A Little Home TLC

Thanks to the ladies over at Occasionally Crafty, I now have lots of new followers here at Pinwheel Pretties and on my Pinterest Boards.  

I hope many will stay with me and come back often.

Its not all parties and pinwheels here in the Hayes home. I often employ my interior design skills for some home projects as well!  

Today, it was a big ‘Honey Do’ list for my hubby for some projects around the home and while he was working, I took a few minutes to add some vinyl decals to the kitchen and laundry room.

First up is an update to my out dated canisters.  I’ve had these forever and decided to add some vinyl decals that I cut with my silhouette.  

I also added some chalk labels to the front! They look so much better now! 

I also added some similar decals that I cut with my silhouette to my plain ol’ oven burner covers.  

Now they really pop! Such an easy DIY project in the kitchen.  My rug has this same floral pattern in it so it really pulls the room together.

I also bought these smaller floral decals. . . well, they are really more like stickers, but they still add a nice visual design to the wall behind our table in the kitchen.

Finally, I added this larger vinyl decal above our washer and dryer, which I think adds a nice bit of art to look at while I am folding the laundry and it was simple and easy to put up.

Thanks everyone that has entered in the Pinwheels giveaway and to those who stick around and continue to follow my blog.  I’ll keep it interesting and share many more design and party projects.  

Coming next week. . .pom pom garlands!

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Zoobilee School Supply Caddy

Its a Zoo in here!  
But it does not have to be if you upcycle a soda bottle caddy into a fun and cheerful art supply caddy.

Here’s the DIY Tutorial:
(If you love this but don’t feel crafty confident enough to make your own- no worries – I have one for sale here:

Grab your Mod Podge (I used gloss), designer scrapbook paper ( I used My Mind’s Eye, Alphabet Soup Boy, “Animal Kingdom” paper and die cuts), various strands of fabric ribbon, ric rac, and your basic supplies like a straight cutter, scissors, and bone file.

 Measure and cut four pieces of paper to form squares to fit all four sides of the caddy.  I’m more of a guess and mark with a pencil kinda gal!  No exact measurements needed here.  Just lay your paper over each side and eyeball it and mark it with a pencil for length and width for each square.  Do this for all sides, bottom, top handle, and any other areas that you want to cover.  For the handle, once you have cut your paper lay each side, facing out in front of the handle and trace the area of the handle with a pencil and cut the handle hole out.

Get your brush and Mod Podge and apply Mod Podge on the back side of each sheet of paper and apply to your caddy.

Once your caddy is completely covered, use your bone folder to rub each side lightly to get out any air bubble and also bush away any drips or excess Mod Podge.  Let dry for about a half an hour or longer.

Next, apply Mod Podge over the entire surface of the decorated box, including the inside cup/bottle areas.  This helps to give it a sturdy plastic appearance and the strengthen the handle and supply holders.  Plus the great thing about Mod Podge is it acts as a finishing glaze and will really brighten the colors in your paper once it drys.

 Add Mod Podge to any of your cut out’s or chipboard embellishments too!  Let everything dry for about another hour.

Finish off by adhering your ribbon to both the front and back sides and adding your embellishments and cut-outs.  I use double sided peelable tape from Stampin’ up for all my ribbon on projects!  It works great and does not create a sticky mess.

Now you are ready to fill up your finished caddy with school supplies, desk accessories, or take it on a picnic and stick your Ketchup and Mustard containers and plastic ware in the pockets!  It is perfect on the go!

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