Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and today I have some stunning gift ideas that you can easily make yourself with paper flowers.  A few weeks ago, I shared some inspiring large scale flower backdrops and if you love these giant paper flowers, you can see that post – HERE

To make smaller paper flowers, you can use paper punches or metal dies to cut them in a cutting machine, such as a Sizzix Big Shot or a Cricut Cuttlebug.

However, if you don’t have a cutting machine and all the metal dies, paper and equipment – you can absolutely short cut some paper flower gifts by visiting my craft shop and order already cut flowers that you can easily assemble and add them to anything.

Stop by my shop for a variety of paper flowers here – READY SET CRAFT KITS

Below are several creative gift ideas you can make with paper flowers for your mother for Mother’s Day.

A beautiful handmade Mother’s Day card with 3-D flowers added on the front.

A paper flower wreath to hang on a door or wall inside the home.

A flower decorated birdhouse.

A flower monogram letter.

Instead of paper flowers, how about paper succulents as a table centerpiece.

A simple flower notebook and pin – perfect for a grocery list pad or a to do list notebook.

Framed wall art featuring handmade paper flowers will make your mother smile every day.

A flower bouquet that will never wilt would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift too!

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Craft Room Organization Ideas

Let’s Get Organized & Celebrate My Blogiversary

Before I share some amazing craft room organization ideas – I’ve got lots to celebrate here at  the Party Fetti blog because this week marks my seven year blogiversary and for my Etsy shops!

Can you believe that? SEVEN YEARS is a long time for a blogger to hang in there.  I have followed many blogs over the years that lost steam, were abandoned by the author or just entirely disappeared. It’s crazy to think that seven years ago this week, I launched this party themed blog pretty much on a whim.  I certainly did not know if my business on Etsy would take off like it did and that I would grow and expand every year and still be here! So, to celebrate- I wanted to share my craft room storage recommendations.

Since my business has grown, so has my crafting space!  I now have a separate business office and a work studio and I still feel like I am bursting at the seams.  Keeping things organized and in its place is key to being productive and finding things easily.  Since I am a very visual person, almost all my craft space features open cubes, rolling carts and clear drawers.  Anything that I can not easily see- I label on the outside for quick access when looking for something.  I love my open cubes.

Even my work desk takes advantage of storage space and has open cubes at the base.

I have several pegboards that help keep tools in sight and easy to reach.

I have a walk-in closet in my studio and I use every square inch of it, even hanging some fabric and would you believe my tissue tassels too!

I only make a few party designs with fabric but keeping a good selection of patterns and colors requires quite a bit of space- so keeping fabric folded and in cubes by color is my recommendation.

This year I just purchased several open style wall hanging shelves shaped like houses for more open storage.  They are so adorable!

Come back next week for amazing Valentine’s Day party ideas!

I have also added tons of NEW Valentine’s Day favors, banners and decorations to all my shops and more are coming this week and next week, be sure to stop by my shops by clicking on the links below-






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Craft Room Organization Tips



Some of you crafters/makers/artists will appreciate this roundup of tips and ideas for your creative space today.  If you are like me, my studio/craft room begins to look like chaos after a whirlwind week of projects.  Since I work from home and my studio is my work space, I try to keep it clean and organized but some weeks the new projects set aside to work on start to gather around my floor and pile up on my desk.  Today I am sharing some tips and all around visual inspiration for tackling craft room organization.

First I want to mention the health benefits of crafting and why it helps keep the body and mind young and sharp!


Okay, enough of the facts.  Time for some visual eye candy-


Peg boards are a great way to get your tools and supplies off your table surface –


And the peg board also makes quickly grabbing what you need a convenience.


I have this work table in my studio and it pulls double duty as storage and a work surface.  I love it.  You can find it at several online retail outlets.

However, standing and working is not for everyone. Here are some well organized seated spaces-


This is great working small space.  I personally love white furniture in my studio and updated all my bookcases and storage to all white.  All the colors of my craft supplies and bright cardstock really pop against the white furniture. It lends to a fresh and clean feel- even when you are a bit unorganized!


Maybe posh is more your style? This office type setting still offers lots of hidden storage while looking more like an executive’s home office. This might not work for a full-time maker but if you only dabble in a few crafts and have limited supplies, an abundance of storage may not be needed.


In contrast, lots of open cubby space may be needed instead.  This is a nice small space but features a great shadowbox style open shelving above.  I love all the different size storage squares and the distressed painted desk! Don’t be afraid to add color and inspiring art and objects in a room that is devoted to crafting.  If you are just converting a small space in your home, you may not want to go all out on color and decorating the area- keep it more simple and clean with matching furniture and only one to two pieces.  Cabinets with doors are great too for  hiding craft supplies in a craft area that is not an entire designated room.


Closets converted to a crafting area and craft supply storage are great for hiding all those tools and knick knacks when they are not in use.


Open areas with some natural sunlight help to inspire creativity and offer good lighting. If you have a large enough room, use the space. This huge work table centered in the room above is a great example of good work flow.


Built-in cabinets are a perk, if you can afford it.  This is a nice layout with large windows allowing for maximum natural light.

Whatever your craft style, budget and space will allow for in your home- plan it out if you are getting ready to add a studio or craft space. Ask yourself what your level of storage needs will be based on what you make and your supplies. Think about what you may acquire in the future for supplies too.  Start by pinning designs you like on Pinterest and build your craft room as a vision before jumping in and buying too small or a lot of furniture.

Check out my personal Pinterest board that I used two years ago when I remodeled my studio-

My Creative Space

Figure out what your space will allow for and remember to create some art and make something for yourself for you new space.

Come on over to my craft shop on Etsy for a pinwheel kit to add a table centerpiece full of color your new creative area or if you need additional supplies-



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