10 DIY Christmas Wrapping Ideas



It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about shopping lists, holiday parties, and wrapping. Oh, all that wrapping! It can be a tough thing. I mean, the wrapping papers you find in stores aren’t always the best. And for your loved ones, you have to have the best, right? So if you are having a hard time finding the perfect wrapping paper, or if you just want to make your wrapping paper a little more special this holiday season, try out some of these awesome DIY ideas! (My favorites are the ones involving confetti. Lots and lots of confetti.) Enjoy, and happy wrapping!

1. Painted Pretty


This would be a great one to do with the kids. Pick a few colors, grab a brush, and go to town!

2. Sports Ball Simply Stamped


These are so fun and unique! My favorite is the golf ball. These would be great for any sports fans in the family. I bet a baseball would look pretty cool too.

3. Add Household Twinkling Trinkets giftwrap4

This wrapping paper is so cool and perfect for the sewing crafting recipient.  Gotta love the black, white and gold combo.

4. Confetti Shimmer & Shake


Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift wrapped up with some confetti under an over wrap of cellophane? Kids will go crazy for it! They can shake these presents and watch the confetti move.

5. Stamped Stupendousgiftwrap6

How rad is this idea? I love the polar bears. So cool!

6. Eraser Polka Dots Dappled


This is a classic. Grab a regular old number 2 pencils and stamp away! Try adding some color with different colored ink pads too!

7. Rubber Band Burst


Who knew rubber bands would make a perfect gift topper? It would be fun to watch someone get frustrated having to take all of these all off!

8. Confetti Coated

Confetti Gift Wrap

More confetti, please! A few different ways to make your gifts a little more festive and a whole lot more fun!

9. Pom Poms Popping


How fun is this? I have to give this a try. Not only is it pretty and fun, the pom poms add some fun texture.

10. Photos


I love this idea; there are so many ways to make it and have it work for different people. It’s all about customization, people!

Hope these Christmas gift wrapping ideas have inspired you!  Feel free to visit my shops to find a little something to wrap up –





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Crafting Memories

Happy early Memorial Day!

This weekend signifies the beginning of summer.  Pools are opening, families are gathering, kids are out of school (or almost are), barbecues are firing up and flowers are planted.  Once the memorials are visited and decorated, it’s time to get together and make some memories in honor of those who have fallen to provide us the privilege to do so.  Let’s thank our military members and their families who gave the ultimate sacrifice, celebrate life and remember what they fought so hard for.

PartyFetti and PinwheelPretties have several red, white and blue decorations that I have already highlighted, and added a few more.  It’s too late to get your orders in for Memorial Day, so let’s look at some last minute craft ideas to decorate for the festivities!


Bleach pens are a great way to jazz up your cloth pieces.  Try it out on napkins, tablecloths, t-shirts and more!


Butcher or Parchment paper cones are a simple and cheap way to display anything from fruit to snack mix.


For larger containers, cut and decorate simple paper plates and tie together with twine or ribbon.  These would be great for toppings and smaller snacks.


Decorative lunch sacks!  Why didn’t I think of that?!  This is a good idea for popcorn, favor bags, snack mix, all sorts of dry goods and fun stuff.


Bandanas, napkins or cloth in a mason jar (or cup) with silverware – what a simple way to supply necessary items in a decorative way.  Perfect for all events.  A must remember!


Mark this on as another “why didn’t I think of that”!  How simple is this cupcake topper?  Ribbons and toothpicks – easy!


This Rocket Garland is dual purpose.  Not only is it an awesome decoration, but it’s also a fun activity!  The diagram shows you how to turn a simple toilet paper or paper towel roll into an excellent party supply.  For those of you who want to make these for another event, PartyFetti has Rocket Bunting that you can rig as poppers, check them out here.

2   5

Paint, markers or watercolors are another simple way to dress up basic party supplies or make decorations.  Use your imagination!

Enjoy your holiday weekend and don’t forget to pre-order your supplies at PartyFetti, PinwheelPretties, ReadySetCraftKits, OnceUponAHomeDesigns and WeddingBridalDesigns.  Custom orders are available, so get shopping now!

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Viva el Partido!


Hello again, my friends!  It’s great to be back!  Summer time brings lots of fun and too much for one person to keep up with!  I’ll be back with you off and on to share some of my crazy crafty ideas and outrageous decorative finds.

In the meantime, let’s look over some Cinco de Mayo decorations and envision how they can be presented, as well show how they can be used for any gathering, including your every day decorations!

Banners and Bunting 5


Banners and Bunting, or garland, are quite universal and can be used for many types of decorations.  Imagine them floating down from the ceiling or spanning across a room.  They can add color and a festive feeling to any decor, alone or with other pieces!





Pinwheels and Rosettes

1 7

I have to say, Pinwheels and Rosettes are my favorite at the moment, and have been for quite some time!  They are unbelievably universal.  Their classy and whimsical style works for parties, formal gatherings, special events, every day decoration and more.  Stick a pinwheel in a flower pot, turn them into a banner or a wreath, combine them with rosettes for a beautiful display, decorate a photo booth or window and more!


b c

d  f he


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