Christmas Home Decor

Christmas Santa & Snowman Collection

I finally got all my Christmas decorations up and this year instead of a full home tour, I thought I would share only a few areas or vignettes in our home, including my Santa and snowman collection.

Every year I add one new snowman and one new Santa to my collection – it has been slowly growing now for a few years.  Some were gifts from friends and co-workers over the years as well.

I kept our big fireplace mantel decorated simple with some added greenery and two large feather trees.

This is our front entry table – it is still a little bit of a work in progress.  I’m always adjusting and moving my Christmas decor around on it throughout the holiday.   I made the JOY sign last year for the table.

This is a new Christmas collection that I named the ‘Woodland Creatures Table’!

Last is our dining room buffet all decorated for Christmas.  I usually hang a seasonal wreath between the hanging lanterns above it, but this year I found this stunning vintage brass horn at a local antique shop and added a plaid bow to it.  Most everything lights up on the table, including all the greenery around the XMAS sign that I made last year for the buffet.

Those signs were so fun to make and I still have letters available for sale in my craft supply Etsy shop – Ready Set Craft Kits

If you are working on building up your Christmas home decor, feel free to visit my other Etsy shop for beautiful Christmas Decor- Once Upon A Home Designs

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Birch Trees Canvas DIY



The Lodge style this Christmas season has been so popular I wanted to share this easy birch tree canvas project. Add this to your holiday mantel for the trending cedar lodge inspired look.

This gorgeous piece of artwork will add to the rustic feel of your holiday decor


Gather your supplies and see the How To Instructions below to make this project.


  • FREE Birch Tree Pattern – DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Large size artist paint brushes
  • 16″ x 40″ Canvas
  • 4 oz. tube of black artist acrylic paint
  • 4 oz. tube of white artist acrylic paint
  • 9″ x 12″ Palette Paper Pad or Paint Tray 


1.) Print a copy of the birch pattern from your computer to begin the painting. If you choose to make your own birch trees, use the image as a guide.

2.) Paint entire canvas white and set aside to dry.

3.) On the back side of the computer printout, rub pencil lead over the lines that make the pattern. This will allow you to transfer the image.

4.) Lay pattern on top of the white painted canvas.

5.) Use a pencil to trace over the birch outline. This should transfer the birch outline to the canvas (due to the pencil rubbed on the back side of the copy).

6.) On a paper pallet, place a dab of black paint and white paint.

7.) Mix together the black and white paint to make different shades of grey. Use a very small amount of black paint as its pigment is deeper.  When making grey paint, use a very small amount of black with the white paint. You can always make it darker with a dab more black.

8.) Once you mix the paint shades, begin to look at the provided image as a guide. Follow your transferred pattern on your canvas, by adding black and grey shades to paint the birch trees.

9.) Continue painting and allowing to dry. This painting can be done in stages or all at one time.

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