About Me

 Who’s That Girl?


Hello and welcome to the Party Fetti blog. I’m Jill and I love to share amazing party and wedding ideas and help inspire you for your upcoming celebration.

 Here on my blog, I often share my graphic designs or what I am making for my event and wedding planners.

However, my blog is not strictly about promoting my own designs, parties and party ideas.  Sometimes I show you a home project, stunning party tablescapes, giveaways at other blogs and websites, a guest post, or a featured blogger, or some of the daily happenings of my life.


What’s my story? Well, the short version is that I spent the first 25 years of my career working in the corporate world of group health insurance and 15 of those years were in sales as a health insurance agent. BLAH. Borrrrring . . . and stressful!

Then one day back in 2010, I started fundraising.  I helped several local organizations and charities with event set up and began working with various event companies nationwide with graphic designs for their events and eventually I expanded into handmade event designs as well.

This life change all happened in a whirlwind and I have not looked back since.  I love what I do now and every day I am living my dream.

Now for the long version of how that happened –

While my corporate job paid very well, it was a career that I never wanted and just fell into by accident.  It never allowed me to express my creative side.  And if you know any artists or designers, they will tell you that not being able to let their creative imagination run wild. . . is much like not being able to breath!

All those years, I never felt true to myself and every day, it seemed that I was dragging a ball and chain.  My heart was never in the corporate business career path and I wanted out of it so badly. I was burned out and needed a new road to happiness in my life.

So, a few years ago, I enrolled in graduate school in the arts. While back in school earning my masters degree in the arts, I finally broke free from the corporate chains, and started planning and designing large fundraisers and much of the guest gifts, favors, and event decor was made by me by using my graphic design skills, my fine arts background, and my former interior design education and experience.

I am very proud of the fact that I solely coordinated numerous fundraising events to help local charities in my community.  Through my event planning and several organized crowdfunding events, I raised many thousands of dollars in financial funding within my local community in Kansas City!  I loved every minute of it and enjoyed helping those in need.

 After many local clients kept telling me I should go forward with the event design aspect full time and sell my custom designs to others for their events, I finally did it! I opened my first Etsy shop back in 2010.
As my sales grew, exponentially,  I added many more designs to my online shops and I expanded my business by acquiring contracts with large event planning companies that work with me weekly to help them with creating stunning events for their clients.  Now, I work exclusively on contract with four large event planning companies for all their graphic design needs for their events, weddings and anything their client’s request.
 I have also grown my ecommerce business and now have five shops on Etsy.  Wow! All this keeps me busy beyond my expectations.  Each of my five shops specialize in various unique custom made to order event designs and I also expanded into home decor for the holidays.  My Etsy shops only demonstrate about a fourth of the multitude of custom designs I have made for my event planners over the years.  Honestly, there is just not enough time in the day to take photos of the three to five custom orders that I design and work on daily for my event planners to share here or even add to my shops.  Keeping up has been the biggest challenge.

I have also worked directly with many corporate marketing firms for designing promotional items for their events and their print and television media ads. Chances are, if you saw a pinwheel or banner in a magazine ad or on T.V., it is very likely that it was one of mine, as my designs have been featured in countless print and television media advertisements for well known and nationally celebrated companies.

I have worked with Nike, Coleman, Lego, Mattel and countless charitable organizations.

I have worked with many retail chains locally and in other cities to help create custom designed visual window displays.

One thing that is very important to me, is giving back to my local community.  I organize two large fundraisers every year through my local social group – Kansas City Culture (KCC). Another way that I give back to the children in my community is by offering a donated complete pinwheel party package to a family in need within the Kansas City community upon request.
If you would like to nominate a family, please email me at partyfettishop@gmail.com with your request and details. Please see below for the basic nominee requirements before contacting me and some verification of these requirements will need to be provided.  


Children’s Mercy Hospital – Kansas City – Terminal Unit


If you would like to help sponsor a family one month or even just make a small donation to cover the cost of supplies and shipping the donation, please feel free to make a direct donation below.  All funds will go directly to the cost of supplies and shipping for a family in need for a future month’s donated pinwheel party package.


Nominated families can be: 

– A children’s charity or organization that works with children
– Military families with a parent serving a tour away from home
– A family with a challenged or disabled child
– A low income family who would not otherwise be able to 
provide a big birthday party for their little one
– Must be a local family living in the KC metro area


They will receive:
1.) 12 standard size twirling pinwheels in a mix of bright colors
2.) 2 X-large twirling yard pinwheels