Christmas Wedding Inspiration



Such a beautiful time of year. Holiday cheer, warm drinks, festive decor and pure white snow. In this chilly time of year we see that love is still near. Need tips for a winter wedding? We have lots of inspiration to share!

Embrace the season

As a less popular wedding season, there are so many elements that you could capitalize on to make your wedding unique in each stage of planning.


How gorgeous are these mixed muted color flowers?



When it comes to the treats keep the season in mind. What are some drinks or desserts you look forward to having during this time of year? Hot chocolate and sugar cookies are some of my favorites!





Give your guests something they can take with them to remember the day by! Jingle bells and blankets are just a couple sweet ideas centered around the season.



Photography props

What a precious idea! Use props such as a mistletoe to add to any photograph.


Let the cold impact your outfit decisions

No need to be freezing in the outfits you choose. There are so many fun winter style to choose from!

Bride & Groom

Guys can add layers or thicker fabrics. Girls can use  cover ups as a great addition.





Winter has so many rich dark colors. Pair with the beautiful white wedding dress-makes for a beautiful contrast!



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Bring on the Flowers!

Is anyone else ready for the warmth of Spring?  I keep thinking of lemonade on the patio with friends and great conversation!  There is so much fun to be had making and using these projects.  The centerpiece can be used with different ornaments, the butterfly house and net can be decorative or functional and the cones work great for flowers or any item you would like to display.  Party poppers are a great idea for any time of year, so keep this craft handy for birthdays, bridal and baby showers and New Years!

My yard size and vintage pinwheels add an extra bit of fun to any decor.  Try adding them as an accent to your flower pot, vase or garden!

While waiting for those flowers to bloom, let’s get started on our new projects!

This Cone Wall Display by Oh So Very Pretty would be great in any color and to display anything from flowers to utensils.  My Paper Roses will never wither and match the paper cones wonderfully.

What a great way to dress up boring Party Poppers!  A Subtle Revelry has instructions for this decorative idea that is great for any party or event.

Mason Jar Tumblers by Kristanlynn are so easy, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before!  Decorative Straws are an easy way to dress up this project.

I’ve seen these Twig Centerpieces at stores for $50 or more.  With instructions by Elli, save some money and create a focal point that can be ornamented for any theme or holiday.

A bouquet of Butterfly Nets by 2 Little Hooligans is both whimsical and a fun way to display party favors.  Throw in the Butterfly House by Willowday and you have a complete set!

Create your own Paper Butterflies by to accompany any of today’s projects.

My Shop carries pinwheels, straws, cupcake toppers and more.  Clearance items are still available so act fast!

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