5 Fabulous Fall Vignettes for Fall Home Decorating


Can you feel fall in the air yet? I have been getting excited about the change of season that is slowly starting in our part of the country. Fall is the most beautiful season and fall home decorating is my favorite. I love the cooler temperatures, the gorgeous colors, and all of the amazing home decor.  Before getting to the five fall vignettes, I wanted to tell you what I have been up to lately.

 I have been busy getting all my shops and my home ready for autumn the past two weeks and plan to open up my own home for you, here on the blog, for a fall home tour soon!

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5 Fabulous Fall Vignettes

Today, I wanted to give you some tips on creating fall vignettes in your own home! First, what the heck is a “vignette”? In decorating, a vignette is a small grouping of objects that creates a pleasing focal point.  Basically, its an arrangement of home decor ornaments, florals, and seasonal decorations on your side tables, coffee table, fireplace mantel, dining room buffet and table, kitchen island and anywhere else in the home that you have a surface space to decorate.    Here are five fabulous fall vignettes to inspire you to decorate your home for the season-

First, let’s start small with a coffee table vignette.  How easy is this- a tray or a farmhouse style wooden box filled with fall artificial florals and a faux pumpkin and electric candles create a stunning focal point in the living room and does not take up too much space.  This setup is perfect on your dining room table at Thanksgiving too.  I have a much skinnier and longer farmhouse style wooden box that I transition every season on my dining room table.

Next, go big if you have a large fireplace in your home.  I have a huge fireplace and it seems like it always feels empty, no matter how much I add to the mantle, – so don’t be afraid to add height and layer this area in your home.  I generally stick to the rule of three or five items grouped together but a large oversized fireplace and mantel can be the exception.  The repetition here of the metal wall architectural hanging and the wreaths works perfectly and does not feel overly busy.

Don’t forget to add some fall decor to the kitchen, as with this small side buffet. If you need some free fall art for your home, be sure to visit my previous post for – 25 free fall printables  to add some seasonal art to your home.

I love the added bicycle in the vignette above, for a little unexpected ornamentation. Mums are wonderful for the home, but keep in mind while they add a pop of color and nature inside the home, they won’t do as well indoors, versus potted outside on your porch.  I recommend, purchasing a few lower priced mums that you can add to decorative containers, just before a family gathering or party to add around the home and move them outside after your event is over.  This way you will extend their life and did you know you can actually plant them in your garden at the end of fall and they will come back next year!

Next, are two very different fall decorated entry side tables –

This is fall elegance at its best. The neutral colors of this fall vignette are just as wonderful as traditional bright fall shades. The added simple grapevine wreath over the mirror draws the eye up too for added height.

Finally, this side table near the entry, may be simple but it makes a dramatic statement.  You can do this on any table in your home.  The created table runner is just burlap fabric, tied at each end with some fun fall ribbon.  This vignette only features three decorative pieces on it too but it works as a total eye-catcher with the even height at each end and lower pumpkin centerpiece under glass.

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Christmas Party Set Up Ideas

Gold is still trending this year for the holidays so I could not resist sharing this gorgeous set up for a Christmas dessert table for a holiday soiree! This stunning wintery color palette is perfect for a glitzy holiday party, a winter baby shower or even a December birthday celebration!  There are so many lovely details from the beautiful wintery white florals to the creative hot chocolate bar to the amazing desserts!

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And don’t forget to grab our FREE Christmas Printable! Just click on the link below to download it without the copyright overlay!



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DIY Easy Fall Pumpkins



Today I am sharing this super easy Fall project for making Wine Cork Pumpkins.  These are so simple and quick to create plus you are recycling your wine corks (embarrassed to say- I have so many saved up!) and creatively creating something new with them.  Upcycling is one of my favorite things to do around my home!

Lets get started.  First, gather your supplies.



  1. Wine Corks (34 or more if you want a larger pumpkin)
  2. Orange Acrylic Paint
  3. Pattern Scrapbooking Paper (Solid or pattern designs in green or fall colors)
  4. Washi Tape or Ribbon (Green)
  5. Silver or Black Gauge Wire (the thinner, the more flexible)
  6. Raffia
  7. Scissors
  8. Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  9. Paper Plate
  10. Protective Vinyl Tablecloth or Newspaper


Prepare your area by laying down your protective tablecloth or newspaper, so you don’t get paint everywhere- except on the corks, where you want the paint.  Open your bottle of paint and put a large blob on your paper plate.  Begin dipping your cork ends into the paint.


Dab off the excess paint on your paper plate- dab off your cork end two or three times, if needed.  You want good solid coverage, but not dripping or bubbles.


Lay out all your corks on their sides and allow to dry about 15 to 20 minutes.


While your corks are drying, grab your scrapbooking paper and cut out a few leaves.  You can click below to use my free template.  Print the template, and cut out the leaves you want to use and then lay your cut out leaves on your scrapbooking paper and trace your leaves – or you can freehand your own leaves.



Fall Leaves Printable Template

Now begin by laying out your first row of corks to be glued together for the base of your pumpkin- 5 corks for the small size, but you could increase the size by by two, four, or more. Take your hot glue gun and add a thin line of glue on each side of your corks, only one side needs glue for the end corks.  Adding your first cork for the next row by starting in the middle somewhere and simply place it in between two of the lower corks, so it naturally rests in between the two.  Add your glue for each cork on the sides and on the bottom to secure all sides.  The end corks, again, will only need glue on one side.  Continue to layer your corks so your finished pumpkin is shaped like the cork pumpkin below.


 Next, add your  vine with either a two pieces of washi tape, with wire in between or you can simply use ribbon or green wire.  Curl your vine with a pencil and shape.  Add your final cork on top of the same spot you glued the ribbon for your pumpkin stem.


Finally, add your leaves.


All done! Now you have an adorable handmade pumpkin made with recycled wine corks to display anywhere in your home!

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