Fall Boho Bridal Shower


Although the autumn weather is getting crisp, its not too late to host an outdoor gathering, as long as you still have mild temperatures in your area.  Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and mild weather while the sun is still shining and before we all have to head indoors for the colder weather coming soon.

Whatever theme you are planning for your soon to be married friend’s bridal shower, be sure to know her taste and style.  A good indicator of this can be found in her home decor or maybe you were old college room mates – so her dorm decor would be a good direction to play off of for helping to plan the bridal shower.  Also, determine her favorite colors and fashion style.  Remember, the bridal shower should be stress free and a celebration of her – so don’t approach the engaged friend with everything about the up coming shower.  Ask basic questions about her dream wedding and favorite colors, without her feeling as though she is having to plan the event for you.

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This outdoor bridal shower features a soft pastel color scheme mixed with traditional autumn colors or orange, maroon, and tan.  The soft pink and lavender rose style flowers play off the fall colors and pumpkins for a stunning mix of colors.

Adding in a few BOHO or bohemian elements, such as the dream catcher and cattle skull adds to the unusual theme, yet this still works for stylish trendy bridal shower and all these elements compliment the outdoor setting.

A backdrop or background, such as this jute rope curtain, is always a great starting place for planning any celebration.  Once you have determined this main focal point for the event – all other elements for the shower can begin to compliment the backdrop and build off of it.  This backdrop featured above is perfect for an outdoor event because it divides the seating and food serving area, yet still allows for the guests to fully appreciate the outdoor surroundings since it is essentially transparent.

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Food is as important as the bridal shower decorations.  Feature your bride’s favorite food- maybe it is cake, pie, cupcakes or cookies.  Or maybe she does not even have a sweet tooth?  There is no rule that sweets must be served at a bridal shower.  Be creative and find out the food she loves and just to be on the safe side, find out what she does not like to eat as well.

Add an element of light, fire, or candlelight too.  If it is still warm for your outdoor shower, that inevitable means bugs- so consider placing citronella candles around the outdoor area and keep your food covered until ready to serve.

These food tents are the perfect way to manage outdoor events – FOOD TENTS

Include some natural elements that coordinate to your theme, such as fresh flowers, or for this featured fall baby shower, large and small pumpkins and gourds are tucked in behind the signage and elsewhere to pull in the fall colors and accents from nature.

Finally, make serving the food easy and placed all in one area, like this rolling food cart that is easy to set up inside and then simply roll it outdoors.  Rather than making many trips in and out to bring the food out, putting it all on a cart can make for fewer trips.  Plus, its a trendy and stylish set up, as bar carts are now so affordable, such as this – BAR CART that can be ordered online.

I hope these bridal shower tips were helpful and this outdoor BOHO fall themed bridal shower have inspired you to start planning your upcoming celebration of marriage.




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Bridal Shower in Mint Green & Peach


Check out this beautifully designed bridal shower in mint green and peach, with a touch of pink and grey too!

Peach and Mint Dessert Table

 PAPER FANS OR HANGING ROSETTES always make a stunning table backdrop as shown in many sizes in the color scheme of mint green, pink, cream, and peach.  These colors really come together nicely!
Peach Green Brunch Table
Alongside the peach floral arrangement, succulents were placed in a simple white vase for a stunning TABLE CENTERPIECE statement.

Berry Cocktails

And how creative- berries in spoon boats atop cocktails!

Calligraphy Place Card

 Don’t forget to add in some personalized details, like these custom name TABLE PLACE CARDS.

 Beautiful BUNTING is always a fun and easy way to incorporate some whimsey at any event!

A menu in coordinating prints and colors adds a sophisticated touch.

 Finish off the cocktails with sassy STRIPE STRAWS in colors that coordinate to your event and add some CUSTOM PRINTED STRAW FLAGS to your straws!
 Peach Brunch Flowers
Soften the table with a mix of flowers and greenery in a silver mirror vase. Or consider some PINWHEELS in your color scheme for a stunning TABLE CENTERPIECE.
 Pinwheel Decor
 Once again, a close up of those stunning mixed TISSUE FANS or HANGING PINWHEELS.

Peach Brunch Table

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Cupcake Toppers Butterfly Toppers with Fluttering Butterflies for Birthday Baby Shower Bridal Shower Wedding Party Favors – $9.99

Sweet colorfully bright and embossed butterfly cupcake toppers for any type of celebration, event, or party.

This listing is for 12 Butterfly Cupcake toppers in your choice of butterfly shape, any solid color of card stock, and your choice of embossing design patterns. These come on wood stakes with one clear gem in the center of each butterfly.

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