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Some quick stats on The Party Fetti Blog (as of July 1, 2017):

Facebook: 6,648 new fans/likes (2 FB Business Pages) for the year of 2017
Twitter:  292 followers
Pinterest: 1.2 K followers
Monthly Website Page views: 306,768
Monthly Website Unique Visitors: 132,942
(Blog stats via WordPress Analytics) 

Ad Prices:
(200 x 200 PX)
1 Month = $15
2 Months = $25
3 Months= $40
6 Months = $60 
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In addition to the ad space and button on my blog sidebar, small business sponsors and advertisers who purchase the 6 month or longer ad will ALSO receive the following for their ad:

1.) A featured blog post with a brief profile and information about your business with links to your blog, selling websites or Etsy shops, and any other requested social media links 

2.) Facebook Post with links to blog, website, and shops

3.) Twitter with link to your choice of blog, website, or shop

4.) Several items from your shop pinned on my Pinterest Boards

*The feature blog post and additional features listed above are only available for small businesses that conform to the theme and mission of The Party Fetti Blog. Large retail and national business are welcome to advertise at the same rates as listed above with no additional features other than their ad on my blog sidebar.

I also feature many other bloggers and DIY crafters on my blog at no charge at all if you offer a giveaway prize to my blog followers and add my blog button somewhere on your front, home page of your blog. My blog button should remain on your blog for a minimum of 30 days. Featured bloggers must first send me their giveaway item so that I may ensure that the winner receives the prize.  I cover the shipping cost to send this on to the winner from my location.  

Graphic Designers offering free printable packages and invitations are highly encouraged to participate in a featured blog post, since these types of giveaways can be emailed and pass on as digital files and downloads.

Email me – CLICK HERE 
if you have additional questions 
about advertising and sponsorship