Fall Home Tour Part 1 – Halloween Spooky Night Tour


Halloween Skeleton

Happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing the first part of my fall home tour.  This is the evening tour for some of my more spooky and whimsical Halloween decorations.  I love this floral infused skeleton that I added lights to really make him stand out at night.  Here he is situated at my interior front door entrance.

Fall Home Tour

This year I decided to decorate early for fall but transition to Halloween just a few nights before the holiday.  I don’t actually have all my Halloween decorations out yet.  Would you believe I still have about five boxes of Halloween decor that we plan to put out tomorrow night for Halloween!?  I know, crazy, right? I don’t think my hubby is as excited about the last minute decorating as me, since we will take it all down within a day or so after the holiday.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite season – so of course I go all out to decorate our home.

Halloween Decorations

These cinema light letter boxes are all the rage right now and I used mine (it is usually my business sign in my studio) to add a Happy Halloween message at our front door entrance.  I am thinking I may change it to “BOO!” to fit the letters better though.  Last year I added this fun dual skeleton bicyclist statue to our Halloween decor.  I have nicknamed them Ray and Charles Eames.  If you know a little design history- it’s appropriate because they were an adorable husband and wife design team that are famous for this photo-


  It is also perfect in our home since my husband and I are avoid cyclists. Here is a close up-

Spooky Cyclists Decoration

Last year I built this farmhouse style wood box for our dining room and I transition its contents for every season- I’ve added some fall leaves and pine cones and electric candles for fall.

Farmhouse Candlebox Centerpiece

This close up view shows the box contents a bit better-

Farmhouse Fall Decor

Keep in mind, I took these photos at night – so even with the flash and some Photoshop editing – they are looking dark, but I wanted to convey the ambiance of our home at night with everything lit up.

Halloween Eyeball Flowers

I made these whimsical eyeball flowers or eyeball roses last year. If you were not following the blog last year – I posted an easy tutorial on how to make them.

You can still view the DIY instructions here – SPOOKY EYEBALL TUTORIAL

Come back later this week to see the second part of my fall home tour- the daytime photos.

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I have been crazy busy getting all the online shops ready for Halloween.  This year I will also be hosting a Halloween costume party and have been working on a few DIY spooky decorations.  Today I am sharing this super easy Halloween table centerpiece made with purchased paper or silk roses and fake eyeballs.  See below for the How to for putting these together to get your home ready for this Halloween.


  • Silk or Paper Roses (a dark color is best in purple or black)
  • Other fall florals or tall grasses for your arrangement (dried in greens, browns, and black are best)
  • Fake Eyeballs
  •  Floral styrofoam, glass beads, moss, or other filler for your vase
  • Glue or Hot Glue Gun (a quick drying adhesive glue is best or hot glue and glue gun)
  • Black Glitter Glue (Stickles is my preferred brand)


1.) Gather your supplies. Start by pulling out all the center petals of your fake roses, careful not to remove any of the outer petals.  Spread your petals open and away from the center. Once you have a cleared open area in the center of your roses, work on one rose at a time and add your adhesive or glue to the bottom center of the cleared area of the rose.


2.) Carefully place your eyeball in the center of the rose, positioning the pupils of the eye where you want them.  They look best with the pupils facing or looking downward, rather than straight up and perfectly centered.  Place in a vase and allow your glue to set for a few minutes and move on to making your next creepy eyeball flower.


3.) Once all your eyeballs are set and dried in the roses, you can start adding the black glitter glue.  Start from the center of the rose and work outward, adding a generous line to the top of each petal where it bends.  Apply the black glitter glue all the way around each rose, careful not to touch any of the wet areas.  The wet glitter glue will look somewhat goopy at this point, before it dries.


Set each rose aside in a vase, separate each one so they are not touching.  It is best to let them dry overnight or at least for a few hours.


4.) After your creepy eyeball flowers have completely dried, select your vase for displaying and use floral foam in the bottom to add in your other floral elements behind your roses.  For a Halloween table centerpiece, the taller dried bamboo and other dry grass type florals look best with the creepy roses.   If using a clear vase, use some black moss or other glass beads or black sand for filler and to hide your floral foam and bottom of your stems.

All done! Now find the perfect place to display your spooky Halloween table centerpiece.


Be sure to stop by any of my online shops in the next few weeks as I am adding many new Halloween favors, Halloween party decorations, and Halloween and fall home decor to the shops.  Come see for yourself by clicking any of the links below- PicMonkey Collage






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Book Pumpkins Tutorial DIY Fall Project

I love these popular upcycled book pumpkins for a quick, easy Halloween decoration.  


They are an easy DIY Halloween project for unique Fall or Halloween Decoration.  A simple How To project for beginner crafters.


And they are Earth friendly since you can reuse or repurpose your old books by using either a paperback or hardback book.


You can really get creative by changing the type of leaves or vine curlies embellishments on the Pumpkin your entire look changes.


Grouping these pumpkins together creates an eye catching table centerpiece. You can use these indoors or outdoors where they are protected from the weather.

These are so inexpensive to make that you can create them for gifts or even to sell at Fall Craft Fairs!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Paperback or Hardback Book (preferably well used)
  • Craft Knife
  • Stick or Twig from Your Yard (choose one that’s relatively straight and has a circumference similar to the width of your book spine)
  • Orange Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Green or Tan Ribbon or Raffia

Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Use the craft knife to cut the paperback book into a half pumpkin shape with the round edge away from the book’s spine (see image #1). Pumpkin 2
  2. If your paperback isn’t well worn, fan out the pages several times and fold open the book to stretch out the binding. This will make it easier to wrap the book around the stick.
  3. Water down the orange paint (a 2:1 water to paint ratio works best) and layer the paint on the outer edge of the pages until they reach your desired color.
  4. While the paint is still somewhat damp (if it dries, the pages will stick together), glue the stick to the spine, ensuring that some of the stick is peeking past the top of the book to create the pumpkin stem (see image #2).Pumpkin3
  5. Firmly wrap the book spine around the stick and glue the stick to the book. Glue the entire front cover to the entire back cover of the book, and fan the pages all the way around the stick so it fills out to a circular pumpkin shape. Hold the covers together with your hands or paperclips until the glue dries.
  6. Tie a raffia or ribbon bow around the base of the stem and glue in place, if needed. Gently move your pumpkin to its new home.

Other Ideas:

  • These pumpkins would be beautiful for a fall wedding! Instead of using orange paint, dress up the edges with gold or silver paint for a sophisticated look.
  • If you’ve already filled your home with pumpkin crafts, create a paperback Christmas tree out of the book for holiday celebrations!

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