How To Make Giant Snowflakes For Disney Themed Frozen Party


Since the Disney movie Frozen came out, I continually get asked by my regular event planners and Etsy customers to make these giant snowflakes.  While making them is not an issue- I have yet to figure out how to ship these so they would arrive in one piece.  I do make and ship many favors and decorations that require some ingenious creativity just to get them across the country safely – these are just one of those few delicate items that I have racked my brain over the shipping mystery and finally just came to the conclusion that I can not get them on someone’s doorstep without them ending up bent and crumpled by the USPS.

So today I thought I would share a tutorial and some easy DIY tips found on other wonderful blogs and websites on how to make these stunning giant snowflakes. They really are very simple and don’t require much time or a lot of special tools.  You can visit Handimania for some great step by step instructions and photos.  And Karin has made it so simple with a wonderful video too. Just click on the photo below to be taken directly to the craft video tutorial.

Photos and videos are copyrighted to Handimania

If you just don’t have a single crafty bone in your little fingers, feel free to let me do all the work for you.  I do offer some other options with

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DIY Halloween Kid’s Costumes Handmade Fast & Easy

Halloween Costumes Easy How To Collars and Tutu

Today I have a quick and easy tutorial for handmade Halloween costumes or rather a how to create kid’s costumes at home with just one handmade piece for each costume.  Today, I’m sharing how to make a collar and a tutu that are versatile for any costume.  Here I’ve show them as a princess or ballerina for the tulle tutu skirt, a clown for the collar with pom poms, and an adorable lion for the ruffled tulle collar.  However, you can adapt any of these easy projects to work with so many other planned costumes.

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And be sure to visit our Pinterest Boards for tons of other inspiring Halloween ideas and other party planning tips!

Now for the easy DIY Kid’s Halloween Costumes –



  • Either 1/4 yd of fabric or 1 yd of tulle
  • 10” of 1/2″ elastic (more for the tutu?)
  • Several inches of Velcro®
  • Sewing machine
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Optional: Pom Poms and/or trim (1-1/4 yd)


Fabric collar:
1. Cut fabric rectangle 7”x45”.
2. Hem shorts sides and one long side.
3. Turn long raw edge under 3/4″ and sew down to make a casing for elastic.
4. Cut a piece of 1/2″ elastic 10” long and thread through the casing. Sew the elastic down the sides.
5. Stitch Velcro onto the collar to hold it in place.

Tulle collar:
1. Cut four pieces of tulle 9” by 45”.
2. Fold tulle in half lengthwise.
3. Sew a casing 3/4″ down from the fold to form the casing for the elastic.
4. Cut a 10” piece of 1/2″ elastic and thread through the casing.
5. Tack elastic into sides to hold it in place.
6. Sew on Velcro to attach the two sides of the collar together.

Tulle tutu:
1. Cut four pieces of tulle 9” by 45”.
2. Turn down one long edge 3/4″ of the tulle and sew to form the casing for the elastic.
3. Cut a 10” (should this be longer?) piece of 1/2″ elastic and thread through the casing.
4. Tack elastic into sides to hold it in place.
5. Sew on Velcro to attach the two sides of the tutu together.

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