This wrapping paper is so cool and perfect for the sewing crafting recipient.  Gotta love the black, white and gold combo.

4. Confetti Shimmer & Shake


Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift wrapped up with some confetti under an over wrap of cellophane? Kids will go crazy for it! They can shake these presents and watch the confetti move.

5. Stamped Stupendousgiftwrap6

How rad is this idea? I love the polar bears. So cool!

6. Eraser Polka Dots Dappled


This is a classic. Grab a regular old number 2 pencils and stamp away! Try adding some color with different colored ink pads too!

7. Rubber Band Burst


Who knew rubber bands would make a perfect gift topper? It would be fun to watch someone get frustrated having to take all of these all off!

8. Confetti Coated

Confetti Gift Wrap

More confetti, please! A few different ways to make your gifts a little more festive and a whole lot more fun!

9. Pom Poms Popping


How fun is this? I have to give this a try. Not only is it pretty and fun, the pom poms add some fun texture.

10. Photos


I love this idea; there are so many ways to make it and have it work for different people. It’s all about customization, people!

Hope these Christmas gift wrapping ideas have inspired you!  Feel free to visit my shops to find a little something to wrap up –





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Christmas Quick & Easy Gift Wrap


This one is for the MEN . . . because I know you have waited until the very last minute to wrap all those presents!  Here are 15 ideas for Christmas gift wrapping using many items you probably have around the house.  But the ladies will probably love these super easy ideas as well.  The clock is ticking, time to get it done!

1. Recycled Cloth Gift Bag
cloth bag
Dress up your delicious food gifts in a festive bag made simply by stitching cotton fabric from napkins, curtains or scraps.

2. Music Sheet Gift Bag
music sheet bag
No need to buy a fancy gift bag when you can make a spectacular one in minutes. Embellish a plain shopping bag with greenery, music sheets and string.

3. Sweater Gift Bag
sweater bag
Here’s a genius gift wrap idea that keeps gifts warm, cozy and festive — and you can find it right inside your closet.

4. Festive Grocery Bag Wrapping Paper
grocery gift wrap
With some simple cutting, folding and colorful tape and twine trimmings, old paper grocery bags with seasonal illustrations (like these Trader Joes’ ones) transform into the decorative gift wrap you’ve always wanted.

5. Printable Wrapping Paper
printable gift wrap
Express yourself with this sophisticated printable chalkboard gift wrap that looks like it cost you an arm and a leg. (We won’t tell.)

6. Stamped Paper & Junk Mail Gift Wrap
junk mail gift wrap
Regular old printer office paper, junk mail and a stamp are all you need to make thischic wrapping paper that’ll get voted best dressed under the tree.

7. Vintage Scarf Wrap
scarf gift wrap
Here’s an easy way to wrap your gift in style — furoshiki style. Just grab a vintage scarf you no longer wear and follow this easy how-to for a pretty presentation that saves you time and money.

8. Newspaper Gift Bag
newspaper gift bag
Start spreading the news — you can even make your own paper gift bag without leaving the house. All you need? Two sheets of newspaper, cardstock, glue and cord.

9. Cereal Box Package
cereal box gift wrap
The colorful cardboard box that holds your family’s favorite cereal can easily turn into a whimsical gift box with the help of this printable template. You’ll never spend money on gift boxes again.

10. Decorative Plastic Container
pringles gift wrap
Forget trays or plates to showcase your homemade cookies. Fabric or paper scraps turn plastic juice (or even cylindrical potato chip containers) into jolly snowmen and personalized tubes.

11. DIY Word Search Wrapping Paper
word search gift wrap
Want gift packaging that speaks volumes to your loved ones? The search for the perfect wrapping paper is over with this fun (and customized) idea you can craft in minutes.

12. Aluminum Foil Wrapping Paper
foil gift wrap
To make your white paper-wrapped gift shine in a pile of red and green presents, look no further than tin foil to get the job done.

13. Comic Section With A Magazine Bow
comics wrap
With the comic section of the newspaper you can create unique gift wrap that’ll even give the recipient a good chuckle. Then to top it off with a colorful bow, use strips of magazine paper.

14. Cardboard Box With Felt Roses
felt gift wrap
Have 20 minutes and some felt scraps? Add blooming roses to a plain cardboard box with some simple no-sew idea.

15. Ziploc® Holiday Containers
ziploc holiday containers
Finding the perfect gift is no easy task, but everyone appreciates a homemade touch. Wrap DIY presents like a pedicure kit or cookie mix in Ziploc® holiday collection containers, add a printable gift tag, and, voila, gifts in a snap!

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Gift Wrap Ideas




This year the top popular trend in home decor, weddings, and holiday decorating has been rustic woodsy  designs.  A return to nature in all areas of the home and celebration.  Although elements of nature in Christmas decorating goes way back through history and fresh or faux greenery and pinecones have always been popular, now the trend has been to add elements of natural Kraft brown paper and burlap alongside the traditional Christmas greenery.  I love the idea of adding feathers to the tops of wrapped gifts as well.  While gift wrap is focused on mother nature again- the same is true for home decor.

Deer heads and antlers in every form, from jewelry to tree ornaments, are extremely popular and in demand this season.  And because they are so popular in home decor, after the holidays, you can leave your wall mounted deer up all year round.

In fact, we are selling  wood wall HANGING DEER HEAD  mounts like crazy in the Once Upon A Home Designs Shop.

Deer Head Hanging


The Once Upon A Home Designs shop is offer these as natural unpainted or unfinished to paint them any way you want at a very affordable price and these feature an easy to hang keyhole notch on the back so your mounted deer head is flush on the wall when hung.  We also offer finish painted options as well.  I love the idea of these painted solid white or black for a simple design or the popular finish with gold glitter painted antlers.  These have been trending this year for adding to the Christmas tree as a tree topper. These make a great Christmas gift too!


50621_700xAnd of course paper in all types of embellishments are popular this year but many of the trending designs for 2014 have taken added paper gift toppers, whether handmade or store bought, to a 3D level of sophistication and don’t forget to add the bling!  Silver and gold glitter on any paper embellishments are really in for this season.

50622_700xDoilies are back and I’m seeing them on everything this year- gift tags, added to the tops of gift bags, and of course as part of the Christmas gift wrap on presents under the tree.  While white is easily available and easy to find anywhere, just about every color can be found now and red and green would look perfect on top of a basic white gift wrap.

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you to get wrapping!  Thanks for stopping by The Party Fetti Blog!

Don’t forget to visit all our shops this holiday season for last minute gifts and holiday decorating-

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