Day for Memories

Memorial Day is around the corner!  Many decorations for Memorial Day can be reused for the Fourth of July, Labor day, Presidents Day or most national holidays.  Because of their universal appeal, we can explore some more versatile approaches to PartyFetti supplies and decorations.


Paper Fans, or Rosettes, are decorative pieces that have many purposes.

2a   2e

Turn them into a wreath,


or hang them from the trees (or ceiling),


attach them to a hanging lantern


or as an accent to your displays or buffet!


Popcorn Boxes aren’t just for popcorn anymore!


Try using the popcorn box for party favors,


or other snacks,


even to hold and display straws and utensils!


Cupcake Wraps are an easy way to dress up your favorite dessert, but they have other uses!


Dress up and personalize your drink,


or dress up a mess free way of eating a frozen treat,


create a unique party favor


or serve up another treat – like sushi!


Balloons are great for any occasion.  Balloons with confetti and tassels are even better!

Arches and columns are traditional balloon configurations.  These hanging bubble bursts are easy and don’t require helium!

1a 1b

Balloon releases are a fun activity for any reason.  You can even insert a name or message into the balloon when inflating for a personal touch!

Don’t forget, PartyFetti offers many more necessary party items, including complete sets!


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Viva el Partido!


Hello again, my friends!  It’s great to be back!  Summer time brings lots of fun and too much for one person to keep up with!  I’ll be back with you off and on to share some of my crazy crafty ideas and outrageous decorative finds.

In the meantime, let’s look over some Cinco de Mayo decorations and envision how they can be presented, as well show how they can be used for any gathering, including your every day decorations!

Banners and Bunting 5


Banners and Bunting, or garland, are quite universal and can be used for many types of decorations.  Imagine them floating down from the ceiling or spanning across a room.  They can add color and a festive feeling to any decor, alone or with other pieces!





Pinwheels and Rosettes

1 7

I have to say, Pinwheels and Rosettes are my favorite at the moment, and have been for quite some time!  They are unbelievably universal.  Their classy and whimsical style works for parties, formal gatherings, special events, every day decoration and more.  Stick a pinwheel in a flower pot, turn them into a banner or a wreath, combine them with rosettes for a beautiful display, decorate a photo booth or window and more!


b c

d  f he


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Party Backdrops & Tablescapes


Over 15 awesome DIY party backdrops to make your dessert table really pop!

Party tables are an important focal point at any event, whether it be a serving  table at the wedding reception, a table featuring raffle prizes at a fundraiser, or even just the dessert table at a children’s birthday party.  The backdrop of any dessert table or featured party table at an event should be the main attraction and can add the finishing touch to any event.

Below, I have selected over


that you can recreate yourself-even if you party theme is different.

Hack these ideas for your next event or celebration!  These party table backdrops are so easy, you can DIY every single one of them and make them even better!

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This Mary Poppins chalkboard backdrop is free-standing, this one takes a little more artistic skill and time but the outcome is worth it.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

Make an balloon backdrop out of a bunch of styled balloons, this one is super simple in my opinion, you just have to use different length ribbon on the balloons.

Making a paper chain backdrop might take a little time but you could get your kids to work on it and it would take no time at all!

Add some stunning flower or tissue pom poms, to create a backdrop for a more elegant design.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This backdrop is not only cheap but pretty easy, just get a board and some ribbon and Voila! You have a ribbon board backdrop for your party.  Or use Washi Tape!

Adding a handmade or even professionally made banner behind the table will add height to your table backdrop, this banner is made from napkins!

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

Easy and affordable is always nice, just like this one, created with cut up vinyl tablecloths to create this party backdrop.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This circus tent backdrop is most likely purchased, but with a little sewing skill, you could make your own!

So many more circus party ideas over at my

Pinterest Circus Party Board.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

Add ROSETTES or HANGING PAPER FANS and layer them to design something similar to the above backdrop!

These fringe garlands or tissue tassel garlands are trending and easy to make yourself! They add frill and whimsy to any table backdrop.

A great use of an oversized chalkboard as this simple but stunning party table backdrop!

I love this diy party design, made by only using a paper punch – just punch a bunch of circles and then string them up!

Or just buy some circle garlands already made and hang them up!

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

Here is the alternate version of the tissue tassel garland.

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This backdrop if ideal for a girl’s party or a bridal shower tablescape- make an easy backdrop from feather boas!

15+ Awesome DIY Party Backdrops

This Star Wars party features a paint splattered tablecloth hung up to mimic the stars in the galaxy. So easy to do yourself.

I am always a fan of the rainbow party, they are still popular as ever and this one features the newest hot item, the marquee monogram or lighted letters.  These fancy lighted letters are a great way to make the guest of honor feel truly honored!  Here is an easy DIY MARQUEE PROJECT to make with paper mache letters to keep it simple and easy and less costly than the metal letters.  Plus these letters can be passed on as a gift to your guest of honor or birthday girl or boy to add to their bedroom decor later.

Don’t just leave your wall blank behind your serving table or dessert table at your next celebration or event –  I hope I have inspired you with so many easy DIY party ideas here at

 The Party Fetti Blog

to help make your own simple party table backdrop behind your food table at your next bash.

Be sure to stop by any of our shops below for your party needs as well!






Thanks for stopping by today for some party inspiration!


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