Mega Give Away – Cleaned out my Scrapbooking Stash

Okay, as many of you know, I am a party planner and party favors and decorations designer and I sell my custom handmade decorations in my two etsy shops.  I often order in supplies for my business and receive stickers, embellishments, and other items that I don’t use.  Its been accumulating in my work area and office for about a year now.  
Well. . . I’m cleaning out my closet and have a ton of paper, embellishments, chipboard, and stickers that I can not use.  So, I am giving it all away.  
Here is what you need to do: 
1.) Become a follower of my blog
2.) Post a comment under this post
That’s it!  Oh. . .and you must be in the U.S., lower 48 states, to participate in the give away.   
The winner will be selected in a completely random way-and rather unconventional.  At noon on March 9th. . .this Friday, I will ask my friend Jen to pick a random number between 1 . . . and (however many comments I have) and that will be the winner -after I have confirmed that they are now following my blog.   My friend Jen is not following my blog and I won’t be telling her, why she is picking a number.  At least not until after she has picked a number.  Make sense?  Trust me, it will be fair and completely random.
Here are photos of the stash-

Thanks for following my new and improved blog and be sure to come back often for new projects and fun posts about all things related to PARTIES!

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