I’ve been busy, busy, busy making things for my new business
 Paper Moments
Things are going great-new logo and banner.  Custom order requests are coming in every day too!
  I’ll be under the wire to turn in my 14 pages of research and writing for my first half of my pages are due next Thursday for my directed studies in my graduate course this summer! Six more pages to write, four days left!  Panic setting in! 
Better hold off on party crafting and get to it!   Can’t help it. . .I’d rather CRAFT than write!
I was checking out the online competition and could not believe the outrageous PRICES that some semi-custom party companies are proposing for party goods???   I won’t name the company (they are out of San Francisco), but geez. . . you’d have to be a millionaire mommie to have this fancy of a party for your child??   Check this out:  Party Box=$290.00 (only for 8 guests) Party Guest Pack=$75.00  (for an additional 4 more add on guests to the party box sets??),  Party Banner=$40.00  You do get a lot in the party boxes, but still . . . I don’t know a child that only invites 8 kids to their party?? 
I’m not knocking the competition, but heck in this economy, who can afford that??   
 I think my biggest advantage at Paper Moments is offering mothers, brides, and hostesses affordable, yet high quality, unique, custom, and handmade party supplies for their wedding guests, birthday parties, bridal and baby showers!    I also think offering sets of 6, 10, and 12  (half dozen or dozen) at much lower prices is more practical.  These package sets offer a host/hostess an affordable price point option to buy in sets of two or three at Paper Moments.
I don’t think anyone should break the bank to have a stunning event!   
Have a great weekend!

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What do you do with . . . a girrrrrrl naaaaamed Marrrrrriiiiia?”
Oops! That was a Sound of Music moment.

What I meant to say is, what do you do with a dry erase board that you accidently wrote on with a permanent marker? Well, first you kick yourself for picking up the wrong marker and realizing it half way through writing on it (made up a sign to place on our front steps, to help people find our house for a recent baby shower), then you try to clean it with everything from finger nail polish, GooBGone, to paint thinner.
Wow! When they claim “permanent” they really mean it!
Then husband takes ruined board and sets it by the trash cans outside to become a new addition to the local landfill. . .wife sees it from her office, and has a creative PAPER MOMENT of inspiration.
Wife retrieves ruined board and makes it a HAPPY DAY!

OH, HAPPY DAY. . . did I mention it’s MAGNETIC!


Have a HAPPY TuesDAY!


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