Gardening Tips for Spring Landscape Planning


Stone Fire Pit

Who would not love to have that amazing firepit in their backyard?

 This is a little off-topic from my usual party tips here on The Party Fetti Blog but spring is just around the corner and if you love to entertain, its time to get that deck, patio,  and backyard area ready for the warmer weather for inviting guests to a barbecue or for a small summer gathering outside.  I also thought we could all use a little spring dreaming and inspiration since so many of us are under a blanket of white snow right now.

We are getting ready to begin some landscaping and backyard deck projects of our own, so I have been on Pinterest searching for some inspiration for gardening, landscaping, and general outdoor living space projects.  Here are some wonderful ideas I found that I plan to incorporate into our outdoor spaces around our home.


I love the simplicity of this flat wood deck with just a pergola for some added shade over it.  I love this design but I would have some seating benches or two feet high rectangular wood potters around the outer edges of the deck, for safety reasons.  I am not sure what code is for a raised deck but I could see people taking a step backwards and accidentally falling off this deck.  The benches and potters on the edges would create a barrier to prevent falls.


I love this idea of creating small space for two for a relaxing conversation space away from the party crowd, plus the dividing fence is ideal since we have two large dogs.  We decided we do not want to spend the money for a full privacy fence around our large backyard, but I would love to run a dividing fence like this to add some privacy near the house and to keep the dogs out in the backyard away from guests.


I would love to have this custom build drop deck, but I am sure it is out of our budget.  Some day, maybe.


I do love this open patio area with the semi covered roof.  Its not quite a full roof but a bit more coverage than a pergola offers.  Nice set up for entertaining too.


This is perfect for adding some height to the garden and an unusual walking path.  We currently have what I like to call the ‘sink hole’ in one corner of our backyard.  It drops about two feet and would be quite costly to level with fill dirt.  Instead I have decided to make it our wild flower and butterfly garden area.  I’m just going to toss some sunflower seeds in the back and rows of wild flowers at varying heights in the front areas and let mother nature take hold.  We’ll see how that goes?  I think this would be idea in front of it with bird baths, birdhouses and a bench on either side of the rim of the slope for a relaxing area to sit and look at the flowers.


Okay, maybe not this elaborate, but a girl can dream!  Maybe a bit more realistic like this-


I will be incorporating some garden art like this into various areas of the backyard.  I love art and so of course the backyard will have some of my own DIY projects that I plan to share here on the blog along the way and throughout next spring and summer.


An outdoor living space would not be complete without lighting.  If you recall from one of my previous posts discussing the importance of lighting, CLICK HERE FOR THAT POST, in the home- it is just as vital outdoors as well for creating ambiance and good lighting for guest to walk around at night at an outdoor event.

5bd072fd36bd8a393a0609107d498e32And finally I hope to one day have a beautiful English style garden like this leading up to our front door of our home, complete with the white picket fence!


 I hope all of you are staying warm and looking forward to the spring temperatures just around the corner.  I hope these ideas have inspired you to get outside this spring to start your gardening.

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Backyard Entertaining Space


Pea Gravel Area

So it’s time to pull out all the outdoor furniture and the grill . . . but what if you don’t have an ideal space for it all?  You may remember my previous post –


Today, I wanted to take a step back and inspire you with some easy ways to actually create that outdoor area for entertaining, before decorating it. The best part about the outdoor spaces I am going to show you is that none of these designs require a carpenter or guy with a cement truck!  They are all DIY ways to define an area for seating, grilling, and hanging with your friends.

Pea Gravel Patio

A pea gravel area is so easy to create.  We just laid in a large area in our backyard that is all river stone gravel.  This can be a little more costly than some of the other ideas but depending on the type of stone you use, you can make it work with your budget.  We went with a higher end stone but crushed cement gravel works just fine and will cost much less if you are under a tight budget. Remember to lay down some type of mesh or fabric under your planned landscape area for any of the ideas here, as it will help to keep the weeds and grass from growing up through your planned gravel or stone spaces.

Fire Pit

 Also, if using gravel or stone, be sure to section off your area with metal edging to help keep the gravel neat and inside your area.  This is key to keeping it maintained.  Adding a fire pit is a great idea too.   It creates a central focal point for your guests to gather.  Offering small defined areas of seating also encourages conversational niches for your guests.

Stone Patio

Large laid in stone tiles are great for covering a larger area.  These can be laid in various patterns too to create geometric designs. Generally these types of areas do have an outdoor grout in between the tiles or stones but its not necessary. I highly recommend growing some type of moss around each tile if you don’t plan to grout your stones.

Patio with Pavers

If you don’t plan to create a large entertaining area, pavers are the easiest way to go for ground cover and don’t require grout. Pavers come in all shapes and sizes and allow for an endless possibility of uniquely defined outdoor space. I love the random edge of this space above.  It’s not perfectly square but it definitely creates a border for dining and grilling. along with a relaxing area all in one space.  The potted plants and landscaping help to separate the area from the yard as well.

Brick Patio

Small bricks are a nice way to pave a smaller area and can be the most affordable.  This space is bordered with a wood trim and that helps to give it a finish and defined square shape. The added mulch expands the area for additional landscaping while the grass is defining the walking path leading into it.  Bricks come in many colors now too and often you can find used bricks for a more rustic appearance.  Be sure to dig your patio ground area deep enough to lay the bricks in flush to the surrounding ground.

Dirt Patio

Finally, there is not a darn thing wrong with dirt! If you decide to go with a more natural ground cover it will require a bit more maintenance to keep it weed-free but looks just as wonderful as gravel or stone.  It is also the most budget friendly option.

So what are you waiting for. . . start planning your outdoor living space and dig in and get your hands dirty!

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