What do you do with  . . . “a girrrrrrl named Marrrrrriiiiia?”  Oops!  That was a Sound of Music moment.

  What I meant to say is, what do you do with a dry erase board that you accidently wrote on with a permanent marker?  Well, first you kick yourself for picking up the wrong marker and realizing in half way through writing on it (made up a sign to place on our front steps, to help people find our house for a recent baby shower), then you try to clean with everything from finger nail polish to paint thinner.  Wow!  When they claim “permanent” they really mean it! 

Then husband takes ruined board and sets it by the trash cans outside to become a new addition to the local landfill. . .wife sees it from her office, and has a creative PAPER MOMENT of inspiration.  Wife retrieves ruined board and makes it a HAPPY DAY!

OH, HAPPY DAY. . . did I mention it’s MAGNETIC!  Now its a MAGNETIC HAPPY DAY!

Have a HAPPY TuesDAY!

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The iguana is still in process, so I will share photos once it is done!  Hope to get most of it done or close to done by tomorrow!  Today, I’m working on cutting dies for my baby shower favors.  I’ll share some of those projects too when I am done. . .probably sometime next week.
Have a great Thursday!

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I bet you are thinking that iguanas and chipboard have something in common.  Nope, it’s just the topic of today’s long overdue post.
IGUANA-This is the reason I have not posted in so long.  I’ve been painting Van Gogh’s Starry Night on a GIANT wood cut-out in the shape of an iguana.  Long story short-there is a chain of Mexican restuarants in my area called the Salty Iguana and a new one is opening in a few weeks.   The owner is fabulous and asks the public to participate in helping with each restuarant’s decor which is decorated with about a hundred uniquely hand painted or embellished iguana’s in several sizes.  My craft group has volunteered to participate. I agreed to paint a large one-about 5′ x 3′ and so I have been busy working on that.  Of course I am having regrets about picking such a difficult composition. . .I thought it would be a breeze-all those crazy, rapid brush strokes would make it quick and easy. . .no way! I decided to use a mix of acrylic paint and plaster paste to give it a thick oil paint appearance-without the cost of oils.  After applying the paste and initial base coat in the basic colors and general compostition of the painting. . .I’ve had to resort to a very small liner brush for much of the details and additional brush strokes on top, so it has been slow going.  I hope to have it done in the next few days.
CHIPBOARD CARDS-I love making cards and I love chipboard, so a few years ago I came up with some designs for cards that were almost entirely made out of chipboard-the card itself is made from the thin board inserts that come on the back of most paper packs (love to recycle too!) and most of the embellishments are punched or cut from chipboard.  I taught a class for these cards at a local scrapbook store when we lived in Las Vegas, NV back in 2007 and then when we moved here I redesigned them and taught them at a store in the Kansas City area, that unfortunately has now gone out of business.  I love these because they are more or less my own idea and I have not seen anything like them at the local scrapbooking stores or anywhere else.

Check back this week (I Promise I will be POSTING more this week) for more chipboard cards. . .a photo of my finished Iguana, and some projects that I have been working on for gift ideas for a baby shower I am hosting in a few weeks! 

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