Nautical Party Inspiration


So I bet you are thinking it is time to put away all those 4th of July decorations.  Wait- not just yet!

 If you have a summer birthday, barbecue, or any event coming up . . . why not use those red, white and blue decorations and deck out your celebration with what you have on hand? Most of what you may have in your stash of stars and stripes patriotic decor can be pulled into a nautical party. Today I am sharing a roundup of five stunning nautical themed parties, but first stop by my Etsy shops below and see if any of my available red, white, and blue party decorations may be an ideal fit at your next nautical or beach themed party-





The crepe paper streamer table backdrop at this party is so easy to create. Just cut and hang in straight strips.

Anchors and sailboats are the dominate decor at this nautical first birthday party!

This is a great set up with lots of stripes and sand dollars and don’t forget the straws.  Don’t forget if you have some beach decor around the home, those make perfect props at a nautical party table- like the giant anchor, lifesaver, and lighthouse at this party above.

This ahoy party features great balloon styling!  Those columns of balloons flanking the table make a stunning statement.

Be sure to visit my Pinterest balloon board for more balloon diy ideas.

This adorable nautical baby shower in a “Welcome Aboard” theme in soft pastel blues is perfect for a little baby boy on the way!

Hope these nautical parties have inspired you to start planning your next event!

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10 Creative Ways to Use Pinwheels At A Party



Need a party theme? Why not pinwheels! Here are 10 creative ways to incorporate pinwheels at your next birthday party, baby shower, or celebration.

1. Add some mini pinwheels on cupcakes as cupcake toppers


2. Pinwheels swinging in the sunshine as a pinwheel garland


3. Pinwheels on a Diaper Cake . . . or on a frosted birthday or wedding cake as Cake Bunting or a Cake Topper





4.  Instead of bows, pinwheels as toppers on gift boxes and presents as favor boxes or guest gifts


5. Pinwheels on party hats


6. Favor bag toppers with pinwheel clips –


7. Pinwheels on a party sign


8. On the party invitations


9. Pinwheels as napkin rings or utensil holders –


10. Create an entire tablescape with extra large pinwheels on the wall or hanging behind the table and pinwheels everywhere else at the party –


Add them to the dessert table for table centerpieces and to add height –


pinwheel (1)

Check out this amazing table backdrop.  The pinwheels are added on top of the graphics for a 3-D effect-


Sprinkle some pinwheels everywhere at the celebration to add some fun and whimsey!


Now, where to get your pinwheels for your next party?? At PINWHEEL PRETTIES of course!

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Thanks for stopping by The Party Fetti Blog today for some spinning whimsical pinwheel inspiration!


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2015 Wedding Trends


(Throwback Thursday Repost)

Hi Everyone, Jill here, with some researched and gathered Wedding tips from Bride’s magazine and many other wedding resources, for the hottest trends for weddings. Yes, we are still in wedding season. In fact there has been a huge increase in fall and winter weddings because often the venues are more affordable during this time of year and more availability to book.  So check out these recommendations that are still trending for the coming months.

As with all weddings, this year, the tradition continues for a strong sense of individualism with couples focused on infusing their wedding ceremonies and receptions with their own personality. While creating a wedding that is elegant, yet magical and fun for their guests, couples also want the details to reflect their individual taste, yet unified as a couple.  This year the rustic style is a carry over while infusing a more simplified and modern overall appearance.

If you are getting married this year, here are the most noteworthy wedding trends you should have your eye on this year.

The Overall Look

wedding centerpieces

Its a British invasion. Credit for this style must be given to the unwavering appeal of Princess Kateand Downton Abbey for the influx of stylish details that bring to mind afternoon tea and garden parties. For this look, dining al fresco is a popular choice. Tables are often uncovered or simply adorned with a vintage lace cloth. Lush garlands get turned into runners and loosely styled floral centerpieces hang from above. Vintage lace is a hot detail that will be used throughout the decor.  Creating a cozy brunch feel with homemade scones and jam at each table is a must.

