Ever notice how a single handmade item, be it a pillow, a card, an elaborate quilt, or painted wall art – always makes a person SMILE?  If you are reading this blog, chances are you’ve created something special for someone and you probably have the DIY Midas Touch!  

Handmade is so personal.  It extends a shining piece or ourselves to those we care about and each time the recipient looks at your gift, it reminds them of you.  While the things we buy from a store or catalog help keep the big retailers in business, the things we make tell others who we are.  

While we can’t all be DIY Diva’s and Artisans, buying a little something handmade conveys your intelligent and creative style and your ability to think outside the big retail box.  

This Black Friday, I urge others to visit some shops that specialize in handmade goods and when shopping for a Christmas gift for loved ones this season, consider some of the alternatives.

These are some of my favorite artists, but feel free to share your favorites in the comments below. 

And I saved the BEST for last – one of my most favorite artists on Etsy. Yes, I have one of these crane mobiles from Spare Bedroom Studio and I adore it!

Wishing everyone a 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Halloween Decorations

It is now officially Fall and it is time to get in the Halloween Spirit!  Every where I go now the Halloween decorations abound!  The grocery store, my neighborhood, and of course all the retail stores now have their decorations for Halloween right up front for sale.

I always thought September was way too early. . . but if you are like me and Halloween is your favorite holiday, I have boxes and boxes of decorations to put up.  I prefer to get an early start, so I don’t feel as if I am putting them up, just to take them all down in a week. So, I have already started decorating my own interior of my home!  Ewwww. . .bats!

I recommend starting with decorations on the interior of the home for the month of September and then break out the outdoor decor around the first of October!  I actually pack up all my Halloween and Christmas decorations this way and label the boxes as indoor/outdoor, this way I know which boxes to pull first in September or for Christmas in late November.  I also have Fall/Thanksgiving decorations that get switched out for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

I have just started on the hearth or fireplace, so not much is up yet, but I love this phrase, “Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun” so I cut this with my silhouette and added it to the center of the mantel.

And let’s not forget about the witches too . . .

I am off to a good start with the Halloween decor and will be adding more and more over the next few weeks.

If you think these decals are fun and want a set of these for your home, just visit Party Fetti for a set of bats of your own!

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