Pumpkin Roundup


Flame Pumpkins

Halloween is now 3 days away and you have hopefully decked out your home with some spooky decorations.  Its not too late to add in some creative pumpkins for All Hallow’s Eve! Here is a collection of crafty and DIY ideas for some last minute Halloween decorating with pumpkins.  First up- carve some flames in your pumpkins, light them up, and pile them high for a campfire arrangement in the yard.  Gather some sticks, small logs and leaves around them and make a unique statement in your yard!

PicMonkey Collage

Painted pumpkins are certainly not a new idea- but here are some trending ideas for this 2015 Halloween –

1.) Paint funny or traditional Halloween phrases on your pumpkin front on top of black chalkboard solid backgrounds.

2.) Create stripe painted pumpkins in yellow, orange and white for a candy corn design- super easy!

3.) Out of time and need a quick pumpkin decorating idea- paint them in solid gold- why not?! Gold everything is trending! Or paint real leaves gold and pin them to your pumpkins.

4.) Think Alice in Wonderland plus Tim Burton for some whimsical painted design in stripes, chevrons, and polka dots.


In a pinch and need a quick decorating idea and don’t want the mess that goes along with carving pumpkins – simply buy a faux styrofoam pumpkin and add cut Halloween designs with pins to the outside of your pumpkins. Click here – FREE PRINTABLE HALLOWEEN TEMPLATES and use these to print and cut out some designs.  Add spiders, bats, ghosts, and black cats to your spooky DIY pumpkins!

Monogram Pumpkins

Carve your family monogram for a quick and easy carved pumpkin!

Lighted Pumpkins

Since marque lights are so popular, why not add some to your pumpkins. Carve out your pumpkin and easily poke holes in a random pattern or a perfect planned out repeat design and add in battery operated string lights by poking them through the holes.


Here is a twist on the traditional jack-o-lantern carved pumpkin, carve your faces and then paint them jet black so they really pop and light up in the darkness of night on Halloween!


Finally, if you have a Silhouette Cameo or Cricut cutting machine and some vinyl on hand- cut out out some stunning fancy designs or lettering and add to the front of your pumpkins.  Create a stacked design with three of four pumpkins.

62588610_bn_1_2 (2)

Wishing you all a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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Happy Friday! I am so excited for Halloween this year that I am sharing a roundup of free Halloween fonts for you to use on all of your projects.


1. BONE CHILLING (4 Dogs) 2. FREAKY FRIDAY (Anywhere but Home) 3. HAUNTED WOODS (Valium) 4. SPIDER MOVIE (KR Along Came a Spider) 5. ZOMBIE MOVIE (Zombie Slayer) 6. WATCHING YOU (I Still Know) 7. Skeleton Bones (Bu Deboned) 8. Medusa (Serpents) 9. Frankenstein (Evil of Frankenstein) 10. Cemetery (Amhole) 11. Halloween Party (Quixote) 12. Wild Woods (Wild Wood) 13.Crypt Keeper (Pyrite Crypt) 14. Scary Sounds (Halloween Font) 15. Spooky Night (Bleeding Freaks)

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to stop by any of our shops for decking out your home for Halloween! Visit our shops by clicking on the links below-






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Halloween Lanterns DIY Project

DIY  Halloween Decorations


Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.  I love store bought decorations but I also love to make my own Halloween decorations and every year I try to add at least one of two new items to our home.  This Halloween lanterns DIY project is so easy, you can do it with the kids.  First you will need to order in some of these fabulous paper lanterns or paper globes.

You already know that The Party Fetti Shop has an amazing supply of  Halloween favors and decorations but did you know we also offer Halloween paper lanterns.  This easy craft project will help you customize the paper lanterns to fit with the current Halloween season.

This fun and festive DIY Project will add a stunning lighted element to your current Halloween decor. Whether you are using these paper lanterns as part of the seasonal decor in your home, getting ready for a party, or looking for a fun activity with the kids – I promise you will have fun making these and adding your own creative jack-o-lantern and ghost faces and silhouette shapes to your Halloween globes.

Gather Your Supplies –

You will need a few  paper lanterns  and these are available in Halloween colors. You will also need scissors, double sided tape or regular tape will work as well, and heavy card stock paper.

How To –

Cut out shapes for Jack-O-Lantern Faces. Then use double sided tape or adhesive and adhere them to the lantern and you’re done. Easy peezy!


Be creative and come up with other silhouette shapes for your lanterns- black cats, witches, bats and other Halloween iconic images.  You can also paint images directly onto your lanterns.


If you are short on time this Halloween, The Party Fetti Shop can help you with all your Halloween decorations, no need to make your own.   We even provide the pre-cut silhouette shapes and jack-o-lantern faces to add to your lighted lanterns or paper globes.   Simply select the “With 6 Cut Shapes” from the drop down menu from our Halloween Lanterns finish options.  Check out our other handmade and custom Halloween designs!

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