Fall Clearance Sale

Fall Clearance Sale- Still Happening!



Just in case you missed some of my last posts here on the blog. . .  a quick reminder that I am still running a huge CLEARANCE SALE in all my Etsy shops.

Everything is HALF OFF / 50% OFF

Pick up some great steals for CHRISTMAS GIFT GIVING, home decor, decorating your next party or wedding, or on craft supplies if you are a DIYer!

Visit all my shops below for some great DEALS, just click any of the links below to be taken to each of my shop homepages-

Pinwheel Pretties

The Party Fetti Shop

I DO Wedding & Bridal Designs

Once Upon A Home Designs

Ready Set Craft Kits

I promise I will be back soon, after the move, with more wonderful party and wedding inspiration!

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Moving Once Again



Yep. It’s happening again.  The Hayes home and my design studio are all moving soon.  Again! Hmmfff. . . and happy dance!

We have outgrown our current remodeled ranch home and my booming business now calls for more space! Not to mention, I am thrilled because we are looking at new construction.


Wha hoo! So excited to be getting a new home soon.  Okay, so that house above is not our new home but I’ve always dreamed of having a Victorian style home with a big wrap around porch.  I’m sure that is not going to happen since we are looking at houses built in the last year or so.  Still, a girl can dream!

Since the move is around the corner, the updates and party inspiration here on the blog will be on a short hiatus.  No worries though- I’ll be back with some great new party ideas to share soon. If time permits, in between packing boxes, I’ll share some great staging tips for selling your home in the future.  I once worked as a designer for a home builder – so I have some wonderful advice to share.

The move is great news for you too if you are planning a party or wedding!


I need to sell most of my inventory in my five Etsy shops – so I don’t have to pack it and move it.


Be sure to visit all five of my shops– you might just find something you can’t live without for your next party – even if it is a year away.  Buy now and save it for the next event or celebration!

And don’t forget to shop my home decor store for something stunning to add to your home or for Christmas gift giving! Get a head start on your Christmas shopping and save big!

I’ll be adding lots of new items over the coming weeks too – so keep coming back or save my shops as your favorite shop in your Etsy profile to get updates and notifications when I add new items at 50% off!  Much of the new inventory was made over the summer to sell this holiday season in my shops but I’ll be adding items daily in the next few weeks to lighten the moving truck.  Also, check out my craft shop, if you are a crafter or DIYer – stock up on craft supplies now while the prices are half off!!

Visit any of my shops below- click on the blue link or any of my shop images!




Wed & Bride Designs




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Enjoy shopping!

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Fall Wedding IDEAS

So many brides have been contacting me over the summer who are planning their weddings for this coming fall.  Autumn is a wonderful time to get married for so many reasons.  All the rich, warm colors of Fall, the comfort food, and so many elements of nature: pumpkins, apples, and fall leaves.  All of these can be incorporated into a fall wedding.  Here are 15 out of the ordinary creative ideas for added a little bit of the autumn season to your wedding if you are planning a fall wedding.

1. Wear a Flannel Shirt

To help you stay warm, put a flannel shirt on over your dress. I love how this looks! You could wear it for a few photos and take it off later for the ceremony, so your dress isn’t covered up the whole time.

2. Add a Cardigan

A similar idea is to wear a cardigan over your dress–or have your bridesmaids wear cardigans to add a pop of color and keep them warm.

3. Try a Dip-Dyed Dress

This is a new trend I’ve been seeing lately: dip-dyed dresses. This golden one would be perfect for a fall wedding! Would you ever do this? Or do you think it’s too trendy for a wedding?

4. Log Centerpieces

This log centerpiece would make for some seriously budget-friendly table decor. Just grab some branches from the backyard (for free!), drill some holes, and drop tea lights in.

5. Pumpkin Table Numbers

This idea is also really simple and inexpensive: carve table numbers into pumpkins! So cute.

6. Painted Pumpkin Centerpieces

You could also paint pumpkins to use as centerpieces. I’ve seen them with the tops cut off, used as vases. But this idea is even easier! Just put your painted pumpkins on cake stands. Done.

7. Calligraphy Table Runners

This custom table runner will give you a lot of bang for your buck. Get a roll of paperand write a favorite poem or song on it. Pretty, chic, and personal.

8. Kraft Paper Place Cards

Here’s another clever idea using paper. Paint your guests’ names on kraft paper and they’ll double as place cards and place mats!

9. Leaf Place Cards

Or gather up some fall leaves, spray paint them gold, and write guests’ names on top. This looks so pretty and perfectly “fall-ish”, and you can find TONS of leaves for free.

10. S’More Favors

S’Mores are a great idea for wedding favors! Everyone likes something edible, after all. I love the idea of serving them up in berry baskets and tying them with twine and custom-stamped tags.

11. Feather Bouquet

If you’re up for a unique bouquet, I like the idea of creating a bouquet using feathers–either mixed in with flowers or all by themselves. It would be budget-friendly, and totally DIYable too. You could make it months in advance!

12. Feather Boutonniere

To go with your feather bouquet, you could tuck feathers into your man’s suit pocket as a feather “boutonniere.”

13. Cable Knit Cake

This is one of the cutest and most creative cakes I’ve seen. Get it frosted in a cable-knit pattern, like a sweater! I love the chalkboard backdrop too.

14. Serve Pie

In addition to cake (or instead of it), why not serve pie? Apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and more…there are tons of autumnal options. Upside-down apple baskets make cute and seasonally appropriate “cake stands.”

15. Roast S’Mores

And to end the night, start a bonfire and roast those s’more favors you gave out! Your guests are sure to remember your wedding fondly.

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