Modern luxe means less is more. At the opposite corner of the inspiration board is a more updated interpretation of romance. Brides who favor a more sleek style will gravitate toward clean color palettes with bolder accents. Think varying shades of white or ivory with bursts of bolder colors, such as emerald green or gray with a punch of poppy red.  This does not mean that modern must translate to bare and minimalist.  Rather, incorporating modern details alongside their individual details such as: square dining tables with clear “ghost” chairs in designer contemporary table settings or a throwback to modern seating from the 1950’s, geometric place settings, monogrammed napkins and sculptured floral arrangements.  All these elements help set a tasteful tone for the wedding reception and an elegant evening for guests.

Eclectic elegance for incorporating many styles.  This wedding style falls somewhere between the above interpretations of romance as a resurgence of the grand wedding — make that grand with a capital G.  The big trend for 2015 weddings is a return to classic elegance.  This look incorporates formal tablescapes, butler service, candelabras and other soft lighting, dramatic cakes, lavish fabrics and formal floral arrangements. The eclectic element comes into play when couples choose to take their formal affair outside for a twilight party or the final send off of the couple; opt for a gilded evening with lots of glittering blush-gold touches; replace centerpieces with champagne towers; or surprise guests with a late night arrival of an ice-cream, snow cone, or cupcake truck parked curbside.

The Flowers

bridal bouquet

Top blooms to select for 2015. English roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and ranunculus continue to be go-to favorites among brides.  These flowers are dramatic, romantic and versatile, and all are perfect for a traditional affair or a more relaxed ceremony.

Add in the greenery.  This year many brides will be incorporating more greenery in their arrangements. Herbs like rosemary and mint, lemon leaf, magnolia leaf, ivy, smilax and maidenhair fern are being strung together and used in surprising ways.  Greenery can be added as table runners or chair swags, to frame cocktail menus, to redefine tent ceilings or to give chandeliers a softer appearance.

Fresh picks for the farm-to-table trend.  At the reception, for dining, brides are building their arrangements around seasonal blooms that are grown locally or at least regionally.  Not only is it budget-savvy, but it also lends itself well to the natural and rustic style that is still popular and trending.

wildflowers for wedding

Free-spirited arrangements rather than building arrangements around one flower or one color, florists select blooms that look like they were plucked from the same wild garden, or that fall within a color palette, placing non-floral items — such as berries, fruit, acorns, even paper cutouts in the arrangement. the finished look is unstructured but magical.

Look up. Centerpieces are no longer confined to the center of the table. in fact, clever brides will be hanging their showcase blooms from above — no more peeking around a tall vase to talk to your table partners! Floral chandeliers are another way to give your space an ethereal feel, whether indoors or out.

pink wedding centerpieces

rustic wedding place setting

The Invitations

A Few of My Favorite Things.  Oh, my! Buttons and ribbons and gems.  The 2015 wedding couple will be generating excitement for their celebration by wowing guests with an invitation suite that’s delivered in attention-grabbing style: wrapped in shimmery cellophane; boxed in decorative paper; tied up with ribbon, leather rope or baker’s twine; studded with crystals; or adorned with dried flowers.

modern wedding invitation

The selfie – of course.    While the tradition for couples to spend money on professional engagement photos continues, there is a significant uptick in couples choosing invitations and save-the-date announcements that feature photographs of them.  This new trend is a carry over of the techie generation snapping photos of themselves and why shouldn’t this be are part of a young couple’s expression of their love — anything from formal portraits to action shots to quirky set-ups.  Fun photo booths or elaborately styled photo areas at the ceremony are still the perfect fun activity at any wedding in 2015.  Entertaining guests at the reception in active ways, especially by creating situations for them to share memories of the event through photos is always a must.

modern save the date


wedding bar

Champagne with a twist. Champagne towers have returned — big time — for formal affairs. A more casual, colorful option: mixing in fruit purées to create a signature cocktail that matches your palette.

