4th of July READY, SET, KA-BOOM!

Are you ready for your 4th of July family gathering and Independence Day outdoor fun?

Maybe you don’t spend all day thinking about the thousands of ways you can use striped paper straws to change the world. We get that, not everyone can devote their entire life to paper straws. Luckily, we can for you and The Party Fetti Shop can help you with creative ways to use your paper straws, straw favors, photo props, and other custom made to order Fourth of July party and BBQ decor.  

Every party and 4th of July gathering can use a little sass and style.  You don’t need to break the bank and spend a fortune to wow your guests!  In fact these lovely 4th of July Paper Straws with Red and Blue stars are perfect for your Independence Day gathering and ON SALE right now in The Party Fetti Shop Paper Straws and Balloons Section of the shop.
How about adding some fabulous custom made to order 4th of July pinwheels to your order for some whirlygig outdoor FUN in the SUN!  Visit our other Etsy shop, Pinwheel Pretties, for your of 4th of July banner, favors, and pinwheels!  Hurry, don’t wait.  The deadline for custom made to order decor for your upcoming holiday party favors and pinwheels is at the end of this week!
Not sure what to do with your paper straws or how to decorate your outdoor party for the up coming Fourth of July holiday – just check the many party designs and ideas on The Party Fetti Shop Pinterest Boards to see our best ideas, and steal them for yourself. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your friends- you tell them, “I had this fabulous idea, then I ordered these adorable paper straws from The Party Fetti Shop, and voila!” They will be impressed and amazed, and your secret will be safe with us.
The Party Fetti Shop is growing and will be adding new items weekly.  The new website is just around the corner and will be offering so much more than just what is available in our custom Etsy shops. 
Whatever your party needs, we are here to make you look good.  Weddings, tailgating parties, spooky Halloween fun, fabulous Christmas and holiday soirées? We can’t sleep at night because The Party Fetti Shop staff is too busy thinking up great ideas for you!  

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