Its all about red, pink and LOVE for decorating your front door for Valentine’s Day! Here is a roundup of creative wreaths in celebration of love for hanging on your front door this Valentine’s Day!


A stunning dried flower wreath in a heart shape is perfect hanging inside your home.


DIY your own paper wreath by making hearts with strips of cardstock paper and gluing them in a circle with hanging ribbon at the top. Love this DIY!


The ribbon loop wreaths are still trending this year and this stunning wreath features a Valentine’s sentiment in the center with love birds!

Get your home ready for Valentine’s Day with a front door wreath to greet your guests with a little LOVE!


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Valentine’s Day Wreath



Here is an easy Valentine’s Day DIY LOVE Wreath– made with clothespins for your front door or hang it up for a Valentine’s Day Party!


Easy to make with just standard size wood clothes pins, a wire wreath frame, and scrapbooking paper.


Simply cover the top of all your wood clothespins with a coordinating mix of designer pattern cardstock or scrapbooking paper and clip all your clothespins to the wire wreath frame.  Add some embellishments in rolled paper flowers or paper hearts would be ideal too and you’re done!

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Christmas Wreath Decorations



Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! At my house we started decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving. Whether you have started or the idea sounds daunting we have fun ideas for you. Throughout the next few weeks we will share fun do it yourself decoration ideas!


Ornament Wreath How To

Supplies Needed:  Straw wreath form, hot glue gun/glue, Ornaments

Begin by hot gluing the large ornaments to the wreath form along the inside and outside edges of the wreath.

Then slowly layer the ornaments until the wreath is covered.  Once you have no more room for large ornaments fill in any gaps with the smaller ornaments.


Sweater Wreath How To

Start with your supplies –  All you need is an 18 inch styrofoam wreath and a sweater.

First you will need to cover the foam form with the sweater.  Cutting along the seam that would start at your armpit and go down your arm.

So now you need to glue it to your wreath form.  Lay the sweater right side down and glue a little bit at a time one edge on top of the other.

You will have an ugly seam at the bottom which you will hide with the felt flowers and there will be another seam at the top which you will hide with a sign.



Twine Star Wreath How To

Lay 10 wood shims on a flat surface in a star pattern. Arrange the shims so a thin end on one shim rests on the thick end of another.

At each place where the shims overlap, apply wood glue and press the shims together. Use weights, such as quart cans, to press the wood pieces together for two hours.

Start at one point on the star and wrap twine around the frame until you reach the opposite side. Avoid putting too much tension on the twine. Keep the twine from slipping off by dabbing hot glue on strands at the back of the star.

Cut a piece of twine about 8 inches long and tie a loop in the center.

On the back of the star along one of the five points near the base, glue one loose end from the loop to each shim to hang the ornament.

Thanks again for stopping by Party Fetti, stay tuned for more Christmas ideas!



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