Smaller sips. Be the flights of craft beer; shots of different bourbons; wine samplings; sangria that goes from white to pink to deep red; or even a lemonade or fizzy soda bar, couples are letting guests sample an array of beverages. These types of different drink stations are yet another way to let guests peek into your personal tastes, with the added bonus of helping you keep your bar budget in check.

Open bar not required. Planners are seeing more couples offering wine, beer and liquor that has a theme. For some, that means serving only local labels, for others it means showcasing drinks from their home states or from their favorite vacation getaway.

The Taste

food truck at wedding

Family-style dining. Guest interaction is a big goal for today’s couples. And nothing gets a conversation started quite like a meal served family style, with guests passing beautifully plated entrées and sides.

Just a taste, please. Tasting stations have taken over the cocktail hour, with couples showing off their favorite foods in manageable portions. From oyster shucking stations and mac ’n cheese bars, to make-it-your-own taco stands to local food trucks pulling right up to the patio, the idea is to surprise your guests with an unexpected assortment of party food.

Locally sourced and seasonal. Farm-to-table dining has gained so much solid footing that it’s almost expected these days.

wedding food

The Wedding Cake

modern wedding cake

textured wedding cake

Shiney is not new. Metallic icing and dustings of glitter will be strong again this year.

Touchable Texture.    Not really- you should never touch the cake!  However, the cake should inspire your guest to want to touch it.  Incorporating ruffled and tulle looks, will be very important in 2015. Lace patterns, pleats, and textured buttercream frosting also remain strong trends for brides going for a vintage or soft, romantic feel. For a modern wedding, the texture might be a three-dimensional lattice, herringbone or other geometric pattern. Another tactile approach is to have your designer roll out black fondant and hand-paint it to look like a chalkboard.

Draw second glances. For weddings with a more eclectic concept “naked” cakes (as in no or minimal frosting) are trending.  Couples opt for several vastly different kinds of cakes that can be  arranged together on a cake bar.

Bring on the Band

wedding band

Old is the new, new. Couples are requesting updated renditions of wedding classics. Instead of Etta James’s soulful “At Last,” instead, they might choose the acoustic version by Jason Mraz. or swap Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with indie-pop sensation Ingrid Michaelson’s re-interpretation.

1970’s music aka “yacht rock.” Think Hall & Oates, Kenny Loggins, the Doobie Brothers. What started as an underground music movement based on the comedic TV/online series “Yacht Rock,” is a musical genre that is gaining major play at weddings with what are called “style bands”.  This music appeals to every generation and will guarantee that the dance floor is always full.  At top of this genre of music, most of these style bands dress in period garb, complete with polyester suits and Ray-Ban Wayfarers.  Groovy, Man!

Spreading the LOVE.   A moment of love should not be fleeting.  So this year, couples are pairing charitable causes with their wedding themes.  This is a carry over from the popularity of this giving trend from the last few years, however, the new twist in 2015, is to select three or four causes and set up a jar for each selected charity.  Guests are provided with a handful of decorative chips worth $1 each to toss into the jars as a donation vote. The couple later divvies up the donation money based on how guests voted.


Custom Tailor Made. Wedding favors and guest gifts should always be quality, personal, and handmade (if not by you, someone else) to express your wedding style.  A bride should never skimp on her guests- and the one gift that guests will take away from the evening should be perceived as your personal touch or individual taste.   Whatever the wedding style, atmosphere you create, or the overall look at the ceremony and reception, your guests should take a piece of that evening home with them.

Its a momento, not simply an object, to be touched and admired for many weeks after your wedding with fondness and endearment in memory of your official union of love.


If you are a bride, planning your 2015 wedding, keep in mind that the I DO Wedding & Bridal Designs shop specializing in creating custom, one-of-a-kind wedding guest gift favors, decorations, table centerpieces, and couples send off glitter filled or seed filled fancy envelope packets and so many other handmade elegant and whimsical designs.

Thank you so much for visiting The Party Fetti Blog.  I hope these 2015 wedding design tips were helpful.


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