Blog Upgrade Coming Soon


Blog Upgrade & Fall Baby Shower

Today I am sharing some big remodel news- nope, not a remodel reveal of my home. . . my BLOG is about to go from blah to TA-DA!

Actually, to be more precise, it will soon have a more streamlined, clean and simplified appearance!

While that is going on, behind the scenes, here is a stunning FALL BABY SHOWER to boost your baby shower planning ideas, if you are helping out with a baby shower this autumn –

I don’t often share too many boyish themed parties and baby showers – so this is a rare treat.  I love how the aqua blue, which is a subtle way to add boyish decor into any seasonal theme, has been incorporated into all the decorations, including the fall leaves garland!

I am very excited and can’t wait to share more amazing party decorating ideas, home decor inspiration, and diy projects on the new upgraded blog.

Be sure to stop by in the next few days to see the big makeover!  Until then, have a great week.

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