Mermaid Party DIY Project

DIY Project For A Mermaid Party

Today I am sharing an easy way to brighten up your Mermaid party and add some inexpensive colorful seashells!  While you could go with regular seashells straight out of the ocean- why not give your shells a color make over?  This project is super easy too!

Before we get to the how to tutorial on how to dye your seashells, feel free to stop by any of my Etsy Shops for all your mermaid decorations.

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How to Color Seashells
If you live near a beach or are vacationing at the beach this summer, fill up a bucket of shells and bring them home.  These would look great in a bucket at your mermaid party- or make something with them- add them to craft projects, wreaths, or a table centerpiece.  If you have no plans to go to the beach this year, no worries, you can purchase shells from most arts and crafts stores too.

Here’s What You’ll Need:
White Vinegar
White or Light-Colored Seashells
Food Coloring
Small Bowls
Paper Towels
Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

1. Gather your shells and supplies.

2. Fill small bowls with a 5-6 drops of food coloring, one color per bowl.
Add about ⅓ cup of vinegar to each bowl.
Use a spoon to stir the vinegar and food coloring until combined.
Submerge your shells in your desired color and allow them to soak in the mixture for 1-3 hours.  This process is much like dying Easter eggs!

If you want lighter colors, shorten the soak time. If you want darker, more saturated color, leave the shells in longer.

3. Remove them from the dye and allow them to air dry on a paper towels, no blotting or rubbing is necessary.

Once completely air-dried, arrange your shells  anywhere at your mermaid party!

They look great in a clear glass vase, a bowl, glued to a wreath or party sign, or anywhere at the celebration!

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This is my busiest time of year and so new blog posts and party inspiration only happens about once a month or so or when I have time in between my full-time graphic design work schedule and my weekly custom orders in my Etsy shops.

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Valentine’s Day Favor Bags Tutorial


Supplies Needed:
1. White Bags / White Lunch Sacks
2. Washi Tape (3 different designs)
3. Red and White Baker’s Twine
4. Valentine Tags (purchase or make your own)
First, fold over the top of the bag.

Next, add a few strips of the Washi tape on the bag right under the fold. You can use only three near the top of the fold or add more alternating strips, as shown below.

Trim the edges of your washi tape along the fold of your bag with scissors, so it is neat and only on the front of your bag.  Add the Valentine tag onto the bag with the twine.

Then add Valentine’s candy.  Hearts of any kind are perfect!

Now you are ready for you classroom Valentine’s Day party or give these to anyone!
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felt snowflake coasters - creative christmas snowflake crafts-f87996

These festive trendy felt coasters make a fun and simple easy project.   Grab your cup of coffee and gather your supplies! The supply list and instructions to make these stylish felt Christmas coasters are below.  So easy and fast to make!

But first here is a set of FREE printable Christmas gift tags – CLICK HERE to download them.

Free Christmas Gift Tags



  • FREE Snowflake Printable & Traceable Templates-CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • 2 mm Thick Felt (in various bright colors)
  • Sewing Pins
  • Scissors or Exacto Knife
  • Fabri-Tac Glue
  • Chalk


1.) Gather your supplies above. To make the snowflake coasters, print out the downloadable snowflake designs above and cut them out.  For the bottom circles, use a drinking glass or any circular object around the home that is either the same size as your snowflakes or just slightly bigger to trace around on your neutral or contrasting colors of felt.  These will be your coaster bases.

2.) Place printed snowflake designs on your selected colors of felt and trace.  I like to use a piece of sharpened chalk for tracing on any fabric because it is very forgiving and you can simply rub off any remaining traced lines.  After tracing all your snowflakes, cut out each design around the edges.

3.) To cut your interior holes or designs of the snowflakes, fold the felt snowflakes in half and cut each hole or design with either a pair of extremely small and sharp scissors or if you are good with an exacto knife, this may the better tool for getting those smaller lines. Open, refold the other sides together and cut according to pattern until all your interior design pattern holes are cut.

4.) Use the Fabri-Tac Glue (or any quick-setting fabric glue) to adhere the snowflakes to the top of each cut out round felt piece. Use sewing pins to hold them in place.  Let them set up and dry for about an hour and then  . . . Voila!  You’re done!

Grab your cup of coffee or tea and test these out on any table in the home.  These add a festive cheerful holiday touch to your home this season!

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Hope you have a great week!  Come back soon- I’ll be sharing some of my handmade Christmas decorations later in the week.

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