New Options & Services in Pinwheel Pretties Shop

This year I launched some new options at  
 and my other shop
  New Digital Paper Print Option:
Now my customers may select some digital papers that I am offering, designed by DreamLikeMagic, and also shop other Etsy sellers who are designing and selling digital downloadable paper packs and purchase their packs and send their downloads to me to professionally print, for a minimal add-on print fee. Once their selected paper is printed, I design and make their requested custom party favors and decor, from my shop, with their printed paper.

New Print, Cut, and Assembly Service Option:
Also customers may purchase any online digital downloadable party package and send their download to me to professionally print, cut, and completely assemble for them. They simply purchase the listing from my shop and send over their purchased party package to me.  I print everything for them, cut it and assemble it, and ship to them all ready to go for their party or event.
So far the new listings in my shop are already getting some views and traffic and I have already had some customers add these options to their custom orders and send me their own purchased digital paper packs to print.  

Currently I am working with a few graphic designers for these new options and services and I refer my customers over to their shops as well to shop their digital paper packs and printable party packages. Tomorrow I will feature a graphic designer who is currently working with me on some custom wedding digital designs for a wedding client.

Today, I want to share the designs by an amazingly talented
 graphic designer,
Alicia and her Etsy shop . . . 
I have worked with Alicia over the past year for designing both my shop banners, blog background and banner, avatars, logos, business cards, and all my other business marketing materials.  

She has been wonderful to work with every step of the way and she offers so many other designs in her shop for bloggers, Etsy sellers, and website owners as well as a large selection of digital paper packs and also party designs.
 Be sure to visit Alicia in her shop, DreamLikeMagic, if you need business marketing designs or a specific color scheme and paper pattern and feel free to send it over to me at Pinwheel Pretties for professional printing and assembly for everything from pinwheels, party favors, banners, and all other party decorations. 

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New Pinwheel & Party Options in Pinwheel Pretties Shop – Part 1

This year I launched some new options and services in my party shops –

Custom Printing
for more paper options and
Print, Cut, and Assembly Service
of digital printable party designs

 New Paper Option:
 Customers may now purchase digital paper packs from other Etsy shops and send their purchased packs to me to print and make their custom party favors and decorations from their selected digital papers.

New Service Option:
Customers who visit my shop may also opt to purchase an already designed digital downloadable and printable party package from other Etsy shop sellers and send their digital pack to me to print, cut, completely assemble and ship.

So far, it has been a positive experience and I have already had several customers purchasing digital paper packs and requesting my print service and for me to design and make their custom party favors and decor from their selected digital papers.

This is a two part blog post –
Today I am featuring an amazingly talented graphic designer-
 Alicia from DreamLikeMagic

 Tomorrow I will feature another designer I am working with for additional custom digital paper and printable party options.

I have been working with Alicia over the past year and she has designed my Etsy shop banners for both my shops and all my other coordinating Etsy shop business marketing materials.  Just recently she also helped me add a coordinating banner and background design to my blog, as you see here.

She has been wonderful to work with and she offers many business options for bloggers, Etsy and other website owners for amazing designs for business brand logos and marketing.  She also offers a selection of printable party packages that I have been

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Super Bowl Sunday

Michelle from 
designed this collection of Super Bowl party printables

Use them for so many options. Cut out the team logos you like and start gluing them on the invitations, banners, cupcake toppers, tags, labels, you name it. Have fun getting creative with your free printable Super Bowl Package!

The collection includes: invitations, gift tags, large party tags, banner (small and large), mini candy bar wrappers, football sign, silverware wrappers, treat toppers, tented cards, water bottle labels, and a whole collection of Ravens and 49ers cutouts!

Here’s the whole collection…


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